The BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English: Your guide to collocations and grammar.

By Morton Benson

Converse and write ideal English!

• BBI teaches you ways to mix phrases with phrases to shape words (so you could say “
mortgaged to the hilt; I want whatever badly”). • BBI additionally teaches you the way to mix phrases into buildings to shape clauses and sentences (so you could say “I
want you to go = What I want is for you to go”). • So BBI is helping you with either vocabulary and grammar.
• BBI exhibits you vital vocabulary and grammatical changes among American and British English.
• BBI supplies lots of examples which could function versions in your personal use of English.
• a few of these examples are actual quotations from works of yank and British literature.

This 3rd variation of the BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English is an improved and up-to-date model of the 1st variation (1986) and its Revised variation (1997), either one of which have been favorably obtained. during this 3rd version, the contents of the BBI were elevated by way of over 20%.
In the choice and presentation of latest fabric, many resources were used, including:
• net searches;
• The British nationwide Corpus;
• interpreting and hearing English-language fabric;
• For Grammatical styles:
A accomplished Grammar of the English Language (Randolph Quirck et al.); • For Collocations: Lists of Lexical capabilities (compiled via Igor Mel’cuk et al.).

The BBI has been “highly urged” by way of the English-Speaking Union.
Using the BBI: A workbook with exercises is now to be had on-line at:

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At ~’s size (“to hold smb. at bay”) ; to curve smb. ’s ~ (“to exert strain on smb. ”) (see additionally hands) arm II v. 1. (D ; intr. , refl. , tr. ) to ~ opposed to (to ~ opposed to a possible enemy) 2. (D ; refl. , tr. ) to ~ with (they ~ed the peasants with rifles) armed adj. 1. ~ to enamel 2. (misc. ) ~ and hazardous armistice n. 1. to agree on, paintings out ; declare ; signal an ~ 2. to violate an ~ three. to droop an ~ four. an ~ among armor, armour n. 1. heavy ; gentle ~ 2. (misc. ) to pierce ~ hands n. [“weapons”] 1. to bear ; take in ~ 2. to name to ~ three. (mil. ) inspection ; left shoulder ; order ; port ; present ; correct shoulder ; path ~ ! four. to put down one’s ~ five. small ~ 6. below ~ (“armed”) [“misc. ”] 7. up in ~ (about, over ; opposed to) (“stirred up”) (see additionally arm ; coat of palms) palms race n. 1. to speed up, step up the ~ 2. to minimize the ~ three. the nuclear ~ four. the ~ is accelerating, heating up, hotting up military n. 1. to command, lead ; drill, train ; rally an ~ 2. to mobilize, increase, recruit an ~ three. to equip, provide an ~ four. to array, dedicate, install, field ; focus, mass an ~ five. to examine, muster, evaluate an ~ 6. to encircle, envelop, surround ; outfight ; outflank ; outmaneuver ; overrun ; shock an ~ 7. to overwhelm, decimate, defeat, rout an ~ ; to place an ~ to flight eight. to demobilize, disband an ~ nine. a rebel ; standard, standing ; territorial ; volunteer ~ 10. an advancing ; conquering ; defeated ; occupying ; retreating ; successful ~ eleven. an ~ advances ; attacks ; conducts warfare, engages in wrestle, fights ; pulls again, retreats, withdraws 12. (misc. ) an ~ of occupation ; to affix the ~ thirteen. within the ~ (you’re within the ~ now ! ) aroma n. 1. to provide off ; have an ~ 2. a fragile, pleasant, aromatic, friendly, pleasing ; pungent ; faint ; tantalizing ~ three. to sniff an ~ four. an ~ emanates from five. (misc. ) a delightful ~ wafted in from the kitchen round adv. 1. ~ right here 2. to were ~ (“to have had substantial experience”) arouse v. (D ; tr. ) to ~ from (to ~ smb. from a deep sleep) aroused adj. easily ; sexually ~ arraign v. (D ; tr. ) to ~ on (a sure cost) arraignment n. 1. (legal) to carry an ~ for two. a public ~ set up v. 1. to ~ neatly ; tastefully 2. (d ; intr. , tr. ) to ~ for (to ~ for a chain of lectures (to be given) ; we ~d for him to offer a sequence of lectures) three. (E) we ~d to fulfill early four. (L) we ~d that he should still provide a sequence of lectures five. (Q) we ~d the place we must always meet ; we ~d the place to satisfy association n. 1. to come back to, make, paintings out ; have an ~ (with) 2. to deal with (the) ~s three. a floral, flower ; seating ; operating ~ four. an ~ for ; with five. an ~ to + inf. (we made an ~ / ~s to satisfy secretly ; we made ~s with the college for him to provide a sequence of lectures there) 6. through ~ (by specified ~) 7. below an ~ (under a different ~) eight. (misc. ) to make the ~s (don’t worry : she’s already made the entire ~s ! ) ; an ~ wherein (I have an ~ with them wherein i will money assessments there) array I n. [“order”] 1. in conflict ~ ; drawn up in complete ~ [“display”] 2. a bewildering ; marvelous, glittering ; enforcing, impressive ; vast ~ array II v. (D ; tr. ) to ~ opposed to (~ed opposed to the enemy) arrears n.

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