Royal Inscriptions on Clay Cones from Ashur now in Istanbul (RIM The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia)

By A. Kirk Grayson, Veysel Donbaz

Transliterations, commentaries, notes, and hand-copies for the indiviaul texts are supplied in addition to the considered necessary indexes to make the amount a easy learn instrument for assyriologists.

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Textual content no longer released yet pointed out as a reproduction of Ass 6719 by way of Weidner, AfO thirteen ( 1 nine three nine - four zero ) p. three 1 2 and cf. Grayson, ARI 2 p. 1 n. eight . See the feedback on Ass 6719 (no. a hundred and fifteen above). Lacuna 10 [... ]*[... ] 20 [ . . . ] * * ( ? ) * [ . . . ] DiNGīR]-šúm-ma SANGA aš-š[ur ... ] [... aššur-da-a-a]n SANGA aš-šur-ma a-na áš-r[i-šu (lu) utēr] 5') [... ] je i-na KAL-íe lu [ukīn(1)] three zero [... forty 118 Ass 1 1 6 zero 1 (A three five 2 nine ) ; reproduction on p l . 12; Tiglath-pileser I(? ); formerly unpublished. this is able to be yet one more replica of Ass 6719 (no. one hundred fifteen above). The archaic type of script is attested in royal inscriptions through the heart Assyrian interval. Lacuna 10 [... ištu uš\-ši-šu [adi gabadibbīšu ... ] 20 [... temmènīia] aš-[kun ... ] á three zero [ . . . É]NSI a-š[ur ... ] forty [... ana ašrī]-šu [lutēr ... ] Lacuna 119 Ass 15436 (A 3574); replica on pl. 12; Aššur-bē1-ka1a(? ); formerly unpublished. Too little of the inscription is preserved to aim a 24 Clay Cones transliteration yet in line 2' [ . . . KU]R(? ) pi-zi-ta [.. ,] reminds one among KUR pi-zi-it-ta within the damaged Obelisk iv sixteen (Grayson, ARI 2 §248). possibly the fragment should still, consequently, be ascribed tentatively to Aššur-bē1-ka1a. F. Ashurnasirpal i to Ashurnasirpal N KINGS 92-101 (1049-859 BC) TEXTS 120-136 a hundred and twenty Ass 3128 (A 3382); replica on pi. thirteen; Ashurnasirpal i or Shalmaneser II(? ); formerly unpublished. This fragment appears to be like just like texts of Aššur-dān n (Grayson, ARI 2 xcvni three) and Ashurnasirpal n (Grayson, ARI 2 ci 40-42) and the Šamšī-Adad is definitely one of the fourth king of that identify. If his identify concludes the family tree, because it appears to be like, then the fragment may be ascribed both to his son, Ashurnasirpal i (cf. the family tree in Grayson, ARI 2 xcn 1), or to his grandson, Shalmaneser il. Lacuna V) [... iššPak] aš-šur A mšam-ši-[adad šakin áenlil iššPak aššurma] 2 ' ) [... ]-ÍW SILIM NUMUN(*)-JW [ . . . ] 121 Ass 9467 (A 3471); Aššur-dān n; Andrae, Festungswerke p. 166 and pl. xcv. See Grayson, ARI 2 xcvin 2. The Berlin exemplars of this article have been released via Rost, FuB 22 nos. 29-34 (nos. 33 and 34 are new). Collation presents no development. 122 Ass 10178 (A 3493); Aššur-dān n; Andrae, Festungswerke p. 36. See Grayson, ARI 2 xcvni 2 (cf. the observe to no. 121). Collation presents no development. 123 Ass 10219 + 10306 (A 3496); Aššur-dān N; Andrae, Festungswerke p. 35 and pi. xcv. See Grayson, ARI 2 XVTII 2 (cf. the word to no. 121). Collation offers no development. 124 Ass 10331 four- 10331c (A 3515); Aššur-dán N; Andrae, Festungswerke p. 166 and pi. xcv. See Grayson, ARI 2 xcvni 2 (cf. the observe to no. 121). Collation presents no development. Ashurnasirpal i to Ashurnasirpal n 25 one hundred twenty five Ass 3127 (A 3381); Aššur-dān n; Messerschmidt, KAH 1 no. 20 and p. 77*. See Grayson, ARI 2 xcvni three. Collation presents no development. 126 Ass 9891 (A 3475); reproduction on pi. thirteen; Aššur-dān N; formerly unpublished. so far as it's preserved, this fragment of a sikkatu duplicates a textual content hitherto recognized merely on bricks; see Schroeder, KAH 2 no. eighty two = Grayson, ARI 2 xcvni four and cf. Weidner, AfO three (1939-41) p.

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