Monsters of Rock Cruise X is Coming!

The Rock ‘N Roll Vacation to end all vacations is preparing to go on sale!! Get ready to grab your cabin aboard the 2020 Monsters of Rock Cruise X, the World’s Greatest Hard-Rock, Heavy Metal, Fan/Artist Experience on Land or Sea!

Since this our 10th (that’s correct #10) Monsters of Rock Cruise, it is going to be so Epic, so Off the Hook and so Frickin’ Awesome…we can hardly contain ourselves! We started with our first two rounds of Artist and Band announcements earlier this week and we have more waiting in the wings! This is just the beginning…

Lizzy Borden – Thunder – Keel – British Lion – Firehouse
Heavens Edge – Stryper – Steelheart – The Artwork of Rick Allen of Def Leppard

Lizzy Borden – Thunder – Keel – British Lion – Firehouse
Heavens Edge – Stryper – Steelheart – The Artwork of Rick Allen of Def Leppard

Stay tuned for more
announcements coming soon!


The 2020 MORC will be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida from February 8 – 13, 2020 in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Cruise that has become legend…It’s the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal cruise by which all others are compared!

It begins with a return to one of our favorite ports, Cozumel, Mexico, followed by the emerald, pristine waters of a new Caribbean experience in Belize City, Belize.  Plus the two best rockin’ days at sea you will ever experience.

Join your MORC Family, plus new friends aboard Royal Caribbean’s amazing Independence of the Seas, featuring the greatest Hard Rock/Heavy Metal  lineup on planet Earth! This is going to be a cruise to remember and should be attended by all MORC Alumni Cruisers!!


This photos remind us how much we
Music & Parties under the sun and stars
The feeling is surreal!!


As always, the Monsters of Rock Cruise is more than music. It’s the overall Fan and Artist experience that sets us apart from the rest. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have the GREATEST FANS IN THE WORLD to make MORC the party of all parties! Here are some of the highlights…
  • Cookin’ For Rock Stars – Join the Chef it Up! girls for more cooking demonstrations and competitions with some of your favorite band members. By the way, cooking is more fun with an adult beverage in your hand!
  • “So, You Think You Can Shred”? – It’s time for passengers to show their shredding prowess in this guitar competition that has become a cruise favorite. Only one person will walk away with the #1 Axe man or woman title so start getting ready now!

  • Cruiser / Artist Themed Dinners – This was a big hit last year and we are bringing it back with some new surprises!
  • Expanded Surfing Competition – Who will take home the bragging rights as the Bonsai Pipeline champ on our Flowrider!?

  • Artist Branded Beer Event  – Get ready to party with fellow passengers during the Trooper Beer beer celebration on the Promenade of the Independence of the Seas! This was a huge hit last year and is back for an encore in 2020!

And here are a few more…
  • Rockers vs Cruisers Basketball Tournament – Last years competition was fierce and we plan to keep it going. Whether you play or watch, it’s always a good time!
  • Cruise Quest Scavenger Hunt – If you missed this R-Rated adult competition, you missed a wild time. In 2020 we have even more surprises up our sleeve so start getting your teams together now. More details coming soon!
  • Gong Show Karaoke – Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. If your Karaoke rendition is solid, you are probably in good shape to complete your song. If not, face the music of the dreaded GONG and the end of your music career!


And of course the best Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from around the world!!