Dragon and Herdsman: The Fourth Dragonback Adventure

By Timothy Zahn

Jack Morgan has had it tough. He used to be orphaned at 3, then misplaced his Uncle Virgil ten years later. however the plucky fourteen-year-old did not comprehend what tough was once until eventually he met Draycos, sole survivor of an boost strength of alien refugees that have been brutally ambushed over the realm the place Jack used to be in hiding from the gurus. The K'da poet-warrior had to bond with a number, or he might die; the reformed boy thief and con artist wanted a pal, an individual he may well rely on as he attempted to transparent his identify. given that then they have shaped a special workforce, made up our minds to discover and divulge these answerable for the slaughter of Draycos's team.

In the months when you consider that destiny threw them jointly, they have been via much. but if Jack attempts to hack the pc in an place of work of the infamous Malison Ring, their quest approximately results in the jaws of that mercenary organization's trap.

Luckily, Alison Kayna, a woman Jack had labored with as a reluctant mercenary for one more outfit, involves his rescue. Evading pursuit, they get away to the primitive international of Rho Scorvi, the place she's deliberate a rendezvous with friends.

But on the fringe of Rho Scorvi's hundred-mile-wide woodland, they make a surprising discovery: touring with a gaggle of the planet's local Erassvas is a small misplaced colony of Draycos's personal race, the K'da. yet not like Draycos's humans, those K'da--known as Phookas--are gradual, torpid, and unintelligent. whilst the Malison Ring tracks Jack's send, the Essenay to Rho Scorvi, Jack realizes that except he and Draycos and a reluctant Alison can lead the Phookas to defense within the wooded area, those unlucky creatures turns into the newest sufferers of the genocide that threatens to wipe out their whole race.

Jack has already been a thief, a soldier, and a slave. Now he needs to develop into a herdsman, maintaining the Phookas from risk as they commute deep into the unexplored wooded area. yet much more importantly, he needs to safeguard from the mercenaries and Alison the darkish mystery of the herd and Jack's poet-warrior best friend. provided that they prevail do they stand an opportunity of surviving Rho Scorvi to proceed their quest . . .

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Alison? ” he repeated, crouching down beside her and shaking her shoulder. “Come on, woman. Time to get up. ” To his reduction, she opened her eyes. yet merely midway. “Jack? ” she croaked. “I’m here,” Jack acknowledged. “What’s unsuitable? ” “Nothing’s wrong,” she stated, final her eyes back. “Just snoozing. ” “We can see that,” Jack acknowledged, easing her open collar again a few inches. there has been no signal of the grey dragon on her neck or shoulder. “Where’s Taneem? Alison, where’s Taneem? ” “Over there,” Alison acknowledged, lifting her hand from her lap and pointing vaguely round her. “Hungry. Went for breakfast. ” “I’ll locate her,” Draycos acknowledged. Turning away, he ducked round the milling Erassvas and disappeared. “Are you feeling alright? ” Jack requested, having a look down at Alison back. “I’m fine,” she acknowledged. yet there has been no specific existence in her voice, and the phrases have been notably slurred. “Just drained. Already informed you. ” With seen attempt, she opened her eyes back. “Anything unsuitable? ” “Aside from you, no, every thing turns out fine,” Jack acknowledged. “Draycos has been round the camp, and says no one’s sniffing round. ” “Good,” Alison stated, remaining her eyes back. “Maybe we scared them off. ” “Hardly,” Jack growled. Even in the midst of a talk she used to be commencing to slip away back. What had Taneem performed to her, besides? “No, they’ve simply switched strategies. Alison? ” “Good,” she muttered. “Sure you and Draycos can determine it out. ” “Alison? ” Jack shook her shoulder back. “Alison! ” yet she used to be asleep back. This time, no quantity of shaking might rouse her. “Blast,” Jack bit out, getting again to his ft and looking out round for Draycos. The K’da used to be nowhere to be visible. “Draycos? ” he referred to as. “Draycos! ” a number of the Erassvas regarded up, then back to their berry settling on. “Come on, dragon,” Jack muttered, taking a look round. His gaze fell on one of many disheveled vine meshes—“You,” he stated, stepping over to the closest Phooka. “Yes, you,” he stated because the animal appeared up. “Come right here. ” He hooked a couple of arms at the back of its crest and pulled it over to the vine mesh. “Here—cut this,” he ordered, pointing to the vines on the fringe of the mesh. “Right right here. comprehend? ” The Phooka regarded quizzically up at him. “Cut,” Jack repeated, lifting one of many Phooka’s forepaws and making slashing motions around the vines. “Cut. Come on, you stupid—” “I can do that,” Draycos’s voice installed from at the back of him. Jack regarded over because the dragon loped as much as him. “There you are,” he acknowledged accusingly. “Where have you ever been? ” “Looking for Taneem,” Draycos acknowledged. “I can odor her, yet I don’t see her anyplace. She should have long past farther away than traditional. ” “That’s Taneem for you,” Jack gritted. “Come on, get this reduce, will you? we want whatever to hold Alison with. ” “Can you inform what's wrong along with her? ” Draycos requested, slashing his claws during the vines on the issues Jack had indicated. “All i do know is that I can’t get her to stick awake,” Jack acknowledged. “We’re going to wish the Essenay’s scientific diagnostics to get whatever greater than that. ” “You intend to exploit this vine mesh to hold her?

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