The A to Z of Plant Names: A Quick Reference Guide to 4000 Garden Plants

By Allen J. Coombes

Botanical names could be baffling to even the main skilled gardener. yet a plant's botanical identify is greater than only a convenient label—it can inform a plant's kingdom of foundation, the form of its leaves, the colour of its petals, and masses extra.

The A to Z of Plant Names clears the confusion and permits each gardener to call crops with self belief. This entire but convenient advisor good points the botanic names of the crops that gardeners quite develop. more information comprises urged pronunciation, the typical identify, the derivation of the clinical identify, the variety of species at the moment permitted, the kind of plant and the distribution.

The A to Z of Plant Names is helping demystify names, presents readers with the interesting historical past info to naming conventions, and empowers gardeners all over the place to believe convinced approximately naming plants.

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