Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, 13th Edition

A cornerstone of gross anatomy considering that 1943, Grant's Atlas of Anatomy reaches scholars around the globe with its lifelike dissection illustrations, targeted floor anatomy pictures, scientific pictures and reviews, and quick-reference muscle tables. popular for its accuracy, pedagogy, and scientific relevance, this vintage atlas boasts major improvements, together with up to date paintings, new conceptual diagrams, and vibrantly re-colored illustrations. scientific fabric is obviously highlighted in blue textual content for simple identification.

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Semilunar valves. C and D. Atrioventricular valves. In (A) , as in determine 1. 52A , the anulus of the aortic valve has been incised among the appropriate and left cusps and unfold open. each one cusp of the semilunar valves bears a nodule within the midpoint of its loose side, flanked through skinny connective tissue components (lunules). whilst the ventricles chill out to fill (diastole), backflow of blood from aortic cringe or pulmonary resistance fills the sinus (space among cusp and dilated a part of the aortic or pulmonary wall), inflicting the nodules and lunules to fulfill centrally, last the valve (B). Filling of the coronary arteries happens in the course of diastole (when ventricular partitions are comfortable) as backflow “inflates― the cusps to shut the valve. Tendinous cords go from the ideas of the papillary muscle groups to the loose margins and ventricular surfaces of the cusps of the tricuspid (C) and mitral (D) valves. each one papillary muscle or muscle workforce controls the adjoining aspects of 2 cusps, resisting valve prolapse in the course of systole. P. sixty four Authors: Agur, Anne M. R. ; Dalley, Arthur F. name: Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, twelfth version Copyright ©2009 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins > desk of Contents > bankruptcy 1 - Thorax > 1. fifty eight Conduction process of middle, coronal part 1. fifty eight Conduction process of middle, coronal part a part of "Chapter 1 - Thorax " The sinuatrial (SA) node within the wall of the perfect atrium close to the very best finish of the sulcus terminalis extends over the hole of the very best vena cava. The SA node is the “pacemaker― of the center since it initiates muscle contraction and determines the center fee. it truly is provided through the sinuatrial nodal artery, often a department of the suitable atrial department of the ideal coronary artery (see Fig. 1. 45A–B ), however it could come up from the left coronary artery. Contraction spreads throughout the atrial wall (myogenic induction) till it reaches the atrioventricular (AV) node within the interatrial septum superomedial to the outlet of the coronary sinus. The AV node is provided through the atrioventricular nodal artery, frequently bobbing up from the fitting coronary artery posteriorly on the inferior margin of the interatrial septum. The AV package deal, frequently provided by means of the fitting coronary artery, passes from the AV node within the membranous a part of the interventricular septum, dividing into correct and left package deal branches on each side of the muscular a part of the interventricular septum. the appropriate package deal department travels inferiorly within the interventricular septum to the anterior wall of the ventricle, with half passing through the septomarginal trabecula to the anterior papillary muscle; excitation spreads through the correct ventricular wall via a community of subendocardial branches from the precise package deal (Purkinje fibers). The left package deal department lies underneath the endocardium at the left facet of the interventricular septum and branches to go into the anterior and posterior papillary muscle tissues and the wall of the left ventricle; additional branching right into a plexus of subendocardial branches (Purkinje fibers) permits the impulses to be conveyed during the left ventricular wall.

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