what to know before you go

We hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming Monsters of Rock Cruise. It’s going to be an epic cruise for artists and fans alike.  We can't wait to host you aboard the world’s finest floating music festival venue! It is time to prepare you for the journey ahead. The information contained on this page is designed to organize all your travel details...what you should and shouldn’t pack, travel tips and reminders, plus what you need to do upon your arrival in Florida.

In addition, we have included up to date information regarding the online check-in process, required citizenship documents, COVID vaccination/testing requirements, getting to the cruise terminal, tips on embarkation, and more! Everything you need to know before you go!

Whether you’ve cruised with us before or not, please take the time to carefully read the information on this page as it contains important details that will be crucial in preparing you for hassle-free travel and provide smooth sailing during your 5-night music odyssey! On behalf of all the bands and crew aboard Monsters of Rock Cruise, we wish you safe travels and can’t wait to see you aboard…Bon Voyage!


Cruise Line ..............................................

Royal Caribbean

Ship .........................................................

Independence of the Seas

Departure Day ........................................

Saturday - March 2, 2024

Departure Time .......................................

4:00 pm**

Return Day ..............................................

Thursday - March 7, 2024

Return Time ............................................

6:30 am

Departure City .......................................

Miami, Florida

Port/Terminal ........................................

PortMiami/Terminal D (NEW UPDATE!)

Itinerary ................................................


Online Check-in will open on Wednesday, January 17th.

During the online check-in process you will select your boarding time. 


All guests must be checked-in and on board by 2:00 pm.





Emergency ship contact


Telephone:      1 (321) 953-9003 (within the United States)

                             1 (888) 724-7447 (outside the United States)

Ship’s passengers may be contacted via telephone using the above phone numbers. Please have the ship Name (Independence of the Seas), the person they wish to contact, as well as credit card information handy. The cost is $7.95 USD a minute and can be charged to a MasterCard® or Visa®. From outside the U.S. additional long-distance charges will also apply. Calls are limited to 10 minutes. We advise that your friends, co-workers, and relatives use only in case of an emergency.

COVID Requirements

At this time, there are NO COVID vaccination, testing, or mask mandates to sail. However, this may not be the case for air travel for our international guests. Please be sure to check the requirements for your specific scenario for both entering the United States as well as departure back to your home destination.

id requirements

Don't get left behind, make sure you have the proper identification to board the ship.

Remember, you are leaving the country!

Please use the link below to be sure you have what you need for embarkation. Understand that if a passenger arrives at the pier without the documentation needed, U.S. Customs can, and absolutely will, deny boarding. At no time will Royal Caribbean, On the Blue Cruises, Inc., or Monsters of Rock Cruise be responsible for anyone denied boarding due to insufficient proof of citizenship. 


OnLine Check-In

Online Check-in will open on Wednesday, January 17th. Please make sure to download the Royal Caribbean International app, available on Google Play and the App store. You will be able to check-in and access your SetSail Pass right from your phone. In addition, you can use the app to complete your check-in, upload pictures of your Passport, and register your credit card for onboard expenses. 


One of the best new features on the app is the ability to complete your muster (lifeboat) drill prior to even boarding the ship! You mean we don’t have to put on our life jackets and stand outside anymore at our muster stations? Correct! With Royal Caribbean’s new Muster 2.0, you can watch the video on the Royal Caribbean app or if you prefer to wait until you are onboard you can watch the video on the TV in your cabin. Once you have watched the video, you take your cruise card (or your boarding pass/Set Sail Pass on your phone) to your muster station (located on the app and your cruise card), the Royal Caribbean staff member will scan your card/app, and you are all done.

We ask that all our guests take the time to check-in prior to sailing to expedite embarkation. For detailed instructions on how to complete your online check-in, visit our Get Ready to Sail page .

All guests will need to complete the check-in process NO LATER THAN 48 hours prior to sailing (Thursday, February 29, 2024).

