Field Guide to Mushrooms of Western North America (California Natural History Guides)

California and the Western States are wealthy in plentiful and numerous species of mushrooms. novice mushroom creditors and mycologists alike will locate over three hundred species of the region’s commonest, unique, and ecologically vital mushrooms profiled during this finished box advisor. It offers the main up to date technological know-how at the position of fungi within the flora and fauna, how you can determine species, and destinations of mushroom habitats. With very good colour illustrations exhibiting best and part perspectives of mushrooms of the Western States and a undemanding textual content, it's informative yet nonetheless mild sufficient to be carried into the woods. whilst used to spot mushrooms, keys carry the reader to person species, with a descriptive textual content supplying cues for deciding on extra species. Mushrooms universal in city landscapes are integrated, that's in particular invaluable for the informal come upon with yard fungi. The advisor additionally offers a desk of either previous and new species names, and knowledge on edibility and look-alikes, either harmful and benign.

A part on mushroom arts and crafts beneficial properties mushroom images, portray, philately, spore prints, dyes, and cultivation. The consultant additionally deals a complete checklist of assets together with nationwide box publications, normal mushroom books and periodicals, membership and society touch info, and internet sites.

· basic descriptions and illustrations of three hundred species of mushrooms plus textual content descriptions of many more.

· newest notice in mushroom taxonomy and nomenclature. transparent dialogue of DNA sequencing and new classifications.

· particularly strong insurance of southern California and Southwestern mushrooms usually missed in different box guides.

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Even though Amanita ocreata, the Destroying Angel (p. 74), has a volva on the base of the stalk and grows in mycorrhizal organization with bushes, it occasionally culmination in grassy components a ways from the closest tree. To be at the secure facet, L. leucothites shouldn't be amassed for the desk when you consider that confusion among the 2 species can have disastrous conse­quences. Leucocoprinus birnbaumii Flower Pot Mushroom 2 to six cm in diameter, oval while younger turning into bell formed, vibrant yellow yet fading to faded yellow, the margin relatively striate, the outside dry, lined with powdery scales, flesh tender and yellow, now not altering colour while bruised. GILLS: unfastened, shut, yellow to faded yellow. STALK: three to eight cm lengthy, 2 to eight mm broad, equivalent or tapered towards the cap, yellow fading light CAP: Leucocoprinus birnbaumii ninety SPECIES DESCRIPTIONS Lepiota and Allies/Lactarius yellow, tender or powdery, partial veil leaving a delicate yellow ring that can disappear. SPORES: White, elliptical, gentle, dextrinoid. HABITAT: unmarried, scattered, or in small clusters in flower pots and greenhouses or much less frequently open air in the course of summer time in gardens, wooden chips, and disturbed soils, akin to alongside paths and roads. EDIBILITY: Unknown, potentially toxic. This attention-grabbing mushroom is instantly pointed out by means of its brilliant yellow colour and tendency to fruit in indoor flower pots. It consumes natural topic within the potting combine as a saprobe and motives no damage to the plant, even if the mycelium within the pot may well develop into so dense that it's tricky to water the plant. The cap is striate and powdery or finely scaly. The similar L. cepi­ stipes (Lepiota cepistipes) has a white, scaly, striate gentle cap. It grows in clusters on wooden chips and lignin-rich soil throughout the hotter instances of the 12 months. Lactarius Species Milk caps (Lactarius species) are medium- to large-sized mycorrhizal companions of many timber. they've got white to yellowish spores and enterprise flesh that, just like Russula species, breaks cleanly (like a bit of chalk) as a result presence of clusters of round cells. against this, different mushrooms are usually fibrous as a result of elongated cells. the foremost function of the milk caps, even though, is the milklike latex that exudes from all components of an injured fruiting physique. In a few species, the latex alterations colour whilst uncovered to the air; in others, the latex stains tissue a number of shades. The latex may well circulation while the tissue is broken, yet in outdated specimens or in dry climate the latex could be scant. The style of milk caps, which levels from light to super acrid (peppery), is used to spot the ratings of species that happen within the West. a. Latex orange������������������������������������������������ Lactarius deliciosus a. Latex red��������������������������������� L. rubrilacteus (see L. deliciosus) a. Latex white or watery white, not less than at first b. Latex speedy yellowing after publicity to air (within 30 seconds) c. Cap brownish orange, margin smooth������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������� L.

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