Pride: A Dictionary for the Vain (The Deadly Dictionaries)

The Seven lethal Sins have sliced up the dictionary and brought what is theirs. nobody vice is simply too grasping as each one quantity prides itself on having greater than 500 entries. observe enthusiasts will lust after those richly packaged volumes--and as soon as you will have gathered all seven, you may be the envy of your whole friends.

Pride: A Dictionary for the Vain

No one enjoys lording over the uneducated with a beautiful pointed vocabulary just like the Prideful. Now every notice they should describe how far better they're is correct at their fingertips.

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Rodomontade (rod-uh-mon-TAYD) noun: conceited speak or habit. roister (ROY-ster) verb: To have a good time loudly or in a arrogant method. 112 I offers you a definition of a proud guy: he's a guy who has neither vainness nor wisdom—one packed with hatreds can't be useless, neither can he be clever. —John ok eats 113 S sangfroid sangfroid (sahn-FRWAH) noun: The country of being supremely composed or confident, specially within the face of adversity or possibility. pride (sat-is-FAK-shuhn) noun: excitement derived from the achievement of expectancies. fulfill (SAT-is-fy) verb: to satisfy wishes or wishes. saucebox (SAWS-boks) noun: An impudent individual. self (self ) noun: A person’s crucial being, id, charac- ter, talents, and attitudes, particularly with regards to humans or issues outdoors oneself. 116 self-advertisement self-absorbed (SELF-ab-SAWRBD) adjective: Preoccupied by means of one’s personal concepts, feelings, and scenario in existence. William used to be too SELF-ABSORBED to note that everybody rolled their eyes at any time when he began to communicate. self-absorption (SELF-ab-SAWRP-shuhn) noun: Preoccupation with one’s personal innovations, feelings, and state of affairs in existence. self-admiration (SELF-ad-muh-RAY-shuhn) noun: The adoring of oneself. self-adulation (SELF-ad-uh-LAY-shuhn) noun: Self-flattery. self-advertisement (SELF-ad-ver-TYZ-muhnt) noun: Actively publicizing one’s personal self. 117 self-advocacy self-advocacy (SELF-AD-vuh-kuh-see) noun: status up for one’s personal ideals or pursuits. self-aggrandizement (SELF-uh-GRAN-dyz-ment) noun: Advancing one’s position in lifestyles or expanding one’s strength, usually via competitive capability. The flesh presser could by no means deny that he used to be responsible of SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT throughout the crusade season. self-applauding (SELF-uh-PLAW-ding) adjective: An over the top feeling of satisfaction or approval in oneself. self-approval (SELF-uh-PROO-vuhl) noun: Approval of oneself. self-asserting (SELF-uh-SUR-ting) adjective: convinced self-advertisement. 118 self-confidence self-assurance (SELF-uh-SHOOR-uhns) noun: self belief in one’s skills. self-awareness (SELF-uh-WAIR-nes) noun: wisdom of the self or of one’s personality or character. self-centered (SELF-SEN-terd) adjective: useless, involved merely with one’s personal wishes and wishes. self-centeredness (SELF-SEN-terd-nes) noun: The act of caring with one’s personal wishes, wants, and affairs. self-conceit (SELF-kuhn-SEET ) noun: An over the top view of one’s talents or traits. self-confidence (SELF-KON-fi-duhns) noun: belief in one’s personal talents. 119 self-congratulation self-congratulation (SELF-kuhn-graj-uh-LAY-shuhn) noun: Complacent acknowledgement or delight relating to one’s personal achievements or characteristics. Self-satisfaction. self-delight (SELF-dih-LYT ) noun: excitement in oneself. self-display (SELF-dih-SPLAY ) noun: to place oneself on show. vanity (SELF-ih-STEEM) noun: self assurance in oneself; delight with one’s personal worthy. self-exaltation (SELF-eg-zawl-TAY-shuhn) noun: retaining oneself in excessive regard.

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