Relief of Leaves

By Yaakov Ben David

The Judean wasteland opens for the reader an international of Jewish philosophical winds lightly blowing over a breath-giving panorama. The reader is gentled through appealing language right into a starling old-new land.

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Ultimate whistle uncaged bed-free-stead cradle of the Re-Spiration *** * duckweed upkeep the outside silence heard the plop *** * eye-matter imagining another turning native-plants into excitement no re-realed night-mare aliving the cold-coals nor indifferent retina re-tacked on its reminiscence board. mind's eye a box-canyon word-less shaken-of-things the vacated a hole rented chest the heart’s 5th chamber now music-ing. man-melt-snow more-less the 2 coals of last the lid-less owls of shiny left-limbs and right-and-wrong irrelevantly reconciled to clock-less neither evening nor day. to come and now not are aware of it *** * go out into the other-side post-death of fetal-night a bye-cry into the insterility of sunshine. go out from the gang word-crank an-other other-side access rattles family-cries. quiet new-finger-feel of darkish *** * wind-whistled song of desolation denuded of notes it floats on feather-less desert-wings abundance curls via this coffin of dead-distractions stripped freed from every-day behavior take a seat and spot evil’s beak plows unfastened breaking clods in frozen-declivity but returns using the Master’s whistle *** * a yell into an abyss dampens to sand-plugged-demise other-time altered a brand new factor echoes again erosion’s phantasm senile’s same’s sanity dying is anything else *** * at the ledge-edge of erosion-created-crater the taper-hues blow the legs free whereas weighted “l”s are rocking the autumn prevented in a gaze on the flock-song sign-ed in rainbow-haze *** * punishment prior to the crime to stay in a deformed time in no-swim-against-the-fish’s-scales the crippled-compass crutch-speak truth-teeth pulled a wisp limps on hunched back-into sight-less New-Dark-Ages *** * threads path from the cuffs because the balled-sweater fades the silken-cat’s hair is coarse from this fraying there comes a sheen elbow-earned into the thread-bare air *** * the wasteland a battlefield of damaged bottles maintaining not anything in thin borders a vast-vacancy rushes out skin-less the troglodyte-trail-trodders a guy his spouse their teenagers as “skin covers epidermis” this scoured windy-womb wraps the all-nothing-strand tight to tether the free-hand *** * the night-blooming serious-intent in archaic-freshness from a chalcolithic-fire-pit an most unlikely translation jam-packed with sand-syllables mouth-sounds sifted-through the fire-filter that melts shadows jointly at that second risk opens an indiscriminate-light moves-across The White-Fragrance of the Fire-Bush *** * the air-attack-siren simplifies a sick-child’s cry a tilted-sun gardening the wasteland merely sharp edges are exempted extremity-peaked all suffuses into denuded-air in basic terms the Essential-Breath blows again because the desert-reversal-of-wind at sunset *** * parts of the formulation contest in a useless bouquet of indicators berry-baskets within the barren region bent book-backs pressure lower than the flux of evidence freed of formulation eroded remainder-less into The Sum *** * a field of dissembled Legos mementos of have been the wilderness luxuriates in descent the lifeless Sea alive with mineral bits that sleep-talk to the expiring-stars *** * the open door of writing savoring the spell the strains a internet achieve now the casting then the haul of the extraordinary Scales on the finish *** * seasonally outfitted sweat-ered in the desert’s pretense torn through this erratic-palm with its flock of brown babblers feeding in this assumption- breaker proposed opposed to an arid reluctant-assenter calculation’s corpse fruit the basis to Waters *** * an electrical squall-line jaw-set within the wind-shear masked as a cloud un-enlightened-thunder missiled-down life-lightning leapt up to digest dying grain-giving hurricane siloed with power-awry battle-lines scarred the fall-harvest the nettled-night whelped-welts and whelmed over-land oat-ears listen right here tongues of fox-fires *** * rope-taut winch-tight but the spinnaker is unfastened slime-road foot-slip a snail silvers life-strife *** * darkness-bits foot-sleep no-flight via time’s thorned-bush day-bud cracks black-bulls run- over candy thyme its lead-lid slits the anabolic lull *** * very outdated youngsters circulation away while His identify is One what is going to be a note “away”?

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