The Meaning of Tingo: and Other Extraordinary Words from Around the World

By Adam Jacot de Boinod

A backyard of delights for the note obsessed: a humorous, awesome, or even profound international journey of the simplest of all these unusual phrases that do not have an exact English an identical, those that let us know lots approximately different cultures' priorities and preoccupations and extend our minds.

do you know that folks in Bolivia have a be aware that suggests "I was once really too under the influence of alcohol final evening and it is all their fault"? that there is no Italian identical for the be aware "blue"? That the Dutch notice for skimming stones is "plimpplamppletteren"? This pleasant booklet, which attracts at the collective knowledge of greater than 254 languages, contains not just these phrases for which there's no direct counterpart in English ("pana po'o" in Hawaiian capacity to scratch your head with the intention to consider anything important), but additionally a frank dialogue of precisely what number Eskimo phrases there are for snow and the longest recognized palindrome in any language ("saippuakivikauppias"--Finland).

And alright, what actually is "tingo"? within the Pascuense language of Easter Island, it is to take the entire items one wants from the home of a chum, separately, via asking to borrow them. good, of course it's. stronger via its creative and impossible to resist little Schott's Miscellany/Eats Shoots and Leaves package deal and piquant black-and-white illustrations all through, The which means of Tingo is a heady banquet for note enthusiasts of all persuasions. Viva Tingo!

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Acknowledgements i'm deeply thankful to the subsequent humans for his or her recommendation and support: Giles Andreae, Martin Bowden, David Buckley, Candida Clark, Anna Coverdale, Nick Emley, Natasha Fairweather, William Hartston, Beatrix Jacot de Boinod, Nigel Kempner, Nick and Galia Kullmann, Alf Lawrie, John Lloyd, Sarah McDougall, Yaron Meshoulam, Tony Morris, David Prest, David Shariatmadari and Christopher Silvester. particularly i need to thank my agent, Peter Straus; my illustrator Sandra Howgate; my very good editorial workforce at Penguin, Nigel Wilcockson, Georgina Laycock and Sophie Lazar; and Mark McCrum for his beneficial paintings at the textual content. assembly and Greeting ai jiao de maque bu zhang rou (Chinese) sparrows that like to chirp won’t wear weight ¡Hola! the 1st and so much crucial notice in all languages is unquestionably ‘hello’, the be aware that permits one person to speak with one other: aa (Diola, Senegal) beeta (Soninke, Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast) bok (Croatian) boozhoo (Ojibwe, united states and Canada) daw-daw (Jutlandish, Denmark) ella (Awabakal, Australia) i ay (Huaorani, Ecuador) khaumykhyghyz (Bashkir, Russia) nark (Phorhépecha, Mexico) rozhbash (Kurdi, Iraq and Iran) samba (Lega, Congo) wali-wali (Limbe, Sierra Leone) xawaxan (Toltichi Yokuts, California, united states) yoga (Ateso, Uganda) yoyo (Kwakiutl, Canada) however it would possibly not also be a be aware. within the Gilbert Islands of the Pacific, arou pairi describes the method of rubbing noses in greeting. For the japanese, bowing is a vital a part of the method and an indication of admire: ojigi is the act of bowing; eshaku describes a mild bow (of approximately 15 degrees); keirei, an entire bow (of approximately forty five degrees); whereas saikeirei is a really low, worshipful kind of bow that contains the nostril approximately touching the palms. whilst one meets a person very important, one could even ponder pekopeko, bowing one’s head again and again in a fawning or grovelling demeanour. simply say the note occasionally a unmarried note works tough. In Sri Lanka, for instance, the Sinhala note ayubowan potential not just ‘good morning’, but in addition ‘good afternoon’, ‘good evening’, ‘good evening’ and ‘goodbye’. Expectant the disappointment of anticipating an individual to show up is superbly encapsulated within the Inuit be aware iktsuarpok, which means ‘to move outdoors frequently to determine if somebody is coming’. As for the disappointment of the caller, there’s regularly the Russian dozvonit’sya which doesn’t easily suggest to ring a doorbell, yet to ring it till one will get a solution (it’s extensively utilized for purchasing via at the telephone). howdy you! as soon as the 1st come upon is out of ways the proper type of handle is critical. such a lot folks understand the adaptation among the intimate French tu and the extra impersonal (and well mannered) vous. an identical contrast exists in Arabic among anta (‘you’ singular) and antum (‘you’ plural) – addressing an enormous individual with anta (anti is the female model) instead of antum will be thought of rude. In Vietnam there are not any fewer than eighteen phrases for ‘you’, using which is determined by whom you're addressing, no matter if a toddler or a senior citizen, no matter if officially or informally.

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