Booking Questions

1. How do I reserve my cabin?

2. What information will I need in order to book my cabin?

3. How much do cabins cost?

4. Can I book a cabin as a single passenger?

5. I don’t want to go by myself, can MOR Cruise Team arrange a roommate for me?

6. Do I need a passport?

7. What does the price include?

8. Are there any discounts available?

9. What is the payment schedule?

10. What is the cancellation policy?

11. Can I make changes to my reservation or transfer my cabin to another party?

12. How do I make a payment?

13. Can I go on the cruise if I’m pregnant?

14. Do I need travel insurance?


All past passengers (from either our 2019 Monsters of Rock or other past cruises) will have the opportunity to book their stateroom during one of two Alumni Pre-Sales. 

Alumni Pre-Sale #1

For guests that sailed aboard
the 2019 Monsters of Rock Cruise, pre-booking will begin on
Wednesday, May 1 @ 2 pm Eastern

By 6 pm Eastern on Tuesday, April 30th, guests that sailed aboard the 2019 Monsters of Rock Cruise will receive a personalized booking link via email, including instructions on how to secure their Alumni Pre-Sale Reservation. YOU MAY BEGIN BOOKING ANY TIME AFTER 2 pm EASTERN ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 2019 BY CLICKING ON THE LINK PROVIDED IN THE EMAIL.

Alumni Pre-Sale #2

For guests that missed the 2019 sailing, but have
been on past cruises with us, pre-booking will begin on
Thursday, May 2 @ 2 pm Eastern

On Thursday, May 2nd, guests that have sailed on past cruises will receive a personalized booking link via email, including instructions on how to secure their Alumni Pre-Sale Reservation. ONCE YOU RECEIVE YOUR EMAIL AT APPROXIMATELY 2 PM EASTERN, THURSDAY, MAY 2nd, YOU MAY CLICK ON THE LINK PROVIDED AND BOOK IMMEDIATELY.

If you have any questions before the Alumni Pre-Sale for Monsters of Rock, please contact us at We anticipate high call volume, so we encourage you to contact us by email.

Our general on sale date is May 8th at 2 pm. Keep up to date on announcements by joining our mailing list today!

Please DO NOT contact Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to book this reservation as this is a charter cruise and all reservations must go through our reservation center.


Before you proceed to booking, make sure you have the following information for all of your guests:

  • LEGAL First and Last Name as it appears on your government issued ID (no nicknames please)
  • Date of Birth
  • Citizenship
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Any special dietary or physical needs

Please refer to the Deposits & Cancellations for further information about passenger name changes, transfers, and other pertinent information about your reservation.

If you are paying with multiple credit cards, you will need all of the credit card numbers complete with expiration dates and card verification numbers as well as the billing address, phone number, and email for each card.


Up to date pricing per person can be found on the PRICING page of our website.


Yes, single rates are available. Single pricing is available and is approximately 185% of the full double occupancy rate (except for all VIP cabins which are full double occupancy cost at 200%). Single occupants are still responsible for the mandatory fee supplement of $295 for merchant fees, government taxes and fees for one (1) guest.


Unfortunately, we cannot be involved in any cabin matching, however, there are designated Facebook pages designed to help passengers connect with others in the same situation.

Please be advised that these pages have been set up by Monsters of Rock Cruise fans and not by The Monsters of Rock Cruise or On The Blue Cruises, Inc. Therefore, choosing to room with someone you do not know is at your own discretion and neither The Monsters of Rock Cruise, On the Blue Cruises, Inc. or RCI will be responsible or liable for any issues related to these matches. Any problems associated with cabin mates (both on board or during the reservation and payment process) will be subject to the same terms and conditions as any other cabin and the main passenger on the reservation will be held responsible.

If you are looking for a cabin mate for MOR 2020, CLICK HERE.


We STRONGLY recommend all guests travel with a valid passport, or one of the new Passport Cards. Although a passport is not necessary for US Citizens, proof of citizenship is required for everyone sailing on The Monsters of Rock Cruise.*

If you do not plan to travel with a passport, PLEASE CLICK HERE for a complete explanation of the travel documentation required. 

Please understand that this is a U.S. Customs requirement and is not in the hands of those at Royal Caribbean or The Monsters of Rock Cruise. Passengers without the proper documentation will not be permitted on board and no refunds will be issued in these circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Please remember that this allowance could change at any time by CBP and all guests would need to comply.


