Collins Junior Illustrated English Dictionary (2nd Edition)

By HarperCollins

Optimised for color pills. the photographs during this book should not compatible for viewing on black and white e-ink units. for kids elderly 6 and over, Collins Junior Illustrated Dictionary comprises complete sentence definitions, color headwords and child-friendly instance sentences, besides appealing vibrant illustrations and pictures. Collins Junior Illustrated Dictionary has been specially written to aid the desires of youngsters elderly 6 to eight. It introduces key dictionary positive aspects corresponding to elements of speech (noun, verb, adjective or adverb) and different kinds of a be aware, for instance plurals or earlier demanding of a verb. The transparent and spacious format and color headwords make sure that the dictionary is child-friendly. shiny, vibrant illustrations and images aid language studying and make it enjoyable. complete sentence definitions and instance sentences convey the headword utilized in a context favourite to youngsters. The Collins observe Wizard complement offers additional support with vocabulary through...

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They have been in a dense wooded area. dent dents, denting, dented VERB If anyone dents anything, they make a dip in it by way of hitting it. dentist dentists NOUN A dentist is somebody who takes care of people’s enamel. deny denies, denying, denied VERB in the event you deny anything, you are saying that it truly is unfaithful. leave departs, departing, departed VERB whilst an individual or whatever departs from a spot, they depart it. departure NOUN rely relies, based, depended VERB  1 in the event you depend upon somebody, you would like them. VERB  2 in the event you can depend upon somebody, you recognize you could belief them. intensity NOUN The intensity of whatever is how deep it really is. descend descends, descending, descended VERB To descend skill to head down. descending ADJECTIVE while issues are in descending order, each one factor is less than the single ahead of it. The numbers 10, nine, eight and seven are in descending order. describe describes, describing, defined VERB if you happen to describe somebody or factor, you assert what they're like. description NOUN desolate tract deserts NOUN A wasteland is especially dry land with little or no vegetation. abandoned ADJECTIVE If a spot is abandoned, there are not any humans there. deserve merits, deserving, deserved VERB if you happen to deserve anything, you have got earned it through what you've got performed. layout designs, designing, designed NOUN  1 A layout is a development that's used to accessorize anything. VERB  2 when you layout anything, you propose it and make a drawing of it. table desks NOUN A table is a different desk that you simply use for writing or studying. laptop ADJECTIVE A laptop desktop is sufficiently small for use at a table. dessert truffles NOUN A dessert is a candy meals served after the most process a meal. break destroys, destroying, destroyed VERB To damage whatever capacity to break it rather a lot it can't be mended. element info NOUN A element is a small half or factor that you just become aware of in case you examine whatever rigorously. detective detectives NOUN A detective is somebody whose task is to determine who did against the law. decided ADJECTIVE when you are made up our minds to do whatever, not anything will cease you. improve develops, constructing, constructed VERB whilst anything develops, it grows or turns into extra complex. dew NOUN Dew is the small drops of water that shape on surfaces outside at evening. diagonal ADJECTIVE A diagonal line slants from one nook of anything to the other nook. diagram diagrams NOUN A diagram is a drawing that explains whatever. dial dials NOUN A dial is a numbered disc on an software like a clock. discussion dialogues NOUN In a narrative, play or movie, discussion is dialog. diameter diameters NOUN A diameter is a directly line drawn all through the centre of a circle. diamond diamonds NOUN  1 A diamond is a really not easy, transparent jewel which flickers. NOUN  2 A diamond is usually a form with 4 instantly facets, like a sq. yet a bit flattened. See shades and shapes on web page 266 diary diaries NOUN A diary is a publication within which to jot down approximately what you have got performed. cube NOUN cube are small cubes with spots on each one in their six aspects. dictionary dictionaries NOUN A dictionary is a e-book during which phrases are indexed alphabetically and defined.

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