Japanese Hiragana & Katakana for Beginners: First Steps to Mastering the Japanese Writing System (CD-ROM Included)

By Timothy G. Stout

The procedure that is helped millions within the U.S. and Japan examine jap successfully.

The eastern language has uncomplicated writing structures, hiragana and katakana, as well as the person who makes use of chinese language characters or Kanji. this convenient booklet teaches you a brand new mnemonics–based way to learn and write the elemental ninety two hiragana and katakana characters.

  • Memorable photograph mnemonics assist you to benefit the characters via associating their shapes and sounds with mixtures of pictures and English phrases already normal to you.
  • Clear examples and enjoyable exercises provide possibilities to learn, write, use and perform all forty six uncomplicated hiragana and forty six uncomplicated katakana characters, plus the rest kana that stand for extra complicated sounds.
  • Polish your knowledge with notice searches, crossword puzzles, fill–in–the–blanks, timed popularity quizzes, and different attention-grabbing activities.
  • The CD–ROM enables you to print out your personal flash playing cards (featuring a similar mnemonic photographs taught within the ebook) that will help you assessment and perform, even when you are at the go.

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Five. ὁỶὁỶ 6. ὁὅὁὅ 7. ἝἵὊ eight. ỽὊỽὊ nine. ἃἿἃἿ 10. ἓἷὊἓἷὊ ἅἕἅὊ 12. ἛỿἛỿ thirteen. ὁἁὁἁ Sound Symbolic phrases (page 181) 1. Jpn Hira&Kata for Beg. indd 187 ἓὅ eleven. ἅἃ four. 1/24/11 5:00:04 PM 188 part SIX global Map: Africa (page 182) 1. ỴἽἊỹἼỴ 2. ỴὅἆἻ three. ỸỾὅἒ four. ỺἊἩἚ five. ỺἓỼἦỴ 6. ỺἼἚἼỴ 7. ỾὊἜ eight. ỽὊἮἫἽἙ nine. ỽἜἼỴ 10. ỾἮὅ eleven. ỽ ἳἽὊὅ 12. ỾὅἥỴ thirteen. ἀἝỴ 14. ἀἝỴἥἇỸ 15. ἅὊἚἊἮὁὊἽ sixteen. ἇὅ ἚἳἩἼὅἉổ 17. ἅὅἆ 18. ἅὅἆ 19. ἃἝỴ 20. ἅἴἿ 21. ἈὅἥỴ 22. ἉỺἻ ἾỼ἟ 23. ἊἨἓ 24. ἊὅἢἨỺ 25. ἋὊἒὅ 26. ἋὁἊἻὅἛ 27. ἍỶἉỹἽ 28. ἀἝỴ 29. Ἅ἟ỾἽ 30. ἏἰἼỴ 31. ἑὅἈἝỴ 32. ἓἵἛ 33. ἓἷἝἊỴ 34. Ἒ Ὂἆ 35. ἜỶἊỹἼỴ 36. ἜἱἥỴ 37. ἝἊỹὊἽ 38. ỴἧἼỽ 39. ἇἡἻ forty. Ἠ ἽỿἜἧỳἏ forty-one. ἨἽὅἊ forty two. ἫἜὅ forty three. Ἦ἖ὁἜ forty four. ἰἒỾἋỽἽ forty five. ἰἻỸỶ forty six. ἰἼ forty seven. ἴὊἼἉἵἋ forty eight. ἴὊἼἑἝỴ forty nine. ἴἈὅἥὊἁ 50. ἴἿἕἅ fifty one. ἼἥỴ fifty two. ἼἫἼỴ fifty three. Ἵὁὅἒ fifty four. ἾἏἚ fifty five. ἾἸἝỼὅ fifty six. ỴἧἼỽ ỿἩἿἋ 2. Ἶἢἠὅ three. ἣἾ ἋἓἜ four. ỶἋἻỺἽ five. ἺἽἒὅ 6. ἴὅἆἽ 7. ἰỽỼ eight. ἧỵἼἦὅ nine. ἫἚἜἲ 10. ἻỼἋ eleven. ỽὅἮἊỴ 12. ἨἽ἟Ỷ thirteen. ἰἾὊἉỴ 14. ἉὅỾἯὊἽ 15. Ỷὅ Ἓ἟ἉỴ sixteen. ἑỶ 17. ἱἵὅἰὊ 18. ἢὅἂἻἙἉἷ 19. ἨὊἑὅ 20. ἟ἣὊἽ 21. ỶὅἛ 22. ἋἼἻὅỽ 23. ἴἽἙỵ὆ 24. ἣỿἋἑὅ 25. ỴἧỾἝἋἑὅ 26. ỶἻὅ 27. ἑἊỿἋἑὅ 28. ỿἽἀἋ 29. ỽἈἧἋἑὅ 30. ỸἌἫỿἋἑὅ 31. ἚἽἁἳ ἝἋἑὅ 32. ỴἎἽἢỶἊἵὅ 33. ἂἽἊỴ 34. ἚἽἅ 35. ỴἽἳἝỴ 