Getting Ready


Not sure what you should and shouldn’t pack? First, make sure you bring the following items with you in a carry-on, NOT in your checked luggage:

  • Passport/Identification – You will need them to check-in – DO NOT PACK THEM!
  • Cell phone/Camera - With the Royal Caribbean App ready for check-in and camera for pictures during the sail away.
  • Medicines - Any medicines you may need for the first day/evening of the cruise. We highly suggest that you carry-on ANY medications you will need for the duration of the cruise.
  • Laptop - For connecting to the internet, if needed.
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen - To protect against the sun.
  • Cash/Credit Cards - You may need them at check-in. We recommend cash for MORC Merchandise as you will not be able to use your cruise card for these purchases and at times credit cards cannot be accepted.
  • Anything you may need prior to receiving your luggage, which may not arrive until the evening.
  • Hand-carry all travel documents including but not limited to: passports, birth certificates, proof of citizenship, COVID-19 Vaccination Card (if needed for international air travel), airline tickets, etc.
  • Jewelry or any personal items you may need.

Please do NOT put these items into checked luggage as they may become lost and prevent you from boarding the shipAlso, luggage may take a few hours before it is delivered to your cabin.

On the last evening of your cruise your luggage will be collected for disembarkation the following morning. If you plan to check your luggage on the last night of the cruise, you will want to pack a separate overnight bag to accommodate your last evenings' clothes and toiletries to carry off the ship with you.

We ask that all our guests take the time to check-in prior to sailing to expedite embarkation. For detailed instructions on how to complete your online check-in, visit our Get Ready to Sail page. All guests will need to complete the check-in process NO LATER THAN 48 hours prior to sailing (Thursday, February 29, 2024)

Helpful Hint!

Always carry your original or state certified copies of your birth certificate, marriage license, etc. in your carry-on luggage. However, as a backup to the originals, it is always a good idea to keep a copy of your important paperwork on your phone.


IMPORTANT:  Please notify your credit card company prior to leaving home that you will be taking a cruise and will be traveling out of the country. Make sure to inform your credit card company so the fraud unit doesn’t turn your card off! In addition,Royal Caribbean does NOT recommend the use of a debit card as payment for your onboard folio for the following reasons:

  • Multiple holds will be placed on your debit card account based on your onboard purchases.
  • After settling your onboard folio, these debit card holds may remain on your account up to 30 days after the cruise ends
  • To avoid overdraft charges from your bank, please make sure that you have enough available funds in your account during this hold period.
  • Neither Royal Caribbean nor Monsters of Rock Cruise will be responsible for overdraft charges resulting from holds placed on Debit Card accounts.


No illegal substances, no alcohol (beer, seltzer or hard liquor seized on embarkation day will NOT be returned) or non-alcoholic beverages, “unsealed” food, weapons, extension cords, surge protected power boards, portable fans, or pets. The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited onboard Royal Caribbean Cruises. All US and international laws pertaining to drug use should be respected and will be strictly enforced.

Click Here for a list of prohibited items.


All staterooms are equipped with hair dryers for your use. Due to fire hazard, staterooms do not have irons, nor are guests allowed to bring them from home. While the ship does NOT have self-service laundry, they do offer laundry, dry cleaning and pressing service for a nominal charge.


Guests are NOT allowed to bring items such as bottled water, wine, or soda. 

Guests are allowed to bring items such as crackers, potato chips, or energy bars. You can also bring individually packaged sauces, however, the cruise line does not allow or store raw foods or food items that need to be cooked.


Friendly reminder that you may not bring alcohol of any kind (including wine) on board



While cruise ships have physicians and limited medical centers onboard, they are not able to fill your prescriptions. Make sure that all drugs that you may require onboard are brought with you in adequate quantities. Other over-the-counter drugs that you may use occasionally (aspirin, ibuprofen, Pepto-Bismol, Imodium, cough suppressant, etc.) should also be included in case they are unavailable on the ship or in port. We highly suggest that you carry on any prescription medications that you may need during the first day and early evening as your luggage may not be delivered until after 7:00 pm.


Set an alarm so you can complete check-in 24 hours prior to departure (or earlier depending on your frequent flier member status). Use your airline App on your phone to check-in and download your boarding pass. In addition, we suggest you print a copy of your boarding pass just in case your phone dies and keep one as a backup (keep them separate). Also, depending upon your airline you may need to purchase additional baggage allowance.


