Diaspora: Hard Science-Fiction Role-Playing With Fate

By C. W. Marshall, Tim Dyke, Byron Kerr, Brad Murray

What is Diaspora?

Diaspora is a self-contained role-playing online game, with principles for starship battles, person strive against, social interplay, and platoon-scale engagement, in an unique technological know-how fiction surroundings that you just support design.


Humans were in house tens of hundreds of thousands of years, and societies have risen and fallen such a lot of instances that not anyone recollects the place we come from.

Colonies are grouped in clusters of some structures hooked up by means of slipstreams – artifacts of the cosmos or even a forgotten know-how. in basic terms the slipstreams permit commute quicker than gentle. except that, spacecraft make do with response drives, dumping warmth as most sensible they can.


Diaspora makes use of the destiny model three engine from Spirit of the Century. It includes colossal simplification and amendment of the SotC center (reducing the Stunts process, for instance, to 4 pages) and the addition of numerous mini-games that may be run as self sustaining wargames exterior to the RPG itself. Of specific curiosity are the platoon-scale wargame which gives a whole miniatures sf/armour online game utilizing story-driving parts instead of simulation, and the 1st consultation surroundings new release principles, which contain the gamers in addition to the GM in making a cluster of big name systems.


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Department Sokju presently holds the main energy because of its catchy slogan over the past election, “Explore the Lore,” yet this is often faraway from absolute. notwithstanding, it is still visible if their medical beliefs can face up to strain from each side as their coalition wobbles below numerous pressures. Jjan Migukk pushes ahead Ssang’s unquestioned correct to rule their approach and think in army strength to implement their correct to rule. the truth that to be able to effectively impose this trust will require spacecraft from different worlds hasn’t slowed their rhetoric or vitriol in any respect. The Nugg company is a mercantile consortium searching for how you can cash in on the hot exploration of the enterprise and promote every little thing from tea to tectonic resonators. features New to the cluster risky career house is frightening experience rules Stealing provides: the outer reaches of the Ssang procedure are there for the taking, and some people are doing simply that. with none genuine legislation within the procedure (since Ssang is incapable of policing its space), the avid gamers could make a few quickly funds by means of raiding a mining colony of its hoard and promoting it out-of-system to the top bidder. Ssang Negotiations: an individual in strength on Ssang contacts the avid gamers to assist eighty three 4. play them manage an interstellar alternate contract in order to provide Ssang with spacecraft and expertise in a position to patrolling and preserving the method in go back for mineral rights or another factor of price (referees, get inventive! ). The gamers needs to negotiate in the strength constitution of Ssang in addition to the opposite platforms (Donegal and New Algiers look most likely culprits) to allow Ssang access into the cluster’s alternate channels. new algiers expertise: 1 setting: 2 assets: -1 New Algiers is a gorgeous process. worlds, Multal and Aslamad, inhabit the biozone of this yellow G5 big name, and either were populated for all of written reminiscence. either activity lush biospheres of comparable genetic foundation, and scientists position their aspect of divergence at maybe 10,000 years or much less, hence pinpointing the 1st Colonization. a 3rd international, Damask, inhabits an eccentric orbit that includes it out and in of the biozone, however the eccentricity is such that tidal forces shop adequate warmth via friction within the crust of the planet that it truly is inhabitable all 12 months around at the floor. It bears the scars of immense makes an attempt at terraforming—huge craters just a couple of millions of years old—but contains basically the sparsest of biomass. a few grasses hang to the rocks and sand, and the turbulent oceans teem with algae and different basic organisms, and fungi appear to thrive, yet not anything extra subtle than a mollusc inhabits the land. with the exception of guy. And extra males each year—already the outdated urban enclaves are having their perimeters blasted open with a purpose to extend even extra, and there's no signal that that’s slowing down any time quickly. And it truly is on Damask that human know-how is flourishing because the final Fall. Damaskian orbital stations construct large ships below the flag of 1 of the mammoth businesses and ply the process for its assets.

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