The Return of the Graveyard Ghost (Boxcar Children Mysteries)

One stormy afternoon, the Aldens take a shortcut throughout the Greenfield Cemetery and find a unusual neighborhood superstition! in line with legend, it is sturdy good fortune to go away offers in a undeniable spot within the cemetery--and undesirable success to an individual who does not. yet considering that there is not any such factor as ghosts, there needs to be a explanation for this bizarre culture. The Boxcar teenagers are made up our minds to determine what it really is.

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Let’s think we're catching a present thief,” she stated. “Who are the suspects? ” “The ghost,” Benny’s muffled voice got here from the ground of the toy chest. “The ghost is the 1st suspect. ” Jessie didn’t argue. She wrote it down. “Marcus Michelson. ” Violet acknowledged. “He’s new to city and has a black coat. We’ve noticeable him close to the cemetery a pair occasions, this means that he may be the one stealing the presents. after we observed him on the café, he regarded like the spooky determine we’d noticeable close to the mausoleum. ” Jessie wrote his identify down, in addition to all of Violet’s purposes. “But we additionally observed him placing his personal reward out for the ghost,” Henry acknowledged. “Maybe I’m wrong,” Violet admitted. “Until we all know extra, he will be a suspect. ” “Okay. Let’s discover what we will be able to approximately Marcus,” Jessie stated, delivering her chair. She used to be rubbing her chin. Jessie did that after she was once considering particularly tough. “He may simply have set the flower at the café window. ” Benny popped up. “That capability the ghost used to be within the café! Yikes. ” “The individual pretending to be the ghost was once within the café,” Henry corrected. He nodded towards Jessie’s checklist. “Marcus Michelson is a suspect. yet then, so is leave out Wolfson. ” Jessie wrote down the historian’s identify, announcing, “She was once closest to the window whilst the lighting went out. She had a black coat putting on a hook. And it used to be rainy. and she or he understands the main concerning the LaFonte ghost. ” “Put Mrs. Radcliffe at the checklist too,” Benny stated, crawling out of the toy field with a handful of attainable presents. “But she wasn’t within the café,” Violet argued. “It doesn’t subject if she was once there or now not. i feel she’s creepy,” Benny answered, shaking his head. “That’s no longer a very good cause to imagine a person is a thief,” Henry stated. “We can’t simply positioned her at the record simply because she feels like a witch and yells at children—” “What if…” Jessie interrupted. “What if Mrs. Radcliffe invented the ghost to maintain humans out of the cemetery? ” “Her cloak is black,” Violet acknowledged. “She may have became off the café lighting fixtures, sneaked in, positioned the flower, and left prior to a person noticed,” Henry extra. “If she desires to scare humans away, her plan’s no longer working,” Benny acknowledged, reminding them of the large crowd that was once going to the cemetery with presents. “Let’s placed her at the suspect list,” Henry instructed Jessie. “Just in case. ” “Okay. ” Jessie wrote down Mrs. Radcliffe’s identify. “We have 3 attainable gift-stealing thieves. ” “And one ghost,” Benny additional. “Don’t put out of your mind there's nonetheless the chance the ghost is actual. ” “Right. ” Jessie checked the checklist. “Anyone else to think about? ” The room fell silent as everybody considered who they’d obvious lurking round the cemetery. “Vita, maybe,” Violet acknowledged. “Maybe she invented the ghost. She made up our minds rather quickly to make a film approximately it. an exhilarating frightening motion picture can make her well-known, correct? ” “It’s possible,” Jessie acknowledged. “And she used to be contained in the café—” “Wait! ” Henry by surprise interrupted. “We have an issue. ” He breathed a heavy sigh and stated, “A substantial challenge. ” “What? ” everybody requested whilst. “The ghost was once first noticed a 12 months after Madame LaFonte died,” Henry acknowledged.

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