The Conceptual Mind: New Directions in the Study of Concepts

By Stephen Laurence, Eric Margolis

The learn of innovations has complex dramatically lately, with intriguing new findings and theoretical advancements.

Core thoughts were investigated in larger intensity and new traces of inquiry have blossomed, with researchers from an ever broader diversity of disciplines making vital contributions.

In this quantity, best philosophers and cognitive scientists supply unique essays that current the cutting-edge within the research of suggestions. those essays, all commissioned for this ebook, don't in basic terms current the standard surveys and overviews; relatively, they give the newest paintings on recommendations by means of a various crew of theorists in addition to discussions of the information that are supposed to consultant learn over the following decade.

The booklet is a necessary better half quantity to the sooner Concepts: middle Readings, the definitive resource for traditional texts at the nature of concepts.The essays disguise techniques as they relate to animal cognition, the mind, evolution, conception, and language, options throughout cultures, notion acquisition and conceptual switch, innovations and normativity, techniques in context, and conceptual individuation. The participants contain such admired students as Susan Carey, Nicola Clayton, Jerry Fodor, Douglas Medin, Joshua Tenenbaum, and Anna Wierzbicka.

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