The Kif Strike Back

By C. J. Cherryh

While the kif grab Hilfy and Tully, Pyanfar and her shipmates input right into a uncomplicated rescue try that quickly turns into a dangerous online game of interstellar politics.

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So we have now our personal detainee," Pyanfar acknowledged, complicated Hilfy: she observed the ears cant in bewilderment. She opened a channel lower than to the accessway com. "Skkukuk. What will we do with you? " The kif had tucked down in a ball. It stood up and straightened. "I am freezing, w. A B B Y Y. c om Y F T ra n sf o A B B Y Y. c bu to re he C lic ok he okay lic C w. om w w w w rm y ABB PD re to Y 2. zero 2. zero bu y rm er Y F T ra n sf o ABB PD er Y hunter Pyanfar. " "Good. What if I blow your head off? could the hakkikt like that? You offend him one way or the other? " "I lack all prestige with him. " "Hope to achieve it, do you? " "I am hopeless, except your sfik is larger than it sort of feels. " She laid her ears again. "Kif, you must dwell? " "Naturally. " "Strip and get within that lock. depart the gowns within the lock. stroll into the most hall. And wait there. " It bowed, fingers tucked away back. She leaned and keyed the outer hatch open, powered the chair round and met Hilfy's fast, flat-eared stare. "Got ourselves a sfik merchandise down there. Tully it is not. we are going to see what now we have simply been passed. inform Vigilance and Aja Jin we are enjoying this company out and staying at dock; they could do what they prefer approximately it. " "We've received experiment photo going out," Haral acknowledged. "Jik says affirmative, he is nonetheless coming in. " "Gods wish he is not kidding," Geran stated. "Gods hope," Pyanfar muttered. Visions of assault assailed her. One rapid blast on the dock from both of her incoming allies and it used to be ail over. yet she depended on Jik. She was hoping. "Khym. Come on. " "You happening there? " Hilfy requested, turning her chair approximately. "Nose to that board, kid. remain placed. Come on, Khym. This one's yours. " Khym's ears got here up. He had no longer regarded so joyful seeing that they took him into hearth at the docks within the Kshshti mess. She had her pocket gun in a single hand, a com unit at her belt with the achieve became up complete because the of them rode the raise down. Khym had his naked fingers; and people weren't undesirable odds- -- until, she concept, the kif down of their airlock had a knife or worse: gods witness, they weren't a warship, to have protection precautions and detectors. They went on guess-work, took the gamble --- lunatic, a small voice stated. For a bedraggled, half-crazed human's sake, to hazard The satisfaction. "Don't push it," she acknowledged to Khym whereas the carry used to be at the means down. She thumbed the protection off the pistol. "Gods forbid it truly is known as our bluff and taken us a grenade. " "What do you do then? " Khym requested. "Throw it again, for godssakes! How may still i do know? " the idea ruffled her nape-hairs. And punching the button at the in-lift com: "Haral -- Stand via that within hatch liberate! " The elevate door whisked open. She walked out after Khym together with her gun prepared in her hand. "Now, captain? " Haral requested. "Now. " A hall and a part away the airlock's internal hatch opened. Pyanfar grabbed Khym by way of the arm and jerked him over to the facet of the hall the place there has been vantage. w. A B B Y Y. c om Y F T ra n sf o A B B Y Y. c bu to re he C lic ok he okay lic C w. om w w w w rm y ABB PD re to Y 2.

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