36. ἉἼỴ 37. ỶἻἁ 38. ἇỸἊỴἻἥỴ 39. ỼἰὊὅ forty. ỶỺἳὅ forty-one. ỴἻἨ international Map: Asia and the center East (page 183) 1. global Map: Europe (page 184) 1. ỴỶἋἻὅἛ 2. ỴỶἽἻὅἛ three. ỴἽἢἝỴ four. Ỵὅ ἛἻ five. ỶἀἼἋ 6. ỶἑἼỴ 7. ỸἁἻỶἜ eight. ỺἋἚἝỴ nine. ỼὊἋἚἼỴ 10. ỼἻὅἒ eleven. ἀἼἉἵ 12. ἁἿỴἓỴ thirteen. ἇὅἰἼἠ 14. ἊἨἻἽἑἽ 15. ἋỶἋ sixteen. ἋỸỹὊ Ἑὅ 17. ἋἬỶὅ 18. ἋἿἢỿỴ 19. ἋἿἫἝỴ 20. ἓỹἅ 21. ἙὅἰὊἁ 22. ἛỶ ἖ 23. ἠἽỸỹὊ 24. ἢἓỽὅ 25. ἡὅỾἼὊ 26. ἧỵὅἻὅἛ 27. ἧỹἿὊ 28. ἧἻ ὅἋ 29. ἿἉỴ 30. ἨἽỾἼỴ 31. ἫἻἽὊἉ 32. ἫἽἀὊ 33. ἯὊἻὅἛ 34. Ἧ ἽἚỾἽ 35. ἰἃἛἝỴ 36. ἰἽἑ 37. ἍἽἥỴὉἴὅἘ἟ἂἿ 38. ἴἜἅ 39. ἴ ἽἛἢ forty. ἻἚἥỴ forty-one. ἼἚỴἝỴ forty two. ἼἤἘὅἉἷἑỶὅ forty three. ἽὊἰἝỴ forty four. ἽἁἍ ὅἨἽἁ forty five. ἮἋἝỴὉἪἽ἖ỹἆἥἜ global Map: North the USA and South the United States (page 185) 1. ἂἼὊὅἻὅἛ 2. ỽἜ ἒ three. ỴἳἼỽ four. ἳỿἉἅ five. ἂỴἘἰἻ 6. ἫἼὊἌ 7. ỺἽἇἽἢἛἽ eight. ἭὅἊ ἷἻἋ nine. ἝỽἻἂỴ 10. ἅἋἑἼỽ eleven. ἣἜἰ 12. ἢἱἷὊἒ thirteen. ἢἡἰ 14. ỿἷ Ὂἢ 15. Ἣ἟ἌỺἻ sixteen. ἅἿὅἥỴ 17. ỺἁỴἛἽ 18. ỾỶỴἜ 19. ἋἼἜἲ 20. ἧ ἻὅἋẆἀỴἜ 21. ἬἽὊ 22. ἨἻἊἽ 23. ἮἼἥỴ 24. ἣἻἂỴỶ 25. ἓἼ 26. Ỵ ἽἎὅἓὅ 27. ỸἽἂỴỶ 28. ἧỻὊἁἻὅἛ international Map: Oceania (page 186) 1. ỴἳἼỽẆἇἴỴ 2. ỼὊἋἚἻἼỴ three. ἰἼỴἜ four. ỿἼἢἋ five. ἂỴἲᴾ orᴾἂỳἲ 6. ἁἕἁ 7. ἇἴỴ eight. ἏἿἴὅ nine. ἖ἢἽ 10. Ἒὅ Ỿ eleven. ἜỸἽ ἝἷὊἀἝỴ ἋẆἯἼ἟ἉỴ 12. ἝἷὊỽἾἛἝỴ thirteen. ἝἷὊἊὊἻὅἛ 14. ἢ἞Ỵ἖ 15. ἣἩỴ Jpn Hira&Kata for Beg. indd 188 sixteen. ἣἻỼ 17. ἧỵἊὊ 18. ἰὊἉἵἽ 19. ἱἁἿ἟ἉỴ 20. ἧἻὅ 1/24/11 5:00:04 PM Jpn Hira&Kata for Beg. indd 189 1/24/11 5:00:04 PM Jpn Hira&Kata for Beg. indd one hundred ninety 1/24/11 5:00:04 PM 191 Flash Card perform actions it really is a lot more straightforward to profit to learn hiragana and katakana than to jot down them. With the proper different types of actions, diligent scholars can discover ways to learn the fundamental forty six hiragana in a couple of hours, and the forty six katakana in one other few hours. you'll extra easily study the writing upon getting mastered hiragana and katakana examining attractiveness, so it is recommended you start your studying paintings with the flash playing cards. begin by means of printing the flash card PDFs out—you could choose to print both the total ninety two playing cards, or purely the crowd you’ll be concentrating on first (hiragana or katakana). Print double-sided playing cards, or print the fronts and backs individually then connect them jointly. subsequent, separate the flash playing cards by means of slicing alongside the perforated strains. while you're surprising with hiragana and katakana take some time to learn the back and front of every flash card, paying shut consciousness to the quantity and sort of strokes utilized in every one personality.

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