Using Chinese: A Guide to Contemporary Usage (Using... (Cambridge))

This ebook is a consultant to chinese language utilization for college students who've already bought the fundamentals of the language and want to increase their wisdom. in contrast to traditional grammars, it addresses many elements of chinese utilization, equivalent to letter writing, idioms, proverbs, and riddles. It additionally presents new and up to date phrases, together with net vocabulary, which allows scholars to appreciate and correctly use the main updated expressions along daily language. precious sections on universal social interactions are integrated, in addition to a useful consultant to the finer nuances of physique language. transparent, readable, and simple to refer to, this is often a vital reference for inexperienced persons looking entry to at least one of the world's most vital languages.

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6 New and up to date phrases Q R ᱂б puˇ jiuˇ 䫎䏃䌍 pūlùf èi ଚᑫ 䪅Ⳇ qīyīyī shāngdiàn qiánmáng Ꮋ‫࡯ܟ‬ᓣ qiaˇ okèlì shì 䕏䔼Ѹ䗮 ӕϮҎ qīngguîˇ jiāotōng qîˇyèrén 䴦᯹ড়ৠ qīngchūn hétong ⏙੪ qīngkā ᚙᛳ֗䫔 qínggaˇ n cùxiāo ⛁⚍ rèdiaˇ n ⛁⚍䆱乬 rèdiaˇ n huàtí Ҏᠡ╂ réncáicháo chair, iron salary, iron rice bowl; gold: gold rice bowl, really extra paintings for extra pay and a wealthy and cozy existence 9 years of obligatory public schooling cash, “fee,” given to somebody who can help to get issues performed 7-11 shops those who are blinded by means of, and blindly worship, funds the pampering approach of citing kids mild rail transit company contributors who've a solemn and proud air “youth contract”: contracts among firms and their staff, the place they agree that the staff simply paintings for them once they are younger black espresso, with out cream or sugar promotions which attract dealers’ feelings for revenues “hot spots”: well known spots or areas sizzling dialog themes “brain tide”: qualified humans moving for higher jobs 39 2 Vocabulary and utilization S forty Ҏᠡ໰Ꮦ ‫ۦ‬ଚ réncái yèshì ruˇ shāng 䕃ᑓਞ ruaˇ n guaˇ nggào 䕃䌘⑤ ruaˇ n zīyuán 䕃ㅵ⧚ ruaˇ n guaˇ nlîˇ ϝᏕ sānbì ϝពᕟᏜ sāndoˇ ng lü` shī ϝ᳓݀ৌ sāntì gōngsī 㡆Ⳇ䬰 sèmángjìng ଚ⍋ shānghaˇ i ଚᑓ shāngguaˇ ng ଚк shāngshū ଚট shāngyoˇ u Ϟ㢅⧁ shànghuābān evening task marketplace Confucian service provider: a scholarly service provider delicate commercial: for instance, throughout the props or phrases in videos gentle source: technology, expertise, details, and so forth. “soft management”: a administration approach the place individuals are left on my own to be proactive and inventive 3 different types of foreign money: Renminbi, Hong Kong greenback, and Taiwan buck attorneys who understand legislations, overseas language, and economics “three four U company”: a carrier corporation who will do virtually whatever for the customer for a cost corrective lenses for colour blindness commodity industry that's as giant and changeable as an ocean advertisement advertisements or advertisements books on economics or trade pals who do enterprise jointly “spotty work”: a few kingdom executive employees in basic terms visit their very own office once they aren't 2. 6 New and up to date phrases ᇥ⢃ ⍝໪३᠔ shàof àn shèwài cèsuoˇ ⍝໪㑶࿬ shèwài hóngniáng ⫳ᗕ䘧ᖋ shēngtài dàodé ⫳ᗕᮙ␌ Ϫ䌌 ‥ˇ yóu shēngtài lu shìmào Ϫ䫊 shìyín ᠟ᴎ shoˇ ujī ᠟䇁Ꮦഎ shoˇ uyuˇ shìchaˇ ng ᇓ䰽 shòuxiaˇ n к⇥ shūmín ঠӥ᮹ shuāngxiūrì ঠ䌶 shuāngyíng ∈䋻 shuîˇhuò ∈⊹Ểᵫ shuîˇní sēnlín ಯড়䰶 sìhéyuànr engaged on the facet somewhere else juvenile antisocial stable, fresh washrooms for individuals from abroad matchmakers who try and find international companions for chinese language ecological ethics: rules and norms which hold concord among people and the usual ecological setting eco-tourism WTO, international exchange association, brief for Ϫ⬠䌌ᯧ㒘㒛 shìjiè màoyì zuˇ zhī global financial institution, brief for Ϫ⬠䫊㸠shìjiè yínháng mobile phone; the older time period is “dàgēdà” “sign language market,” the place purely hand symptoms are used for alternate lifestyles assurance, brief for Ҏᇓֱ䰽 rénshòu baˇ oxiaˇ n those that really love books either Saturday and Sunday off paintings win–win scenario or procedure low caliber, faux items, rather than 㸠䋻hánghuò, real items concrete jungle: tall structures in towns conservative and closed means of forty-one 2 Vocabulary and utilization T W forty two ⅏ѵီ࿏ sîˇwáng hūnyīn ಯᇣ啭 sìxiaˇ olóng 䏇ᵓီ࿏ tiàobaˇ n hūnyīn ༈㛥݀ৌ tóunaˇ o gōngsī ࿗࿗ᬭᥜ wáwa jiàoshòu 㔥৻ 㔥㰿 㔥⇥ ೈ㺭Ϝ໿ waˇ ngbā waˇ ngchóng waˇ ngmín wéiqún zhàngfu ॅᴎㅵ⧚ ᭛࣪令 wēijī guaˇ nlîˇ wénhuà cān 䯂乬ᆊᒁ wèntí jiātíng ᮴ᑫ䫎䫔ଂ wúdiànpù xiāoshòu ᮴ᄽᮣ wúháizú considering, just like the conventional enclosed courtyard houses a wedding within which husband and spouse nonetheless keep the connection even though the wedding has damaged down and so they don't have any extra emotions in the direction of one another 4 Little Dragons: Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong a wedding with out love, established simply on attaining a undeniable objective “talent corporation” which gathers engineering and technical abilities and offers them to corporations “baby professors”: very younger professors net cafe nethead, webaholic net surfers husbands who look after loved ones paintings situation administration meals that have ancient, people, or different kinds of cultural which means dysfunctional kin, the place husband and spouse don't get alongside or are divorced revenues with no retailers: direct revenues childless humans 2.

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