Love as Passion: The Codification of Intimacy (Cultural Memory in the Present)

By Niklas Luhmann

"I think that Luhmann is the one precise genius within the social sciences alive this day. via this, I suggest that not just is he clever, tremendous efficient, and amazingly erudite, notwithstanding all this is often precise adequate, but in addition that he has, during an unbelievable occupation, elaborated a idea of the social that perfectly reinvents sociology and destroys its such a lot adored dogmas." So wrote Stephen Fuchs in his Contemporary Sociology evaluate of Luhmann's significant theoretical paintings, Social Systems (Stanford, 1995). during this quantity, Luhmann analyzes the evolution of affection in Western Europe from the 17th century to the present.


"Luhmann's certain, enormous, theory-building attempt is healthier defined as a constant try and installation the instruments and the inspirations of 3 recommendations: glossy details conception, structuralism, and evolutionary concept. . . . maybe not anything conveys extra poignantly Luhmann's strange combination of medical precision with inventive sensibility than his substitute of Parson's 'reciprocity of viewpoint' along with his personal 'interpersonal interpenetration.' the 1st is cool, calculating, cognitive, and dispassionate; the second one connotes a richness of courting that leaves no human college unmoved. . . . Luhmann's paintings is critical simply because, arguably, it comes nearer than all different sociological ideas to restoring the misplaced hyperlink among academically respected social theorizing and the subjective event of life." —American magazine of Sociology

"There is a dearth of analytical writing concerning the feelings and sentiments that appear to encourage such a lot human motion, at the least in daily dialogue, even though a few researchers are making a few efforts to treatment this case. Luhmann's Love as Passion is an exceptional contribution to this rising pattern . . . jam-packed with novel info and interesting ideas." —Contemporary Sociology

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