The Phonology of Catalan (The Phonology of the World's Languages)

This is often the main finished account of Catalan phonology ever released. Catalan is a Romance language, occupying a place someplace among French, Spanish, and Italian. it's the first language of six and a part million humans within the northeastern Spain and of the peoples of Andorra, French Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and a small sector of Sardinia. Dr Wheeler describes Barcelona pronunciation and the most important sorts of western Catalonia, Valencia, and Majorca, and considers social and stylistic variation.

The author's procedure is thru a transparent, pragmatic model of orthodox Optimality conception and is expert via shut consciousness to articulatory phonetics. He contains a monstrous account of post-lexical (phrasal) phonology and has designed his method of be of utmost use to these looking both to appreciate the phonology and morphology of Catalan and its types or to set those inside a comparative or typological viewpoint. After an creation to the sorts of Catalan the writer devotes chapters to section inventories; syllable constitution; phrasal phonology; coda voicing; coda position; cluster relief; epenthesis; tension and prosody; be aware phonology and allomorphy; and the syllabification of pronominal clitics. The publication is totally referenced and encompasses a accomplished bibliography. it really is prone to be the normal account of its topic for lots of years.

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