The following is included in the price of your Cruise Fare:

    • Roundtrip, 5-night Monsters of Rock Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida aboard Royal Caribbean’s incredible Independence of the Seas!
    • Two exciting ports of call, Cozumel, Mexico and the private isle of Belize City, Belize.
    • All meals in the Main Dining Room, Buffet (includes regular coffee, tea, juices, non-carbonated beverages).
    • Complimentary Access to Fitness Center, Pools, Jacuzzis, Decks/Deck Chairs, Casino, Disco/Night Club & More!
    • Incredible Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Concerts, Events & Activities . . . the action never stops!

All cabin fares include:

All talent/entertainment related fees, your accommodations on-board the ship, all meals in the main dining room(s) and cafeteria, other casual dining throughout the day, non-carbonated beverages (coffee, tea, juices, etc.), use of the ship’s pools, health and fitness centers and pre-paid onboard gratuities.

*Your base cruise fare does not include a mandatory fee supplement of $295 per person for merchant fees, and government taxes and fees. These will be automatically added to your reservation during booking.

Fare also does not include fuel surcharges (if applicable), airfare, transportation to/from ship, shore excursions, sightseeing or meals ashore, meals in specialty restaurants, room service, laundry, wine, beer, liquors, cocktails, soda, mineral water, medical expenses, spa, beauty salon, casino gaming, onboard shopping, travel insurance, or any other items of a personal nature.


In an effort to reduce costs even further for our Monsters of Rock alumni, we will offer a Paid in Full Discount to any guest who has sailed on ANY of our cruises in the past and books before 11:59 pm Eastern on Thursday, May 2. When booking your cabin, you may select the Paid in Full option during the booking process. Pay your cabin in full and receive a 4% discount off your base cabin fare (not including the fees supplement). Please note that full payment must be received within 72 business hours of booking your cruise.

*The Fine Print – Discount is applicable to base cruise rates only and is not offered on mandatory fee supplement of $295 per person for merchant fees, and government taxes and fees. The entire cabin must be paid in full to receive this discount. The Paid in Full Discount expires at 11:59 pm Eastern on Thursday, May 2, 2019. Once this time has ended, this discount will no longer be valid and will not be reinstated for any booking. Any cabin that chooses the Paid in Full option, but does not pay in full within 72 hours of the booking, will no longer be eligible for the discount. No exceptions. 


Rates as described on the PRICING page of Monsters of Rock website, are per person based on double occupancy or as per the number of guests booked in the cabin. All deposits are based on a minimum of two (2) guests per cabin. Click Here for the full payment schedule.


Due to the unique nature of our event, we have a very strict cancellation policy. We HIGHLY recommend that passengers consider purchasing Travel Insurance.


If You Do Not Show Up For The Cruise On Time, or Do Not Otherwise Use Your Ticket: 
There will be no refunds given.

If you need to cancel, please follow the steps below:

The date the form is received will be the date of cancellation. No exceptions will be made and this process must be followed (unless the cancellation is done by On The Blue Cruises, Inc. for failure to pay or other reason(s) within our discretion).

Please note the cancellation provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply to the Cruise, regardless of any representations made by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, whether in its passenger contract terms or elsewhere. All rights granted to passengers in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line contract relating to the payment or refund of cruise fare and to cancellations by passengers shall not apply to you or be operative.


There will no refunds given for those who do not show up on time, unused tickets, or after the Cruise has occurred.

Please note the cancellation provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply to the Cruise, regardless of any representations made by Royal Caribbean, whether in its passenger contract terms or elsewhere. The rights granted to passengers in the ROYAL CARIBBEAN Cruise Ticket Contract relating to the payment or refund of cruise fare and to cancellations by passengers are superseded by these Terms & Conditions, and shall not be applicable.


Yes. However, the Passenger who places a reservation for a cabin onboard is considered the cabin’s “Primary” passenger (first guest listed) and is therefore solely responsible for initiating or authorizing all changes to the reservation. Downgrading your cabin to a cabin of lesser value is not allowed.

Primary passenger name changes are considered a CABIN TRANSFER and are subject to a transfer fee of $299 USD.  All new passengers are required to complete and return Terms & Conditions.

