Quick Solutions to Common Errors in English: An A-z Guide to Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (How to Books)

Designed to aid get to the bottom of most typical English language difficulties and queries, this e-book has an obtainable reference layout with examples and factors of blunders concerning sentence development, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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LIGHTENING comes from the verb 'to lighten' and so that you can discuss: 129 LIKABLE/LIKEABLE LIGHTENING a heavy load or LIGHTENING the color of your hair. LIGHTNING is the flash of sunshine we get within the sky in the course of a thunderstorm. likable/likeable either spellings are right. like See AS OR LIKE?. chance liqueur or liquor? A LIQUEUR is a candy, very powerful, alcoholic drink often taken in small glasses after a meal. LIQUOR refers to any alcoholic drink. liquorice See LICORICE/LIQUORICE. actually watch out for utilizing 'literally' to aid a whimsical comparability: X / My eyes actually popped out of my head while I observed her in a bikini. (They did not! ) My eyes popped out of my head whilst I observed her in a bikini. all people will keep in mind that you're talking figuratively (i. e. it was once as if... ). See METAPHOR. See SIMILE. literati (Not litterari) This notice is used to explain well-read and welleducated those that love literature. literature (four syllables) one hundred thirty A LOT livelihood loaf (singular) loaves (plural) See PLURALS (v). loath, detest or loth? LOATH and LOTH are interchangeable spellings and suggest unwilling or reluctant: i used to be LOATH/LOTH to harm his emotions. detest capability to loathe: I detest snobbery. loathsome detest + a few = loathsome This be aware capacity detestable. loaves See LOAF. lonely (not lonley) free or lose? Use those exemplar sentences as a consultant: i've got a free teeth, (rhymes with moose) do not LOSE your mood, (rhymes with snooze) loping or lopping? lope + ing = loping He used to be LOPING besides lengthy strides, lop + ing = lopping LOPPING the bushes will simply motivate them to develop taller. See including ENDINGS (i) and (ii). much (never alot) 131 LOVABLE/LOVEABLE keep in mind that it is a slang expression and will by no means be utilized in a proper context. alternative 'many' or recast the sentence altogether. lovable/loveable either spellings are right. baggage (not lugage) luxuriant or sumptuous? LUXURIANT = growing to be abundantly LUXURIANT plants sumptuous = wealthy and dear, luxurious a sumptuous inn luxurious -ly Take care whilst including this suffix to a be aware already finishing in -1. you've got double -1: genuine + ly excellent + ly detailed + ly traditional + ly = = = = rather preferably particularly frequently mendacity See LAY OR LIE?. 132 •Ml equipment (not -ary) madam or madame? Use MADAM: as a well mannered time period of appreciate: am i able to assist you, madam? in letter writing: expensive Madam (note capital letter) as a proper name of appreciate: thanks, Madam Speaker (note capital letter) Use MADAME because the French similar: we will Madame Tussaud's. The recognized French physicist, Madame Curie, used to be born in Poland. magic -e often referred to as silent -e and mute -e. See including ENDINGS (ii). mahogany hold upkeep (not maintainance) achievable See smooth c AND tender G. supervisor (not manger, as is so frequently written! ) mango (singular) mangoes or mangos (plural) See PLURALS (iv). 133 MANOEUVRE manoeuvre mantelpiece (not mantle-) mantelshelf (not mantle-) margarine (not margerine) marihuana/marijuana either spellings are right.

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