Keep a separate bag for items you may need prior to receiving your checked luggage (either checked on plane or on ship). Possible contents may include; travel documents (Passport/personal picture ID, air tickets, air boarding passes, cruise boarding passes, online cruise check-in receipt, hotel confirmations, transfer vouchers, traveler’s checks, miscellaneous travel confirmations, cruise luggage tags if available), medications, personal items, extra change of clothes, camera with extra memory, laptop (with wireless card and Ethernet cable) for use aboard ship, extra batteries for portable electronic devices, reading glasses, sunglasses, sunblock, cell phone, current weather report, GPS or MapQuest directions to port and/or hotel, magazines, books, travel snacks, etc. Many passengers like to make copies of crucial travel documents (ID, Passport, boarding documents, etc.) and keep separated in a purse or coat or on their cell/mobile phones.



Please note that boarding for Monsters of Rock Cruise will be at the PortMiami, Terminal D (NEW UPDATE!). Do not arrive before your scheduled arrival time as the port will be congested with passengers from the previous cruise who will be disembarking. In addition, if you arrive at the port earlier than your designated check-in time, you will have to wait outside the terminal. No exceptions.  Since we don’t want you to have long waits, we ask that you please follow these instructions to help facilitate an orderly boarding process. 

All passengers should be on board the ship no later than 2:00 pmNo Exceptions! Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Approximately 8 miles from Miami Int’l Airport (25 minutes, longer during rush hour)

  • Approximately 8 miles from Miami Int’l Airport (25 minutes, longer during rush hour).

Travel times may vary widely depending on traffic conditions. Please allow plenty of time for travel from the airport.


Are you driving yourself to the ship? 


PortMiami - Terminal D (NEW UPDATE!)  1435 N. Cruise Blvd Miami, FL 33132 

Directions are below. For a map of PortMiami and a map of directions Click Here

If using a GPS device, enter 1435 N. Cruise Blvd., Miami, Florida 33132 as the address of your destination. Once at the Port's bridge, turn off your GPS, stay in the left lane, and follow the signs to designated terminal. 

entering the port/Terminal Arrival

Please note that boarding for Monsters of Rock Cruise will be at the PortMiami, Terminal D (NEW UPDATE!). You should keep all passports, cruise documents and online check-in receipts available until you board the ship as you may need to present them several times.

Once you have arrived at the port, the driver should proceed to the checked bag drop area. It is easy to spot as baggage cages and porters will be present, receiving bags to deliver to your ship. Make sure to print out your luggage tags from your cruise documents or get luggage tags from one of the porters. Fill them out (simply write your name and cabin number on them) and attach them to each piece of luggage you wish to check through to your cabin. Then, let the porter know that your luggage is ready to go. It is customary to tip $1-$2 a bag. If for some reason you do not have your cabin number, give the porter your name and he/she will provide your cabin number and the required number of bag tags. Follow signs and instructions to the terminal check in area.

If you have not printed your luggage tags, please note that the ports will have extra and can tag your bags for you. You will need to provide your stateroom number.


Parking at the port

If you arrive by public taxi, public shuttle, or prearranged private car, simply follow the process above. If you are parking at the pier, drop off your party at the bag drop area (with baggage) and let them check the bags with the porters as detailed above. The designated driver should proceed to the parking garage, park the car, and return to his/her party at the terminal. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SHIP IS SCHEDULED TO DEPART FROM AND RETURN TO Terminal D (NEW UPDATE), however, this could still be subject to change.

Parking is conveniently available at all cruise terminals. Designated disabled permit parking spaces are available in each garage. Spaces are also available for oversized vehicles (oversized vans, recreational vehicles, and vehicles with trailers) at special rates. All facilities are patrolled by security. Oversized vehicles may only park in Lot #2, across from Cruise Terminal E.

Hours and Access

On cruise days only, all garages and Lot #2 are open and manned by a parking attendant from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please note that Garage J is pre-paid only. To access parking garages and Lot 2 on non-cruise days, please contact PortMiami Cruise Operations or Port Security at 305-347-4800.


