The Rough Guide to Spanish Dictionary Phrasebook (Rough Guide Phrasebooks)

The tough advisor phrasebook can assist you to make acquaintances with the local community, and talking Spanish once you arrive. This fully-revised 3rd version contains 16-pages of extra situation fabric, from inquiring for instructions and ordering a tumbler of wine to checking bus instances and enquiring approximately lodge charges. Recorded through local Spanish audio system, the eventualities can be found as downloadable audio documents both for your desktop or iPod – perfect for training your pronunciation. With A-Z English to Spanish and A-Z Spanish to English translations, this pocket-sized phrasebook is like taking alongside your personal own translator!

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I admire ... gusto: mucho gusto happy to fulfill you! con mucho gusto definitely, with nice excitement el gusto es mío how do you do, it's a excitement H h isn't said in Spanish ha he/she/it has; you could have habéis [abay-eess] you will have habilidoso skilful habitación f [abeetath-yon] ABCDEFGHIJKLHa Grecia f [greth-ya] Greece grifo m faucet, (US) tap gripe f [greepay] flu gris gray gritar to shout grosero [grosairo] impolite grúa f [groo-a] tow truck, guárdese en sitio fresco hold Spanish š English grandes almacenes mpl [almathayness] huge room habitación doble [doblay] double room habitación person [eendeebeedwal] unmarried room habitación con dos camas dual room habitar to dwell 157 Spanish š English h isn't really suggested in Spanish hablador talkative hablar to talk hable aquí converse right here habrá there'll be; he/she/it can have; you have habrán they'll have; you can have habrás you may have habré [abray] i'll have habréis [abray-eess] you'll have habremos we are going to have habría [abree-a] i'd have; ABCDEFGHIJKLHa he/she/it may have; you'll have habríais [abree-a-eess] you will have habríamos [abree-amoss] we might have habrían [abree-an] they might have; you are going to have habrías [abree-ass] you'll have hace [athay]: hace ... días ... days in the past hace calor it's scorching hacer [athair] to make; to do hacerse [athairsay] to develop into hacia [ath-ya] in the direction of hago I do; I make hambre: tengo hambre [ambray] I’m hungry hamburguesería f [amboorgaysairee-a] eating place promoting hamburgers, sizzling 158 canine han [an] they've got; you might have haré [aray] i'll do harto: estar harto (de) [arto] to be bored to death (with) has [ass] you might have hasta [asta] even; till hasta que [kay] until eventually ¡hasta l. a. vista! see you! ¡hasta luego! [lwaygo] cheerio! ; goodbye! ¡hasta mañana! [man-yana] see you day after today! ¡hasta pronto! see you quickly! hay [ ī ] there's; there are hay ... we promote ... haya [ī-a] i've got; he/she/it has; you've got haz [ath] do; make he [ay] i've got hecho m [ay-cho] truth hecho made; performed hecho a l. a. medida made-to- degree helada f frost heladería f [eladairee-a] ice- cream parlour helado f [elado] ice-cream helar to freeze hembra girl hemos we now have herida f [aireeda] wound herido injured hermana f [airmano] sister hermano m brother hermoso [airmoso] appealing herramientas fpl [airram-yentass] instruments hervir [airbeer] to boil hypermarket hipo m hiccups hipódromo m horse-racing song historia f [eestor-ya] background; tale she did; you made; you probably did hogar m domestic; loved ones items hoja f [oHa] leaf; sheet of paper hoja de afeitar [day afay-eetar] razor blade ¡hola! hi! , hello! hombre m [ombray] guy ¡hombre! whats up there! ; you guess; oh come on! hombre de negocios [negothyoss] businessman hombro m shoulder hondo deep honrado sincere hora f [ora] hour ¿qué hora es? what time is it? hora neighborhood neighborhood time time table horario de invierno [eembyairno] wintry weather timetable/ agenda horario de recogidas [rekoHeedass] assortment instances horario de trenes teach timetable/schedule horario de verano summer time timetable/schedule horas de consulta surgical procedure hours, (US) place of work hours (of physician) horas de oficina [ofeetheena] starting hours horas de visita traveling hours horas punta rush hour hormiga f ant horno m oven horquilla f [orkee-ya] hairpin hospedarse [ospedarsay] to remain hostal m [ostal] eating place focusing on nearby dishes; boarding apartment ABCDEFGHIJKLHo hizo [eetho] he/she made; he/ horario m [orar-yo] timetable, (US) time table horario de autobuses [owtoboosess] bus timetable/ Spanish š English hice [eethay] I made; I did hidratante: crema hidratante f [eedratantay] moisturizer hidropedales mpl [eedropedaless] pedalos hielo m [yaylo] ice hierba f [yairba] grass hierro m [yairro] iron hija f [eeHa] daughter hijo m son hilo m thread hipermercado [eepairmairkado] hostal-residencia m [reseedenth-ya] long-stay boarding condominium hostería f [ostairee-a] eating place focusing on nearby dishes hotel-residencia m residential lodge hoy [oy] this day 159 Spanish š English h isn't really said in Spanish impaciente [eempath-yentay] HR (hostal-residencia) m imperdible m [eempairdeeblay] ABCDEFGHIJKLHr boarding condo the place no nutrients are served, frequently lower-priced, residential inn hube [oobay] I had hubieron [oob-yairon] that they had; you had hubimos [oobeemoss] we had hubiste [oobeestay] you had hubisteis [oobeestay-eess] you had hubo [oobo] he/she/it had; you had; there was/were huelga f [welga] strike hueso m [wayso] bone huésped m/f [wesped] visitor huevo m [waybo] egg humedad m humidity, dampness húmedo damp humo m smoke humor m humour hundirse [oondeersay] to sink hurto m robbery I idéntico (a/que) exact (to) idioma m [eed-yoma] language idiota m/f [eed-yota] fool iglesia f [eeglays-ya] church igual [eegwal] equivalent; like me da igual it’s the entire comparable to me imbécil (m) [eembaytheel] nutter; silly one hundred sixty impatient protection pin impermeable (m) [eempairmay-ablay] water resistant; raincoat importación f [eemportath-yon] imported items importante [eemportantay] very important importar: no importa it doesn’t topic ¿le importa si ...?

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