Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary for Students, Second Edition

This 2014 revised and up to date variation is perfect for English and Spanish audio system, this bidirectional dictionary defines the center vocabularies of Latin-American Spanish and American English. Abbreviated description textual content: This value-priced Spanish-English, with over 50,000 translations is the easiest bilingual reference for college students. good points of this ebook Over 40,000 entries and 50,000 translations Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish sections Conjugation of Spanish Verbs abnormal English Verbs Value-priced or budget-conscious mom and dad and lecturers

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Discourtesy gioseior, -ri adj I : rirde, clean 2 : coarse, vulgar grosero2, -ra. ry:. impolite individual grosor nrn : tnrcKness friossq-adj a grosso modo : approximately, greatly, appro}. lmately adi : srotesque. nroeous grotescor--ca '1 : crahe (machiire) 2 : tow firia. nf trucK gruesa-n f : gross -sa aat I : thick, cumbersome 2 pruesor. :: heavv. bie three i heavyset,stout thicKness2 : major srueso/'nm-l: -bodv. mass three en . Y : in bulk srullb' nf z crane (bird) Erumo nm : lump, glob sruftido nm i growl, grunt Einfrii {38}. vi"r : to'g-rowl,to grunt 2 : to srumDle grufrdnr, -fiona gdj, mpl gruflones fcru : gllmpY,_craDDy grrifi6n2r--frona i, mpl grufiones fam euaid aqainst, to be cautious to not : grumpJ person,. nag . , pEardar-roua nm I : gloakroom, grupa nf : rump, nlnoquaners P, "checkroom-2 nnunnto : closet, warclgrupo nm I ErotJp gown sruta nt : grotto, cave guarderfa nf: nursery, day-ca{ecenter fiuacal nmCol, Mex, Ven: crate nfL : euard, defehse2 : protect EuarAiai -duty, guacamayo nm: macaw watch 3-en - : on guar-d guanm i guacamol or fiuacamole nmf | : sentry, guardsman' euaidiaz 'En camole l,i2 : police officeriPoliceman m, suacamote nm Mex: Yuca, cassava pollcewoman r -. huachina4go fiuachinango -cha adi I ArR, C6l, Chile. , siaidian, -diana n, mpl. guardianes I Euacho. 'Piri:'orphaned 2 Chile, Per:u z abnormal, unrivaled : watcnooq suadafra nf: scvthe {53} vt: to shelter't-9P,lglect -Euasua nf I Als, CoI, Chile, Peru guarecer -: suarecerse vr: to taKe snelter bZbv 2 Cuba. PRi : bus nf I z den, lair 2 : hideout guaira'-nfL this fall :. conventional flute 2 Peru guarTda guarismo nm i ngure, numeral : smeltrng rurnace Euarnecer - e a r n i s h three lt53) t o g av7 r r i1s o: nto beautify 2 z to suaiiro. 'fa n Cuba: Peasant Euaiolo'te nm Mex: tuikeY -ciones 1 : garnish 2 nf, nf: guanabana,soursoP efitr;ici0n Euahdbana -(fruit) ": ea. rrison three fiIdecoration, tnmmlng' seYtine(of a iewel) suanaco nm I Euanaco from Euandrfi nm CAI vehicle, Col: Pigeon Pea guaro nm CI : liquor distilled suqarcane joking, fogling round s;;si nf farn L : -2 de - : in jest, as a_JoKe suano nm i q-l. lano -sqna guasones lam mPl adi, nm li glove : tunny, wrtty 2 arn6jarle el guante ="ft i,,n". lJ? iii,l f-#ill3'33i',1 ':tit? #f :ftrJLryr3;. xtl'xPe -tittrns' : Ioose *Bllgftt ""rztq. Yfd"r r37 Bu? sfn2, -. sona n, mpl guasones faz : toKer. clown guitemalt€Goe -cB adj & /r: Guatemalan Eualu interi : wow! guayaba if :. guavp, (fruiD guperna4ental adi t governmental gu_bernativo, -ys - ftbernamental guberngtura nf Mex: governing bodv guepardo nm: cheeta[ fiieio, -r4 q. dj Mex : blond, reasonable guerrq nf I z-war 2:-warfare three luiin : clash, fight guerrear 12 months : to waqe struggle guerre,ror, -ra adj f : conflict, scuffling with 2 : warllKe guerrero2r -ft n : warrior guerrilla nf : suerrilla conflict tuerrillero, -. 16adj & n : guerrilla gueto nm a snetto Buiat nf I a. listing. euidebook 2 onrnuracr6N: information, flirection Brliaz nmf : giri guiar {85} vra : to lead, to steer 2 coNt)ucrR: to control - guiarse year :.

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