Hendrix. Are You Experienced? the Complete, Authoritative Transcriptions for Guitar, Bass, and Drums With Performance Notes and Rare Photographs for Each Composition

By Jimi Hendrix

Experiment of all of the unique publication of entire authoritative transcriptions for guitar, vocals, bass and drums of the 1st american realease of "are you experienced?"
This is the reliable e-book of transcriptions released by means of Bella Godiva song Inc.
It contain all of the first unencumber album:

01-Purple Haze
02-Manic melancholy
03-Hey Joe
04-Love or confusion
05-May this be love
06-I don't stay this present day
07-The wind cries Mary
09-Third stone from the sunlight
10-Foxey girl
11-Are you skilled ?

It comprise Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Drums. All songs and tools are in pdf layout in differents documents for every track and tools. There's additionally covers, a few infrequent images and notation legend.

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Pitch:D whereas I Pur-ple Haze- *light contact pay attention at sixth be troubled. Lt mis-er -y? - ev-er lt basspattern. (Spoken) Oh, - no, - Guîtar I Guitar solo (Vocal advert lib-w/adlib trem. bar fills) no! - (Ffls) N. c. (E7fi e) w l-pJ ruuruttfr!! again echo) (E7fle) (E7$e) -3- (*)Tongue click on third Verse E7f,s Yeah! Pur-ple Haze - all in my eyes,- uh, blow'-in my mind,- to-mor - row,- orJust (w/Octavia) (w/sped-up gtr. ) (DËr 87il9 u:----"-\ aid me, yeah, - N. C. (F #s) yeah. Pur-pleHaze,- ato 10 carry bend ( S p o ke n ) Oh , J LJ J n o ,- % ful l (E7$e) _. 1 t_, I support ffi€, inform me ba - via inform me m Pur - ple carry bend (pick randomly) Gtr. IJ performs adlib trem. bar fills(till fade) (Ff,5) cannot (Ffls) (E7f,e) move ohlike this. . . you - &4 (F# s) 2rt t--3J rv2 ,t I r_-J-t ,t t--t th -1 parn Pur - ple J carry bend & Vib -l ly2 (87f,e) start fade t-J--r no,_ complete l-t -r r ltA -Hold bend , MANTG DEPREI5I5T(EDN Wordsand song by way of fIMI HENDRIX Jimi Hendrix lst Verse N. C. (A) want-but I, do not understand- the way to move a-bout Copyright @1967by BELLA GODM song, INC. This association@ 1989by BELLA GODM song, INC. All rights managed and administeredby Don Williams track crew, Inc. ^. l,llRights Reserved Intemational Copyright Secured r3 2nd Verse while it's,_ bend Mu may ca mu - sic, Oo, ow! (Drum fill) resq _ ca - ress,_ ca - ress,- (Cough) . ft"tt/vu /v\"^ ^^^^/v\ /---=. = do, -,---_\ -'--\ grad. complete t ' na1{ lt/2 ? w Feed again regular gliss. enable ring complete stg. ,l 7fr. ) i s bent w i th third fi nger, which alsocatchesG (4th stg. l7fr. ) lower than it bending it approx % step. This pitch is soundedby "feeding-back" and isn't picked. fullllLr2 n lra . 2 **D notice (5th stg. 17fr. ) is alsocaught w/3fd finger (G, D and A stgsareall fretted with third fin. ) because the bend at the G stg. is releasedthe D stg. is bent approx. 1'Éstep. t5 grad. bend permit ring complete i-Steady gliss. giad bend l-t complete percent l-J'J permit ring complete complete complete complete complete Fdbk. pitch:C -J 3rd Yerse N'c'(A) imagine I'11 . i--r flip my self off_ and uh, pass on- (A) down. - complete full--.. ' complete complete /\. /vv\l ^. ^ around - uh,huh! Your- /\ /\^ /\ ,/\ complete kind-a scene. - sic, candy complete l7 ^, (Drum fill) complete (Drum fill) (Drum fill) (Drum fill) complete MM\,/WM (Drum fill) (Drum fill) oo. oo' carry bend /\^ /1'^^/\^,. v\ 1 /\/VVV\ carry bend carry bend complete complete (Tonsueclicks) | | -< > + + + Hmm. hmm. hmm, Fade out | | (poco accel. )- Feedbackpitch: togqleswitch betweenneck & pickups, soundingfeed again pitch at soecifiedrhl rhm. i C ymbal l el l-a> a. *rl IIEY J(OE Wordsand tune bv BILLY ROBERTS ModeratelySlow Rock J = 88 advent Gt'. 1 N. C. Jimi Hcndrix permit dng lst Verse whereyou cross - in' with that good day rJ r'. 'T f-. ' -'l ----r 1- a --1 permit ring 4f G(add9) sln ln your Oo. hand. hi there- Joe, t-0 -1 P. M. --- -l Coprright . le62 br 3rd STORYMUSIC,INC. Thi. :rrânteoctrr : le8c br 3rd STORYMUSIC,INC.

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