The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future

The legacy ofthe sacred feminine

The Chalice and the Blade tells a brand new tale of our cultural origins. It showsthat war and the battle of the sexes are neither divinely nor biologicallyordained. It offers verification higher destiny is possible—and is in factfirmly rooted within the haunting dramas of what occurred in our past.

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Considerably, she is resisting a mass of suitors who may marry her to realize regulate over Ithaca—strongly suggesting that even after the Achaean invasions of Greece, matrilineal succession was once nonetheless the norm, in addition to the prerequisite to any declare of rulership. four now we have already obvious that Hesiod’s references to a “golden race” who lived “in peaceable ease” and to whom “the fruitful earth poured forth her culmination” are thoughts of the extra peaceable and equalitarian fanning peoples of the Neolithic who have been even by way of this time remembered purely in legend. the truth that in Hesiod’s mythology a male determine named Chaos is credited with the construction of the area extra confirms what we now be aware of from the archaeological checklist: Indo-Euro-pean rule was once imposed during the chaos of huge actual destruction and cultural disruption. Like Homer’s, Hesiod’s paintings is filled with remnants of an prior, extra gylanic society and mythology. for instance, it truly is nonetheless “wide-bosomed Earth” who, just like the Goddess of outdated, offers delivery to Heaven and “the lofty hills, the satisfied haunts of goddess nymphs. ” And it truly is nonetheless, as within the older faith, a feminine strength who “without candy union of love”—in different phrases, alone—bears the ocean. five Hesiod’s global is already male ruled, warlike, and hierarchic. however it continues to be a global during which the previous partnership or, extra particularly, gylanic values usually are not thoroughly forgotten. For Hesiod warfare isn't really inherent in human nature—or, because the later Greek thinker Heraclitus was once to claim, “the father of all” and “king of all. ”6 Hesiod explicitly writes that warfare and the struggle god Ares have been delivered to Greece via a “lesser race of men,” the Achaeans who invaded Greece with bronze guns, and who have been finally via the boys so much despised by way of Hesiod, the Dorians, who laid waste to Greece with their guns of iron. you will say that if Freud and Jung have been correct, and there's any such factor as a genetically transmitted race reminiscence, it would be what triggered Hesiod to write down a couple of greater and misplaced earlier. yet a much more most probably clarification is just that Hesiod used to be nonetheless below the impression of news passed down from iteration to iteration concerning the approach issues as soon as have been. it really is revealing that Hesiod explicitly states: “Not from me, yet from my mom, comes the story of ways earth and sky have been as soon as one shape. ”7 This not just means that his paintings is certainly in keeping with tales passed down from new release to new release; it exhibits that his mom, a girl, nonetheless chanced on a few solace in her now male-dominated global throughout the fading thoughts of an past and not more oppressive time. Hesiod wrote towards the top of what historians name the Greek darkish Age. this era ended with the emergence of classical Greece a part millennium after the Dorian invasions plunged Europe into chaos. yet sincerely, as Nicolas’ Platon, Jacquetta Hawkes, J. V. Luce, and others have mentioned, Greek civilization didn't spring up full-grown out of the ashes of the Dorian devastation of Europe—as Athene supposedly did out of the pinnacle of Zeus.

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