Essential Chinese: Speak Chinese with Confidence! (Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook & Dictionary) (Essential Phrase Bk)

By Philip Yungkin Lee

This moveable, user–friendly chinese advisor, phrasebook and dictionaryis the most affordable and simplest way to benefit chinese language earlier than and through your journey.

If you just wish one chinese book—Essential Chinese is tips to cross. a part of Tuttle Publishing's Essential Phrasebooks sequence, it's a nice first advent and newbie advisor to the language of China and Taiwan and can also be designed as an outstanding chinese language phrasebook, making it the main flexible chinese studying software out there.

Perfect for enterprise humans or vacationer touring to China or for college kids who are looking to complement their studying, this book's effortless indexing characteristic permits it to behave as an Mandarin word booklet or as English–Chinese Dictionary. A shrewdpermanent "point to" characteristic helps you to easily aspect to a word translated in chinese language with out the necessity to say a unmarried observe or learn a unmarried personality. you'll soon end up turning to Essential Chinese many times whilst vacationing or operating in China.

In this booklet you'll find:

  • Over 1500 functional sentences for daily use.
  • A thesaurus of over 2000 phrases and expressions.
  • phrases and words masking crucial elements of touring and dwelling in China.
  • vast information regarding chinese language grammar and pronunciation.

This newbie chinese language ebook can assist you quick and simply research chinese language. Your skill to learn chinese language, write chinese language, converse chinese language, and understand chinese language could be enormously better with no need to take a complete chinese classification. different titles during this bestselling sequence of phrasebooks contain: Essential eastern, crucial Arabic, crucial Korean, crucial Tagalog, and Essential Arabic.

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The place are the intermediate runs? Zhōngjí huáxuědào zài nǎli? 中级滑雪道在哪里? Are there any cross-country ski runs round the following? Zhèlǐ yǒu méiyǒu yuèyě huáxuědào? 这里有没有越野滑雪道? Have the cross-country runs been marked? Yuèyě huáxuědào yǒu méiyǒu biāozhì? 越野滑雪道有没有标志? Are the…open? ... kāi bu kāi? ⋯开不开? – the ski lifts huáxuě diàolán 滑雪吊篮 – the chair lifts shàngshān diàochē 上山吊车 – the runs huáxuědào 滑雪道 – the cross-country runs yuèyě huáxuědào 越野滑雪道 thirteen health and wellbeing concerns thirteen. 1 Calling a physician thirteen. 2 What’s fallacious? thirteen. three The session thirteen. four medicines and prescriptions thirteen. five on the dentist thirteen. wellbeing and fitness issues • should you turn into sick or desire emergency therapy, you could name one hundred twenty or 999 for emergency remedy. There are exact departments for overseas nationals in lots of huge hospitals the place they've got greater amenities and also you are anticipated to pay extra for the therapy. on the other hand, international nationals can decide to visit the Casualty division on the nearest medical institution. The techniques are: first, move on to Casualty to sign up; moment, have your affliction taken care of; and 3rd, settle the invoice. after all, in serious circumstances, remedy will come first after which registration and check later. thirteen. 1 Calling a physician may well you name (get) a physician speedy, please? Qǐng gěi wǒ zhǎo ge dàifu/yīshēng 请给我找个大夫/医生 whilst are the doctor’s operating hours? Dàifū/Yīshēng jǐdiǎn dào jǐdiǎn kànbìng? 大夫/医生几点到几点看病? while can the general practitioner come? Dàifū/Yīshēng shénme shíhou néng lái? 大夫/医生什么时候能来? might I make an appointment to work out the health care professional? Wǒ xiǎng yùyuē kànbìng, kěyǐ ma? 我想预约看病, 可以吗? I’ve acquired an appointment to determine the health care provider at… o’clock Wǒ gēn yùyuēhǎo... diǎnzhōng kànbìng 我跟预约好⋯点钟看病 Which pharmacy is on night/weekend accountability? Nǎ ge yàofáng wǎnshang/zhōumò yíngyè? 哪个药房晚上/周末营业? thirteen. 2 What’s incorrect? I don’t believe good Wǒ bú tài shūfu 我不太舒服 I’m dizzy Wǒ tóuyūn 我头晕 I’m ailing Wǒ bìng le 我病了 i believe ill (nauseous) Wǒ xiǎng tǔ 我想吐 I’ve obtained a chilly Wǒ gǎnmào le 我感冒了 I’ve bought diarrhea Wǒ fùxiè/xiè dùzi le 我腹泻/泻肚子了 i've got difficulty respiring Wǒ gǎnjué hūxī kùnnan 我感觉呼吸困难 i believe drained everywhere Wǒ húnshēn méijìn 我浑身没劲 I’ve burnt myself Wǒ shāoshāng le 我烧伤了 It hurts the following Zhèlǐ téng 这里疼 I’ve been unwell (vomited) Wǒ ǒutù le 我呕吐了 I’m working a temperature of…degrees Wǒ fāshāo, ... dù 我发烧, ⋯度 I’ve been… Wǒ... 我⋯ – stung through a wasp bèi huángfēng zhēle 被黄蜂螫了 – stung by means of an insect bèi shénme chóngzi zhēle 被什么虫子螫了 – stung via a jellyfish bèi shuǐmǔ zhēle 被水母蛰了 – bitten through a puppy bèi gǒu yǎole 被狗咬了 – bitten through a snake bèi shé yǎole 被蛇咬了 I’ve lower myself Wǒ gēshāng zìjǐ le 我割伤自己了 I’ve burned myself Wǒ shāoshāng zìjǐ le 我烧伤自己了 I’ve grazed/scratched myself Wǒ cāshāng/zhuāshāng zìjǐ le 我擦伤/抓伤自己了 I’ve had a fall Wǒ diēshāng le 我跌伤了 thirteen. three The session 你哪里不舒服? Nǐ nǎlǐ bú shūfú? What looks the matter? 你有这个病情多久了? Nǐ yǒu zhège bìngqíng duōjiǔle? How lengthy have you ever had those proceedings? 以前有过这个病吗? Yǐqián yǒuguò zhè ge bìng ma? have you ever had this difficulty prior to?

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