Telemorphosis: Theory in the Era of Climate Change (Volume 1)

This quantity gathers striking critics and philosophers to interact the most important deadlock of an rising period of weather swap and ecocatastrophic acceleration: that's, easy methods to conceptual and demanding practices inherited from twentieth century master-thinkers—who took no account of those emergences and logics—alter, adapt, mutate, or suffer translation on the present second. instead of suppose that the arts and philosophic practices of the earlier routed within the rethinking of language and gear are suspended as inappropriate prior to mutations of the biosphere itself, Telemorphosis asks how, in reality, the latter have continually been imbricated in those cognitive and linguistic practices and stay so, that's additionally to invite how a undeniable violence returns, at the present time, to thoroughly diversified fields of reference. The writers within the quantity ask, implicitly, how the twenty first century horizons that exceed any political, financial, or conceptual types alters or redefines a sequence of key topoi. those variety via figures of sexual distinction, bioethics, care, species invasion, warfare, post-carbon notion, ecotechnics, time, etc. As such, the amount can be a file on what metamorphoses anticipate the legacies of “humanistic” idea in adapting to, or rethinking, the opposite materialities that impinge on modern “life as we all know it.”

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