Very Nice Ways to Say Very Bad Things: An Unusual Book of Euphemisms

By Linda Berdoll

At a loss for phrases, hockey puck? you could continually quote Shakespeare...

Or delve into this interesting compendium of insults and verbal abuse, all couched in language of the main uplifting nature. jam-packed with universal and not-so-common zingers that might either surprise you and make you snicker your @$$! off.


  • Exactly the way to deal with person mounds of foul, undigested lumps of donkey entrails
  • That "F"-ing notice and different intensives
  • Many, some ways to consult the half that is going over the fence last
  • More euphemisms, synonyms, words and outlines than you knew existed for sexual actions, proclivities, untoward incidents, injuries of nature and the beast with backs
  • Addressing the mentally incompetent, the cerebrally challenged, the absurdly bureaucratic, the impossibly rational and different situations of ineptitude, obfuscation or obstruction and lots more and plenty more!

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