The Black Lung Captain

By Chris Wooding

Chris Wooding, writer of the exciting novel Retribution Falls, returns to a fantastical international of astounding sky battles and high-flying heroics for one more epic adventure.
Deep within the middle of the Kurg rainforest lies a long-forgotten ruin. On board, at the back of a magically safe door, an elusive treasure awaits. great thing Darian Frey, captain of the airship Ketty Jay, has the daemonist Crake on board. Crake is their top probability of having that door open—if they could sober him up. For a prize this engaging, Frey is prepared to courageous the mythical monsters of the forbidding island and to best friend himself with a accomplice who’s even much less reliable than he is.

But what’s at the back of that door isn't really what any of the fortune hunters anticipate, any further than they expect their fiercest competitor for the treasure—a lady from Frey’s earlier who additionally occurs to be the main feared pirate within the skies.

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