Signs, Mind, and Reality: A theory of language as the folk model of the world (Advances in Consciousness Research)

By Sebastian Shaumyan

The ebook provides a brand new technology of semiotic linguistics. The aim of semiotic linguistics is to find what characterizes language as an middleman among the brain and fact in order that language creates the image of fact we understand. The cornerstone of semiotic linguistics is the invention and determination of language antinomies ­-contradictions among it sounds as if moderate ideas or legislation. Language antinomies represent the essence of language, and as a result needs to be studied from either linguistic and philosophical issues of view. the elemental language antinomy which underlies all different antinomies is the antinomy among which means and data. either generative and classical linguistic theories are blind to the necessity to distinguish among that means and data. via confounding those notions they're not able to find language antinomies and confine their learn to naturalistic description of superficial language phenomena instead of the hunt for the essence of language.(Series A)

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This proves that the 2 segments of rebuild are separate morphological devices re- and construct simply because their meanings are in preserve­ ing with the meanings of the same segments of phrases we received. This research doesn't carry for renounce simply because its segments re- and signal aren't significant components that may be pointed out with the morphological devices of the better point the place the segments re- and signal functionality as separate devices consti­ tuting respective sessions. hence, by means of contemplating the better point of language ar­ ticulation, we receive the facts that rebuild contains devices re- and construct, and renounce, whereas being divisible into segments, isn't really divisible into smaller devices and so is one basic be aware. each unit is a phase, yet no longer each section is a unit. Our research of surrender consists of contrary yet whilst jointly complementary operations. bodily, an indication is shaped by means of its constitutive ele­ ments, however the approach to constructing that the constitutive components of an indication are actually devices is to spot them inside of a higher-level unit the place they've got Language as a Phenomenon of the Social brain forty three an integrative functionality. a component is well-known as a unit for a given point if we will be able to establish it inside of a unit of a better point whose integrant it turns into. For the needs of notation, allow us to introduce the idea of signal correlator. The signal correlator is a matrix of an incomplete signal, the place the slot to be stuffed in to procure an entire signal is denoted via the underscore. hence the above ex­ amples can be represented by way of signal correlators: re and construct . This notation correlates the unfinished indicators re and construct with whole symptoms after the slot marked through the underscore are packed with hypothetical integrants. The re and construct are integrants that mix with slotted in devices to shape whole indicators. The signal correlator is a tool for checking out no matter if a given phase is a real unit. hence, the segments re and signal of surrender can't function integrants of alternative symptoms simply because taken individually they lack which means: surrender is one instead of devices. the place does the excellence among constituent components and integrants oc­ cur? This contrast covers the world delimited by way of degrees. the bottom point of this contrast is represented via the designated positive aspects of phonemes. Any virtue of the phoneme serves in basic terms as integrant: it doesn't include ingredients. the top point is the extent of the sentence, which incorporates con­ stituents yet, as can be mentioned in three. 1. three, language doesn't have devices greater than the sentence, in order that the sentence doesn't have a degree at which it serves as an integrant. among those restrict degrees there's the intermediate point of phrases and morphemes are either constituent and integrant degrees. the excellence of the constituent and integrative services of devices is enjoyable­ damental to language. This contrast controls the correlation of shape and that means in language. shape and that means correlate with and verify one another.

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