No transfer or change of a reservation to a NEW passenger shall be made without On the Blue Cruises, Inc. (OTB)’s prior written approval, to be given or withheld in OTB’s sole discretion. Subject to the preceding sentence, under no circumstances shall a Passenger or any person or entity acting on Passenger’s behalf (i) sell a reservation, cabin, or berth to any other person or entity for more than the price paid by the Passenger, or (ii) offer the reservation, cabin or berth to any other person(s) or entity(s) as a prize or award in a drawing, contest, lottery, sweepstakes, raffle or similar event of any kind; a transfer in violation of this sentence shall not be permitted, and the Primary passenger shall indemnify and hold harmless OTB from and against any damages, losses and claims suffered by OTB as a result of a violation by Primary passenger, or any other passenger listed on the reservation, of this paragraph. If a Primary or other passenger wishes to transfer the reservation, cabin or berth to a NEW passenger, the Primary passenger shall send a request in writing for approval of this transfer to OTB, along with (i) the reason for the requested transfer and a statement that the transfer will not violate this paragraph, (ii) the NEW passenger name, and (iii) a completed RCI Passenger Contract for the NEW passenger. If the request is approved by OTB, the NEW passenger must make full deposit payment amount due based on the above due dates. Once that payment has been made, then the applicable amounts paid by the ORIGINAL traveler will be refunded directly to the original traveler. Any NEW passenger sailing with a reservation transferred to him/her in violation of this paragraph may be denied boarding by OTB or, in OTB’s sole discretion, removed by OTB from the Cruise at any port, at such NEW passenger’s sole cost.

Through June 26, 2019
Each cabin will be entitled to one (1) complimentary name change (excluding Primary passenger) or passenger addition, for second, third or fourth passengers, upon request in writing to Monsters of Rock Cruise. Any additional changes prior to June 26, 2019 will be assessed a $50 fee for each occurrence.

June 27, 2019 – September 4, 2019
Any changes made to a reservation between June 27, 2019 – September 4, 2019, including but not limited to, the addition of any guest not currently listed on the reservation are $100 per change.

September 5, 2019 – November 17, 2019
Any changes made to a reservation between September 5, 2019 – November 17, 2019, including but not limited to, the addition of any guest not currently listed on the reservation are $150 per change.

November 18, 2019 – January 8, 2020
Any changes made to a reservation between November 18, 2019 – January 8, 2020, including but not limited to, the addition of any guest not currently listed on the reservation are $250 per change.

January 9, 2020 – February 8, 2020
No changes will be allowed.

All reservation changes (name changes, transfers & fees) must be submitted in writing by the Primary passenger using our “Change Request Form.” Change forms as well as applicable payments required for any changes must be submitted by 5:30 pm Eastern by the above deadline dates. To request a form, please email us at The date that such written notice of change/cancellation is received will determine the applicable change fee/cancellation fees per the above schedule. No exceptions will be made.


We do not automatically process your next payment for you, it is your responsibility to make your payments by the due dates. You can make a payment at any time by either calling us at (855) 505-6672 or by using the “PAYMENT LINK” located in your confirmation emails. A payment reminder email with payment link will be sent approximately two (2) weeks before due date.


Pregnant women are highly recommended to seek medical advice prior to travel at any stage of their pregnancy. Women who are up to 23 weeks pregnant at the end of the cruise are required to produce a medical certificate of fitness to travel.  Women who will be 24 weeks or more at the time of embarkation for health and safety reasons are not allowed to sail. RCI reserves the right to request a medical certificate at any stage of pregnancy and to refuse passage if the Carrier and/or the Master are not satisfied that the Passenger will be safe during the passage.



As stated in the Terms and Conditions, due to the nature of this event, all payments and deposits on The Monsters of Rock Cruise are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE and therefore, we highly recommend travel insurance.

Travel Insurance is NOT included in your Monsters of Rock Cruise Reservation. The purchase of insurance is the sole responsibility of each guest sailing and is NOT offered through The Monsters of Rock Cruise. It is up to each guest to research and decide on a 3rd party vendor of their choice for insurance. On The Blue Cruises, Inc. and The Monsters of Rock Cruise are not responsible for any losses, medical expenses accrued during travel and/or any and all deposits, due to lack of travel insurance.