The Case of the Crooked Carnival (Doyle and Fossey, Science Detectives)

By Michele Torrey

Science super-sleuths Drake Doyle and Nell Fossey are back—this time in a never-before-published addition to the preferred sequence! They’ve bought an exhilarating choice of instances, too:  Are ghosts and ghouls preserving Edgar Glum unsleeping? Have extraterrestrial beings invaded Mossy Swamp?  What’s the crooked video game everyone’s wasting on the carnival? And why is the city bridge going bananas? teenagers can have enjoyable following the clues—and studying approximately such genuine clinical rules as amplification, ecosystems, magnetic fields, and extra.  Plus, budding Doyles and Fosseys will locate real experiments to try!

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Strawberry soda bubbled out of his nostril. “Great Scott! ” cried Drake, falling to the ground in a heap. “Aliens have invaded Mossy Swamp! ” Woof! Woof! cried Dr. Livingston. “Naturalist Nell might be in dire chance. speedy! To Mossy Swamp we pass! ” Drake raced his motorcycle over excessive Hill, round Lonely Loop, earlier Plum Pond towards Mossy Swamp, whereas Dr. Livingston ran along. Mossy Swamp was once a wetland choked with wildflowers, grasses, frogs, snakes, toilets, and insects. To imagine that extraterrestrial beings had invaded it was once virtually greater than he may possibly endure. even perhaps now the purple-headed, bloodsucking Martians have been ripping the legs off frogs, smashing insects below their scaly toes, and—horrors of horrors! —plowing the swamp below to make a touchdown pad for his or her alien craft! “Halloooo! Naturalist Nell! Yoo-hoo! ” Drake cried upon arriving on the swamp, really breathless. a lot to his reduction, Nell popped up from the undergrowth. apart from a couple of twigs in her hair she appeared ok. “Ah, there you're. simply getting ready for our box journey the next day to come with the 1st graders. ” Taking no probabilities, Drake whipped out his Super-Alien-Stunner-Shocker-Whammy from his backpack (guaranteed to stun any bloodsucking Martian for sixty seconds or your cash back). “Never worry, Naturalist Nell, Drake Doyle is right here! ” “Uh—thank you, Detective Doyle, yet I don’t imagine you’ll be wanting that. ” “But—but your word acknowledged there has been an alien—” “Indeed there's an alien invasion. yet it’s no longer what you think that. ” Nell pointed at a tall plant with crimson blossoms (quite beautiful, in Drake’s opinion). “Observe, the alien species. ” “Huh? ” “Purple loosegoose, a noxious weed. now not all extraterrestrial beings come from outer area, you recognize. ” within the house of a nanosecond (one one-zillionth of the time it takes to blink), Drake Doyle overcame his unhappiness. And notwithstanding combating purple-headed weeds used to be now not approximately as fascinating as scuffling with purple-headed bloodsucking Martians, an alien was once an alien. He swiftly positioned away his Super-Alien-Stunner-Shocker-Whammy, whipped open his laptop, grabbed his pencil from at the back of his ear and acknowledged, “Take it from the pinnacle. ” Nell paced, her palms clasped at the back of her again. “You see, it’s all approximately ecosystems. ” “Ah certain, ecosystems—the stability of nature. ” “When numerous vegetation and animals stay jointly effectively for a protracted time period, the surroundings is related to be balanced. but if whatever occurs, say a drought or disease—” “—or a brand new strip mall maybe? ” “Precisely—then the atmosphere turns into out of stability and plenty of vegetation or animals may well die. ” “Tragic. ” “And as you recognize, Detective Doyle, Mossy Swamp is a wetland. And wetlands are a part of an unlimited surroundings, with every little thing interconnected. The animals and insects have what they should dwell and reproduce, and also the crops. ” Drake was once scribbling furiously. “Uh-huh, sure, I see … attention-grabbing, rather …” “Now, noxious weeds are vegetation that don't belong in an atmosphere. In different phrases, they're alien invaders. for instance, red loosegoose. ” “Did it arrive via spaceship might be?

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