Roget's Super Thesaurus

By Marc McCutcheon

Roget's large Thesaurus is a perennial favourite between writers, and this most up-to-date variation has greater than 1,000 new and increased entries. This timesaving reference may help you discover the best synonym or antonym to provide your writing precision and colour. From aback to zydeco, you will find the precise be aware you need.

Easy to exploit and entire in content material, Roget's tremendous word list comprises those particular features:

  • reverse dictionary
  • sample sentences
  • enlightening quotes
  • more that 400,000 synonyms and antonyms

the subsequent time that elusive, just-right notice or word is at the tip of your tongue, succeed in for Roget's tremendous Thesaurus. With extra good points than the other note reference, it is is a must have for each writer's desk!

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Bloodcurdling a. terrifying, frightening, scary, bone-chilling, spine-chilling, hairraising. ant. reassuring, emboldening. cold a. pallid, wan, light, colorless, lifeless, anemic. ant. florid, strong, full of life. bloodline n. pedigree, line of descent, ancestry. bloodshed n. bloodletting, slaughter, bloodbath, carnage, gore, massacre, homicide, butchery. bloodthirsty a. homicidal, murderous, savage, barbaric, brutal, ruthless, sadistic, merciless, inhuman, *psycho. see insane, violent blood vessel n. vein, artery, capillary, arteriole. bloom n. blossom, flower, floret, efflorescence. see flower bloom v. blossom, flower, flourish, flare, enhance, thrive, come of age, germinate, undergo fruit. ant. wither, die. blooper n. Sl. mistake, *goof, blunder, *booboo, gaffe, *muff, slip, *boner, *screwup. B seventy five Z9241i_B. indd seventy five 5/25/10 12:24:33 PM bluff - boffo notice locate bluff v. 1. lie to misinform, delude, *bamboozle, dupe, pretend, *bullshit, shuck and jive. bluff a. frank, blunt, tough, coarse, gruff, undemanding, abrupt. ant. refined, roundabout, mealy-mouthed. blunder n. mistake, *goof, fumble, *boo-boo, *muff, gaffe, *flubup. blunder v. *goof, fumble, botch, *muff, *flub, *drop the ball, err, *screw up, bungle, misstep, miscalculate. blunt v. make uninteresting, deaden, flatten, melt. blunt a. 1. boring rounded, unpointed. 2. frank candid, prematurely, plainspoken, point-blank, effortless, abrupt, brusque, gruff, curt, terse, direct, bluff. ant. 1. sharp, pointed. 2. soft-pedaling, mealy-mouthed, sophisticated, light, euphemistic. blur n. stain, blot, haze, blotch, smear. blur v. 1. smudge smear, stain, splotch. 2. dim cloud, obfuscate, imprecise, shadow, veil, shroud. ant. 2. make clear, sharpen, outline. blurt v. blab, tattle, blabber, gush, spout, permit slip. blush v. flush, redden, colour, glow, flip scarlet, bloom. “Virtue’s colour. ”—English proverb. “Notice to be cautious. ”—Edgar Howe. ant. blanch, faded. bluster n. boasting, bluff, bragging, braggadocio, swaggering, bullying, bravado, crowing, strutting, ranting, gasconade. bluster v. boast, bluff, brag, swagger, strut, bully, crow, rant, sing their own praises, intimidate, typhoon. blustery a. windy, gusty. ant. nonetheless, calm. board n. 1. plank two-by-four, beam, slat, stick, lumber, trees, clapboard, slat, panel. 2. committee administrators, council, trustees, advisers, cupboard. three. room and board maintain, provisions, foodstuff. board v. 1. pass aboard get on, input, embark. 2. accommodate feed, inn, residence, zone. three. disguise with wooden sheathe, panel, enclose. ant. 1. disembark, deplane, detrain, depart. boardroom n. assembly room, convention room. boardwalk n. walkway, prom, sidewalk. boast n. bragging, bluster, vainglory, bravado, gasconade, braggadocio, *hot air, vaunt. boast v. brag, *toot one’s personal horn, crow, bluster, sing their own praises, puff, *pat oneself at the again, swagger, strut, gasconade, gloat, flaunt, *blow. ant. consume humble pie, downplay. smug a. bragging, blustering, vaunting, pompous, useless, conceited, immodest, *full of sizzling air, vainglorious, strutting, swaggering. ant. humble, modest, self-effacing. boat n. vessel, watercraft, bathtub, send, motorboat, sailboat, jet ski.

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