Dictionary of Obsolete English

This re-creation of the well known definitive thesaurus offers the most important to these phrases within the English language that experience both replaced their that means or been altogether discarded . . . phrases universal within the days of Chaucer, Shakespeare or Johnson . . . Even phrases identified to Dickens and Browning, yet this day out of date. a desirable instruction manual, now not basically for the linguist and philologist, yet for everybody intrigued via the colourful, the unusual and the weird in our language.

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Is now a hectic uninvited meddler in concerns which don't belong to him ; so past due as Burke’s time he may be one suggested and ahead in due workplaces of kindness. The extra honourable use of ‘officious’ now merely survives within the contrast usual to international relations among an ‘official’ and ‘officious’ communique. With granted go away officious I go back. MILTON, Paradise Regained, b. ii. Officious, able to do stable workplaces, serviceable, pleasant, very courteous and obliging. —PHILLIPS, New international of phrases. They [the the Aristocracy of France] have been tolerably good bred, very officious, humane, and hospitable. —BURKE, Reflections at the Revolution in France, p. 251. Which generic and affectionate officiousness and magnificent rate, including that sinister status that girl used to be famous with [Luke vii. 37], couldn't yet provide a lot scandal to the Pharisees there current. —H. MORE,Grand secret of Godliness, b. viii. c. thirteen. ORIENT. This had as soon as a stunning use, as transparent, brilliant, shining, which has now utterly departed from it. therefore, the ‘orient’ pearl of our past poets isn't ‘oriental,’ yet pellucid, white, shining. without doubt it obtained this that means initially from the higher clearness and lightness of the east, because the zone whence the day breaks. these shells that maintain frequently sea, and lie deeper than that the sunbeams can pierce unto them, retain the best and such a lot gentle pearls. And but they, as orient as they be, wax yellow with age. —HOLLAND, Pliny, vol. i. p. 255. He, who out of that darkish chaos made the wonderful heavens, and garnished them with such a lot of orient stars, can movement upon thy darkish soul and enlighten it, notwithstanding now or not it's as void of data because the night of the 1st day was once of sunshine. —GURNALL, Christian Armour, ii. 22, I. Her wings and teach of feathers, combined high-quality Of orient azure and incarnadine. SYLVESTER, Dubartas, 5th Day. Κóκκος βαΦικ a shrub, whose pink berries or grains gave an orient tincture to fabric. —FULLER, A Pisgah Sight of Palestine, b. iv. c. 6. ORTOLAN. This, the identify now of a fragile chook haunting gardens, used to be the identify of the gardener (‘hortolanus,’ ‘ortolano’) himself. although to an outdated tree it needs to wishes be just a little risky to be oft got rid of, but in my view I yield myself completely to the need and delight of the main striking ortolan. —State Papers, 1536, vol. vi. p. 534. OSTLER. no longer previously the servant of the resort having care of the horses, however the innkeeper or host, the ‘hosteller’ himself. And one other dai he broughte forth tweie pens, and gaf to the ostler [stabulario, Vulg. ]. —Luke x. 35. WICLIF. The innkeeper used to be previous, fourscore virtually; certainly a logo, instead of an host; In whom we learn how God and Time decree To honour thrifty ostlers, similar to he. CORBET, Iter Boreale. OUGHT. Of the 2 perfects of the verb ‘to owe’ (see Morris, English Accidence, p. 189), specifically ‘ought’ and ‘owed,’ the previous has come now for use of an ethical owing or legal responsibility simply, by no means of a cloth; however it used to be now not regularly so. one of several tacit adjustments which our licensed model has at a number of instances gone through, the substitution in lots of locations of ‘owed’ for ‘ought’ is one.

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