(As of November 20, 2023)

Surface Lot E:

  • Open lot with no overhead clearance with designated spaces for oversized vehicles
  • Accommodates oversized vans, recreational vehicles and vehicles with trailer
  • $22 per space, per day. If two spaces are utilized, $44 per day


Garages B, C, D, E, F, G, V, J and Surface Lots C and E:

  • Short term, per vehicle, per space, per day (no overnight), or fraction of $10
  • Long term (overnight or greater), per vehicle, per space, per day or fraction of $22
  • Long term (high density, overnight or greater), per vehicle, per space, per day or fraction of $22
  • Special events, per vehicle, per space, no less than $15

Lost ticket (equivalent to 11-day cruise), per vehicle, per space $242


All garages and Lot E accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or any major U.S. Traveler's Check. No debit cards are accepted.

Parking for Disabled guests

Based on Ordinance 13-104 That Amends Section 30-338.2 of the Miami–Dade County Code: 

Public parking charges will apply to vehicles parking at PortMiami’s public parking facilities that display a disabled parking permit or license tag, except as provided by Florida state law*. However, a vehicle displaying a disabled parking permit or license tag will be allowed up to two (2) hours of free parking. Any vehicle exceeding the two-hour free parking period will be charged for the entire time the vehicle uses the facility. 

*In accordance with Florida state law, no parking charges will be imposed on any vehicle with specialized equipment, such as ramps, lifts, foot, or hand controls, for use by a person with a disability, or any vehicle displaying the Florida Toll Exemption permit. 

airport transfers & grOUnd transportation

Taxis are readily available at the airports as well as the pier. There are multiple shuttle companies in and around the Miami area. A quick internet search will provide a list of companies.


As of July 19, 2022, all flat rate fares have been eliminated. The meter rate now applies to all trips. Rates are as follows:

  • $2.95 for first 1/6 of a mile.
  • $0.85 for each additional 1/6 mile until 1 mile.
  • $0.55 for each 1/6 mile after that.
  • $0.40 per minute ($24 per hour) wait charge. No additional charge for extra passengers or luggage.
  • A 30 percent surcharge above the taxicab meter rate is established for larger vehicles (sport utility vehicles and vans). This surcharge does not apply to wheelchair accessible vehicles providing taxicab services to wheelchair users. Vehicles authorized to charge the 30 percent surcharge shall display a 30 percent surcharge decal iinside the vehicle.
  • A minimum fare of $15 is established for trips originated at MIA or the Port of Miami, regardless of what the meter reading shows. If the meter shows a number greater than $15.00, then the greater number shown on the meter shall be paid.
  • Taxicab Rate Card Printable

Please note that if you have more than 3 large pieces of luggage or a party of 4 or more guests, a taxi may not be able to accommodate your party. We would suggest utilizing alternate transportation. 

All rates are subject to change.

Ride Share

Uber and Lyft are both great options, again for privacy and small groups. You can use the following price estimators below to budget what this would cost:

Airport Shuttle

There are multiple airport shuttle companies. Below is just one example.


Toll-Free: (800) 282-6817

Car Rental

There are a number of car rental firms that are licensed to do business near PortMiami. Some companies provide shuttle service from the cruise terminals to their off-site but nearby rental locations. We suggest you confirm shuttle service with the car rental service prior to reserving a vehicle.


After dropping off your checked luggage (if required), proceed to the cruise terminal check-in area directed by signage and personnel. The terminal entrance is clearly marked and porters, security personnel, and cruise line employees will be glad to assist. You will need all passports, (or other proof of citizenship) and your printed E-Docs available (or open on your App) until you board the ship as you may need to present them several times. You will be required to walk through cruise security (similar procedure to airport security, except for shoe removal, in most cases), placing bags, electronic devices, metal objects, etc. on the security belt and through the metal detector.

Once completed, follow the signage and cruise line personnel into the check-in line, waiting for the next available cruise line check-in agent. The agent will review your documents and Passports/Proof of Citizenship and will ask for a credit card (or cash deposit) to activate your Cruise Card. This card will be used for all onboard purchases, including items such as bar purchases, spa, shore excursions, specialty restaurants, gift shop purchases, and more. Cruise ships operate as “cashless” floating cities so make sure you have an adequate credit line as the cruise progresses. In addition to onboard purchases, the Cruise Card also serves as your room key and boarding card in all the ports that you visit. Make sure you always carry a photo ID along with your Cruise Card when getting off the ship.

IMPORTANT:  Please notify your credit card company that you will be taking a cruise and will be traveling out of the country. This will help ensure that the Fraud Unit doesn’t turn your card off!

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