The A to Z of Correct English

By Angela Burt

The A–Z of right English is a reference publication which has been
written for the scholar and the final reader. It goals to take on the
basic questions about spelling, punctuation, grammar and notice usage
that the coed and the overall reader tend to ask.
Throughout the booklet there are transparent motives, and exemplar
sentences the place they're wanted. whilst it’s beneficial to draw
attention to spelling ideas and styles, those are given in order that the
reader is additional empowered to accommodate 1000s of similar words.
The objective consistently has been to make the reader extra confident and
increasingly self-reliant.
This is a fast-track reference ebook. it's not a dictionary although,
like a dictionary, it's prepared alphabetically. It concentrates on
problem components; it anticipates problems; it invitations cross-references. By
exploring punctuation, for instance, and paragraphing, it is going far
beyond a dictionary’s phrases of reference. it isn't meant to
replace a dictionary; it relatively vitamins it.

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Including ENDINGS. We steadily realised the entire ENORMITY of the tragedy. it is usually utilized in renowned speech to intend ‘enormousness’, ‘hugeness’, ‘immensity’. this could be shunned in a proper context. 70 ERUPT enquiry or inquiry? either spellings are right and there's no difference in which means. British English favours the first and American English the second one. a few writers reserve the first for a common request for info and the second one for a proper research, yet this is often certainly not worthwhile. enrol enrolled, enrolling (British English – enrol; American English – sign up) enrolment (British English – enrolment; American English – enrollment) make certain or insure? to make sure = to ensure to INSURE = to rearrange for financial reimbursement in terms of loss, damage, harm or demise enthusiasm (not -ou-) enthusiastic envelop enveloped, enveloping, envelopment (stress on moment syllable) envelope (singular) envelopes (plural) (stress on 3rd syllable) surroundings (not enviroment) epigram or epitaph? EPIGRAM = a brief witty announcing EPITAPH = an inscription on a tombstone equip built, equipping, gear See including ENDINGS (iv). Ernest See erratum (singular) errata (plural) See international PLURALS. erring err + ing (not -r-) erupt (not -rr-) EARNEST OR ERNEST?. seventy one ESPECIALLY OR specifically? particularly or particularly? the 2 phrases are very shut in which means and infrequently overlap. in spite of the fact that, use those exemplar sentences as a advisor to unique makes use of: i purchased the auto particularly for you (= for you alone). we're looking ahead to a particularly commissioned file (= for a unique purpose). estuary (singular) estuaries (plural) See PLURALS (iv). and so forth. (not e. t. c. or ect. ) (i) and so forth. is an abbreviation of the Latin et cetera this means that ‘and different things’. it really is for this reason flawed to write down ‘and and so on. ’. (ii) steer clear of utilizing ‘etc. ’ in formal writing. both record the entire goods indicated by means of the obscure and lazy ‘etc. ’, or introduce the given choice with a word like ‘including’, ‘such as’ or ‘for example’. ultimately eventual + ly (not eventully) exaggerate (not exagerate) exam exausted improper spelling. See first-class (not -ant) other than See exceptionable or extraordinary? EXCEPTIONABLE = open to objection extraordinary = strange excercise improper spelling. See excite excited, interesting, pleasure See including ENDINGS (ii). exclaim exclaimed, exclaiming seventy two EXHAUSTED. settle for OR EXCEPT?. workout. specific OR IMPLICIT? exclamation (not -claim-) exclamation mark Use an exclamation mark: (i) with exclamations Ouch! Oh! whats up! (ii) with vehement instructions cease thief! aid! bounce! See instructions. workout (not excercise) exhausted (not exausted) arduous or exhaustive? onerous = tiring EXHAUSTIVE = thorough, totally entire AM FL Y exhibition exhilarated (not -er-) expendable fee (not expidition) the second one syllable is derived from the Latin notice pes, pedis (foot, of the foot). this can assist you to recollect -ped-. The phrases pedal, pedestrian, pedometer all come from this similar Latin root.

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