The Banned List

By John Rentoul

A manifesto for transparent writing and an indictment of the wear performed to the English language via jargon

John Rentoul examines how negative writing and a reliance on jargon have broken our skill to speak with one another and makes the case for using transparent English. He addresses the verbification of nouns, using waffle to pad out an easy assertion, and the uploading of industrial jargon into daily events. Unashamedly polemical in tone, his essay condemning modern linguistic atrocities is the ideal learn for a person who has ever had the misfortune to learn a public coverage record on key deliverables or a newspaper article in regards to the most modern game-changer.

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One on George Orwell’s checklist. Existential. for instance an existential concern, which means a significant one. go out technique. specialist. Banned from headlines; use in different places simply with permission, with the intention to no longer often be granted. Exponential or exponentially, to intend immense or much. F the actual fact of the problem is. fake sunrise. Famously. Or well-known, whilst used hence: ‘the well-known Hun, Attila’. Fatally incorrect. Febrile. It skill feverish. Feisty. Like bubbly, consistently utilized to girls, and consequently authorised provided that pertaining to heterosexual males. Few and much among. Finger pointing, frequently ‘I’m unlikely to get into’. Fingertip seek. Fine-tooth comb, and positively no longer an excellent tooth-comb. fireplace the beginning gun. First precedence (tautology). (Not) healthy for goal, or not worthy for goal, other than while bringing up the Sale of products Act. Flatlining, other than to explain the important indicators of useless humans. Fly within the face of. foodstuff chain, other than to consult animals that devour different animals that devour vegetation. Footfall. Inexcusable. Foregone end. Foreground, as a verb. put out of your mind, first and foremost of a sentence or headline. ‘Forget black, white is the recent darkness. ’ type of factor. ahead making plans, until eventually the discovery of a time desktop permits different kinds. A ahead coverage. Or a ahead provide. Freebie. entrance line, or front-line. See again workplace. gasoline, as a verb. complete stops. while. Used. For. Emphasis. G video game changer, game-changing. video game over. Garner. -gate, the suffix additional to any information subject matter supposedly embarrassing to the govt.. Gateway. Genie out of the bottle. It was once a lamp, except you're from the USA, the place the tv sequence I Dream of Jeannie will be in addition referred to as the unique tale. Get one’s head around whatever. recover from it. He/she will get it. they simply don’t get it. The reward that retains on giving. provide upward push to, or supply grounds for. obtrusive loophole. How can a gap glare? move determine. move the additional mile. Goalposts, relocating of. Going ahead. a great election to lose. Graduate, other than from collage. Granular, granularity, until to do with fabrics technology. more than the sum of its components. Grist to the mill. Grind to a halt. Ground-breaking: if it capacity the 1st dig at a development web site, why should still it suggest ‘innovative’? promises, forged iron. Or copper-bottomed. Or now not definitely worth the paper they're written on. H Haircut, to intend a partial default on debt. It was once brilliant as soon as, yet it’s fallacious, simply because when you have your hair minimize you lose a little bit hair approximately that you don't care; debt restructuring capability bondholders lose real cash. (All) the hallmarks of. A hand up no longer a handout. difficult stressed out, or hard-wire (verb). Hard-working households. Have the influence of. A heads up. Hearts and minds. Heavy lifting. whats up. This used to be the topic of a particular ban via Simon Kelner, editor of The self sufficient. Worse is: ‘But, hiya. ’ Or ‘hey ho. ’ Hit the floor working. Hoist along with his personal petard. Or ‘by’, even though the unique in Hamlet is ‘with’: a petard was once a bomb carried by way of hand, with seen hazards. carry fireplace. Holed less than the water line. Holistic. Hot-button factor. Hotbed. How I discovered to prevent caring and (love the)… Human protect.

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