Niubi!: The Real Chinese You Were Never Taught in School

By Eveline Chao

How to speak soiled and impact humans - in chinese language!

Are you seeking to study the chinese language just a local speaker understands? Niubi! will train you the colourful vernacular words utilized by chinese language humans of every age in a large choice of occasions, together with flirting and courting, battling and partying, and all of the swear phrases you are going to ever desire. study why many chinese language insults contain turtle eggs, how code phrases relating web censorship have advanced, a number of names for physique elements your textbook skipped, and the way they have perfected the paintings of daily abuse and insults. 

For whole beginners (Niubi! newbies), intermediate scholars of Mandarin chinese language, or simply an individual who enjoys cursing in different languages, this hilariously illustrated advisor is full of irreverent anecdotes, mini cultural classes, and contextual reasons. So no matter if you are making plans a visit to Beijing, flirting with a web acquaintance from Shanghai, or simply are looking to commence a struggle in Chinatown - Niubi! will make sure that not anything you are saying is misplaced in translation.

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Actually potential “frog. ” 拍砖 paīzhuān (pie jwahn) actually ability “smack with a brick. ” Used on-line whilst strongly criticizing somebody or whatever. for instance, you could say 请拍砖 qǐng pāizhuān (ching pie jwahn), actually “please smack with a brick,” to intend “prove it”; or 我拍砖 wǒ pāizhuān (wuh pie jwahn), actually “I smack with a brick,” to intend “here’s what i feel. ” Dirty/lewd/slangy 牛 niú (nyoo) actually skill “cow” and used to name somebody or anything “awesome. ” brief for niúbī (see bankruptcy 1), this means that “fuckin’ extraordinary. ” NB Stands for 牛屄 niúbī (nyoo bee), that may negatively suggest whatever like “cocky bastard” or certainly seek advice from a bold, striking individual or thing—someone or whatever that's “fuckin’ badass” (see bankruptcy 1). is additionally usually written utilizing the nature 牛 plus the other chinese language personality said bee, resembling 逼 bī, “to force,” or 比 bǐ, a sign of comparability. the genuine personality 屄 bī (bee) can't be typed on so much desktops and hence is sort of by no means used. 装 B Stands for 装屄 zhuāngbī (jwahng bee), this means that “fucking poser” or “fake motherfucker. ” 装 Zhuāng (jwahng) capability “pretend” and bī exhibits niúbī (see prior access and bankruptcy 1), that means “fucking badass. ” hence the time period signifies that you're pretending to be badass. a few on-line clients write “IB” or “install B” in its place simply because zhuāng may also suggest “install. ” SB or 傻 B Stands for 傻屄 shǎbī (shah bee), this means that anything like “stupid cunt” or “motherfucker. ” actually “idiot’s pussy. ” additionally usually written 傻逼 shǎbī or 傻比 shǎbǐ; that's, substituting a similar-sounding personality for 屄. TMD Stands for 他妈的 tāmāde (ta ma duh), actually “his mother’s,” implying “fuck his mother’s pussy. ” A reasonably powerful curse notice. occasionally shortened to MD, for 妈的 māde (ma duh), actually “mother’s. ” a few of these abbreviations may be mixed, for instance, TMDSB stands for 他妈的傻 B tāmāde shǎbī (ta ma duh shah bee), that's similar to announcing whatever like “fucking silly” or “stupid-ass shit” or “goddamn silly cunt. ” NND or TNND Stands for 奶奶的 naǐnaǐ de (nigh nigh duh) or 他奶奶的 tā naǐnaǐ de (ta nigh nigh duh). actually “grandmother’s” or “his grandmother’s” and implies the bigger word “fuck your grandmother. ” despite the fact that, this fragment by myself capability whatever a little much less profane, in the direction of “shit” or “damn. ” QQXX Stands for 我圈圈你个叉叉 wǒ quān quān nǐ gè chā chā (wuh chren chren nee guh cha cha), a euphemistic manner of claiming “fuck you. ” 圈 Quān (chren), actually “circle,” refers to a penis right here, whereas 叉 chā (cha), actually “cross,” refers to pussy. actually, it capacity “I circle your move. ” G8 or JB skill “dick” or “cock. ” within the first case, simply because G and the quantity 8 in chinese language, bā (bah), it seems like 鸡巴 jība (gee bah), that's a slang time period for “dick. ” the second one is simply an abbreviation in accordance with the 1st letters of the pinyin syllables in jība. JJ Stands for 鸡鸡 jījī (gee gee), a kiddie time period for “penis,” like “wee-wee. ” may also stand for 姐姐 jiějie (jyih jyih), this means that “older sister” and refers to any woman who's older than the individual addressing her, even though typically nonetheless a tender girl.

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