Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants: Aizoaceae A-E

By Urs Eggli

This primary entire remedy of the leaf-succulent kin Aizoaceae contains a list of 136 approved genera of the 234 defined ones and of all species ever put within the kinfolk. virtually 800 color images illustrate ordinarily not often proven species.

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Velutina var. lutata = A. hillii A. speciosa L. Bolus 1961: 111 (see phl>to) T corridor 1869 (BOL) = A. swartpoortensis L. Bolus 1963: 137 THall 107158 (BOL). To 30 cm h; L semi-lunate, 35-50 mm 1, 10-16 mm b, 18-20 mm t, epidermal papillae lengthy; Fl0 35-55 mm, petals crimson to pink, their bases white,filamentous staminodes huge, but surrounding the crucial column of stamens, white or yellow, their assistance frequently purple, overtopping the stamens; Fr c. 20 mm 1, rims 3-4 mm h; S the far-off papillae greater than large, elongating steadily in the direction of the micropyle, c. 1. five mm 1, 1 mm b; Ecol in gravelly soil close to rocks; Distr N Namaqualand, NC, S Africa. be aware: due to similarities within the flower, this identify has usually been used for vegetation of A. longifolia, from which A. speciosa differs frequently via the semilunate leaves. This leaf form, although, A. speciosa stocks with A. vanheerdei. Bergeranthus H. E. okay. Bergeranthus Schwantes ZSK 1926: 179 Typus B. scapiger (Haw. ) Schwantes Etym A. Berger, 1871-1931, gardener and horticulturist at l. a. Mortala, Italy, later Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany. Compact vegetation turning into caespitose with age, constructing a fleshy taproot and horizontal, thick rhizomes which root later, generating thickish perpendicular adventitious roots, the rhizomes demise again within the RU5CHIOIDEAE HARTMANN centre of the plant, crops forming jewelry with age during this manner; L triquetrous with a pointy keel, pores and skin tender, forming horizontal tiny folds while drying, additionally in habitat throughout the resting interval, cells increased just a little, stomata nearly superficial, a few species with cuticular folds, others with a dense hide of wax platelets in ± vertical place, tapering off into threads from the pointy edges hardly ever, darkish eco-friendly; Fl in excessive cymes on a regular basis overtopping the vegetation, pedicels Bergeranthus eighty five and peduncle two-edged to even winged, commencing within the overdue afternoon and night, petals golden yellow, filamentous staminodes absent, stamens golden yellow, in an erect column, stigmas filiform, nectary composed of five separate glands; Fr persisting on lengthy stalks, most sensible flat, rims a bit raised, base brief funnelshaped, protecting membranes immediately, raised a bit in the direction of the centre, distally with low remaining ledges or with out them, final physique an enormous endocarpal protrusion formed like a sill in longitudinal part, frequently achieving below the overlaying membranes, ± flat on best, yellow, coated by means of a layer of translucent tissue separated from the increasing tissue, yet just like it, very brief increasing keels good separated from one another basally, the place additionally a slender triangle of white, spongy tissue separates the overlaying membranes, valve wings regularly absent, in basic terms rudimentary ones found in clean fabric, five locules; S brown in numerous colours, zero. 7-1. 2 mm I, zero. 53-0. eighty two mm b; Ecoloften in shaly flooring quite often in really excessive shrubby crops, settling in open areas on the fringe of scrub, usually alongside flat pans or in crevices, > three hundred mm rainfall almost always in any respect seasons or in summer time; Distr EC apart from the main westerly districts, S Africa.

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