Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English

* Over 350 tables and graphs exhibit the frequency of buildings in several contexts, from dialog to fiction to educational prose * completely corpus-based with 6000 genuine examples from the forty million-word Longman Spoken and Written English Corpus * indicates the explanations why we elect a selected constitution in a selected context * Compares British and American spoken and written English parts lined contain uncomplicated grammar: description and distribution, key be aware sessions and their words and intricate constructions. each one region is subdivided into extra particular content material.

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1 6. 2 6. three 6. four 6. five 6. 6 6. 7 6. eight constitution and which means differences within the verb word stressful point energetic and passive voice complicated combos of element and voice Modals and semi-modals combos of modal verbs with marked point or voice Sequences of modals and semi-modals 7 ~djectivesand adverbs 7. 1 7. 2 7. three 7. four 7. five 7. 6 7. 7 7. eight 7. nine 7. 10 7. eleven 7. 12 7. thirteen 7. 14 7. 15 assessment Defining features of adjectives Semantic grouping of adjectives Attributive adjectives Predicative adjectives Adjectives in different syntactic roles Comparative and superlative measure Comparative clauses and different measure enhances Formation of adjectives Adjectives together assessment of adverbs the shape of adverbs Syntactic roles of adverbs Semantic different types of adverbs Discourse offerings for measure adverbs as modifiers . . . . extra advanced buildings eight advanced noun words eight. 1 eight. 2 eight. three assessment Structural sorts of premodification which means relatives expressed via noun + noun sequences .. . . . . . - Grammar in a much broader viewpoint eleven notice order and similar syntactic offerings eleven. 1 eleven. 2 eleven. three eleven. four eleven. five eleven. 6 eleven. 7 assessment notice order The passive Existential there Dislocation Clefting Syntactic offerings in dialog v. educational prose 12 The 12. 1 12. 2 12. three 12. four 12. five assessment significant grammatical units used t o exhibit stance significant semantic differences conveyed via stance markers Attribution of stance t o the speaker or author sign up alterations within the marking of stance . . .. thirteen Lexical expressions in speech and writing thirteen. 1 thirteen. 2 thirteen. three thirteen. four thirteen. five assessment Lexical bundles Idiomatic words loose combos of verb particle Coordinated binomial words 14 The grammar of dialog 14. 1 14. 2 14. three 14. four advent functionality phenomena: dysfluency and blunder The constructional rules of spoken grammar chosen themes in conversational grammar marking of stance + xii C O N T E N T S S U M M A R Y Appendix Endnotes Bibliography Lexical index Conceptual index 1 Contents intimately -. - -- descriptionand distribution creation: A corpusbased method of English grammar three 1. 1 advent four 2. 1 the character of grammatical devices 50 1. 1. 1 significant objectives of the LGSWE five phrases and their features fifty one 1. 2 constitution and use in English grammar 2. 2 2. 2. 1 6 1. 2. 1 1. 2. 2 1. 2. three check in distribution Lexico-grammatical styles Grammatical/discourse components eight thirteen 14 different types of English 15 Registers o f English Dialect differences ordinary and non-standard English 1. three. three. 1 version inside common English 1. three. three. 2 edition inside non-standard English The relative significance of check in and dialect variations 15 17 18 Representationof forms within the LSWE Corpus sign in differences within the LSWE Corpus Dialect differences within the LSWE Corpus measurement of the LSWE Corpus Representativenessand accuracy of the LSWE Corpus Description of the sign in different types within the LSWE Corpus dialog Fiction information educational prose Supplementary registers Grammatical research of the LSWE Corpus Quantitative findings within the grammar useful interpretation of quantitative findings functionality because the functionality of projects functionality as a mirrored image of processing constraints functionality as social or situational indexing different explanatory concerns evaluation of the grammar capability clients and makes use of of the LGSWE 18 20 20 2.

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