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How can a cheetah speed up from 0 to 40 miles according to hour in 3 seconds? How do termites construct cooling platforms into their houses? what's that Alien-like set of jaws in a moray eel's mouth for? those questions and extra are explored in great Nature Encyclopedia, an interactive examine the "wow" issue of the flora and fauna — spotlighting nice White Sharks, African Elephants, Emperor Moths, Howler Monkeys and extra of the world's such a lot interesting and extraordinary animals in awesome element. Visualized with excellent 3D animal types with cross-sections and strip layers, readers can discover each crucial aspect of the animals' anatomical positive factors and examine why their our bodies paintings the best way they do.

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A History of Ornithology (Collins New Naturalist)

Peter Bircham appears on the heritage of British ornithology from 1066 to the mid-1970s, exploring alongside the way in which the 1st chicken e-book written, the compilation of the unique British lists, a variety of remarkable creditors, the 1st experiences of migration, major alterations to the type of species, via to the delivery of the British Ornithologists' Union in 1858 and what our present realizing of ornithology in Britain potential to us at the present time.

A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design

Does the universe embrace appealing rules?   Artists in addition to scientists all through human historical past have contemplated this “beautiful query. ” With Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek as your advisor, embark on a voyage of similar discoveries, from Plato and Pythagoras as much as the current. Wilczek’s groundbreaking paintings in quantum physics was once encouraged by means of his instinct to seem for a deeper order of attractiveness in nature.

The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot

The acclaimed writer of The Wild locations examines the sophisticated methods we're formed by way of the landscapes during which we moveIn this exquisitely written e-book, which folds jointly ordinary heritage, cartography, geology, and literature, Robert Macfarlane units off to keep on with the traditional routes that crisscross either the panorama of the British Isles and its waters and territories past.

In the Company of Crows and Ravens

From the cave partitions at Lascaux to the final portray by means of Van Gogh, from the works of Shakespeare to these of Mark Twain, there's transparent proof that crows and ravens effect human tradition. but this effect isn't really unidirectional, say the authors  of this interesting ebook: humans profoundly impression crow tradition, ecology, and evolution to boot.

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Three hundred 1,500 1,500 nutrients intake M IMUM SPE E AX 37 MPH four hundred 20 lb meat required in step with day D 45–88 lb might be fed on in a single meal 2,000 extraordinary ANATOMY XI 1 lb (hare)–700 lb (deer) 2 hundred A M A lb 27 SMALL and lightweight Carnassial the teeth Weasels differ much in measurement throughout their geographic diversity and ladies are continually smaller than men. either sexes have a brown higher coat that gives them with a few camouflage—but over so much in their variety they flip thoroughly white within the iciness to check the snow. in simple terms within the some distance south, the place it's hotter, do they remain brown. lengthy braincase A Least Weasel has an elongated cranium and a brief face. the attention sockets are huge and it has lengthy, sharp canines the teeth to puncture the top or neck of prey and holiday its bones. like every mammal carnivores, there are precise cheek tooth referred to as carnassials on both sides of the higher and decrease jaws which are used for slicing via conceal, flesh, and bone. ARMED TO KILL IV M M WE IG H nine IMU oz AX The Least Weasel is energetic all year long or even breeds in iciness. T IN CAP YEARS 10 SP AN E measurement may be deceptive—the Least Weasel is so small that it might probably squeeze via a gap the diameter of a man’s finger. it always hunts mice, yet can kill a lot larger prey, resembling rabbits. Least Weasels have lightning-quick reflexes, and dwell existence at a quick speed, too. inside of 6 months, child weasels have grown into miniature killers, totally in a position to taking care of themselves. LEAST WEASEL Y IT SMALLEST CARNIVORE LIF T TIME WEIGHT 50 50 2,000 a hundred 3,000 a hundred 10 6–8 (to wean) 15 20 weight” its personal physique “Kills prey 10 occasions five five (gestation interval) 2,000 3,000 ½–70 oz. (prey) 12–15 (to achieve grownup dimension) 1,000 1,000 1–9 ounces (weasel) weeks g ounces g ounces STATS AND proof Least Weasels tackle prey a lot greater than themselves. as the men could be two times the load of the women, they're prone to hunt rabbits, yet also will take hares and birds as huge as capercaillies. adult females normally pass after mouselike rodents or child rabbits. PINT-SIZE PREDATOR Weighing simply ¼ ounces (5 g) at start, a Least Weasel package grows in a short time. It reaches grownup measurement in approximately 15 weeks. adult females mature first and will produce their very own kits while merely 3 months outdated. fast development brief tail Sharp claws Chestnut brown coat with white underparts vitamin in general rodents; occasionally higher prey similar to rabbits situation North the USA, Europe, and Asia HABITAT forest, grassland, and tundra dimension Head and physique 4¾–10 in (12–26 cm) lengthy, plus tail ¾–3¼ in (2–8 cm) lengthy ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ AT a look Soles of toes are furred in wintry weather The lengthy, sinuous physique and brief legs of the Least Weasel enable it to bolt down slender burrows looking for prey. Long-distance jumps and speedy chases make the weasel tough to seize however it additionally retains on the subject of disguise to maintain from being noticeable by means of predators. quickly and athletic ARMED FOR strive against Antlers are coated in velvety epidermis. This “velvet” comprises blood vessels that nourish the transforming into bone beneath.

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