The Complete How to Speak Southern

By Steve Mitchell

The chortle sensation that swept the kingdom, How to talk Southern and More find out how to communicate Southern, is now accrued in a single complete–and thoroughly hilarious–volume. Embraced by means of Southerners in every single place and devoted to all Yankees within the desire that it'll train them to speak correct, this uproarious ebook decodes “Suthun” wit and knowledge for “Nawthun” upstarts in every single place. From “aig” (a breakfast foodstuff that could be fried, scrambled, boiled, or poached) to “zackly” (as in “precisely”), here’s only a sampling of what you’ll locate inside:

ATTAIR: Contraction used to point the explicit merchandise wanted. “Pass me attair gravy, please.”
EVERWHICHAWAYS: To be scattered in all instructions. “You must have been there while the educate hit that chook truck. Them chickens flew everwhichaways.”
YONTNY: do you need any. “Yontny extra corn bread?”

Funny in addition to informative, this laugh-out-loud dictionary will preserve you giggling and learning–no topic the place you fall at the Mason-Dixon Line!

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Miz: Southern type of tackle stOlen by means of the Women's Liberation movemenr. "Is that Miz Thompson comin' down the streer? " Moanin': among dawn and midday. "Good moanin') suh. " Mommocked up: broken or defaced. "Don't attempt to painr the desk with that previous stiff brush. you will jest get it mommocked up. " Moon pah: A around, chocolate-covered cake with a marshmallow filling that's commonly ate up with a Royal Crown Cola, which Southerners seek advice from as an ArCee. "Let's have a ArCee and a moon pah. " fifty eight fifty nine N Motuhsickle: A two-wheeled missile with a strong engine that's in a position to nice velocity and is inherently volatile, therefore delivering physicians, hospitals and funeral administrators with a customary resource of source of revenue. "Johnny had his motuhsickle as much as a hundred and twenty final evening. " Nachur: Nature, yet within the experience of intercourse force or libido. "When you will have a feline neutered, it takes away his nachur. " Muchablige: thanks. "Muchablige for the elevate, . " mister. Naht: the other of day. "You may possibly say Dracula used to be ant ah individual. " Munts: The 12 devices into which the calendar yr is split. ''Ah hadn't obvious Bob in approximately 3 munts. " Nairn: no longer any; now not a one. ''Ah'd provide you with a cigarette, yet Ah do not have nairn. " Nawth: Any parr of the rustic outdoors the SouthMidwest, California or no matter what. If it isn't South, it truly is Nawth. "People from up Nawth definite do speak humorous. " Nawthun: whatever that's not Southern. "He is a vintage made from the very best Nawthun academic method. " (Sarcasm) 60 sixty one Nekkid: To be unclothed. "Did you notice het in that new motion picture? She used to be nekkid as a jaybird. " no longer approximately to: To haven't any goal oE ''Ah'm no longer approximately to pay $50,000 for a brand new automobile. " Nemmine: by no means brain, yet utilized in the experience of Nyawlins: The largesr urban in Louisiaria (pronounced Loosyana). "Nyawlins is a pleasant city should you acquired loads of distinction. "It are not making no nemmine to me. " funds. " Nome: A kid's damaging respond to a feminine adult's query. "Jimmy, did you pull that eat's tail? " "Nome. " Nooclar: Having to do with atomic energy. "Jake's obtained a very good task over on the nooclar plant. " sixty two sixty three I o Oakree: A ridged, elongated vegetable, identified to the few Yankees who comprehend abour it as okra. "Ah don't love oakree any approach yet ftied in flour with corn btead. " Of a moanin': Of a morning, which means within the morning. "My daddy continually loved his espresso of a . ,» moanln. Octa: may still. "You ona see her in that bikini. " Ose: a kind of cat produced by means of common Motots. "That'55 Ose was once the easiest automobile Ah evet had. " Ovair: In that path. "Where's yo daddy, son? " p friend: Powell. "Colin buddy was once an outstanding basic. " Pannyhos: A misbegotten hybtid of stocking and gitdle foisted off on Southern (and Ametican) womanhood via malevolent garments designers bent on wiping out heterosexuality. ''Ah hate pannyhos. " Papuh: What you wtite on; additionally, the colloquial tetm for newspaper. "Which papuh do you're taking? " "He's ovair, suh. " Pare: Sttength, authotity. "Never underestimate the personal: contrary of awf "Cur personal the radio and let's take heed to a few track.

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