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Traveling to China yet have no idea chinese language? Taking chinese language in class yet have to kick up your dialog talents? don't be concerned! this convenient little phrasebook can have you talking chinese language in no time.

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Wô méiyôu kàn nèi bù diànyîng. (waw mayo kahn nay boo dyan yeeng; I didn’t see that motion picture. ) ߜ Zuóti≈n méiyôu xiàyû. (dzwaw tyan mayo shyah yew; It didn’t rain the day gone by. ) If the point marker guò is on the finish of the verb méiyôu, it skill it by no means occurred (up earlier) long ago. incidentally, you’ll occasionally locate that méiyôu is shortened simply to méi: ߜ Wô méi qù guò Fâguó. (waw may well chyew gwaw fah gwaw; I’ve by no means been to France. ) ߜ Wô méi ch∫ guò Yìndù cài. (wo may perhaps chir gwaw een doo tsye; I’ve by no means eaten Indian meals. ) Getting Possessive with the Particle De The particle de is ubiquitous in chinese language. at any place you switch, there it's. Wôde ti≈n! (waw duh tyan; My goodness! ) utilizing it is simple. All you should do is 34 chinese language words For Dummies connect it to the tip of the pronoun, resembling nîde ch√ (nee duh chuh; your vehicle) or different modifier, corresponding to t≈ g∂ngs∫ de j∫nglî (tah goong suh duh jeeng lee; his company’s manager), and — voilà — it exhibits ownership. Nîde diànnâo yôu méiyôu y∫ntèwâng? (nee duh dyan now yo mayo een tuh wahng; Does your laptop have web? ) Kêx∫ méiyôu. Nîde ne? (kuh she mayo. nee duh nuh; regrettably now not. How approximately yours? ) The particle de acts as an apostrophe “s” (’s) in English while it’s no longer hooked up to a pronoun. It additionally makes the method of amendment precisely the contrary of the French possessive “de” or the English “of,” with which you'll be tempted to match it. Asking Questions you could ask questions in chinese language in a pair effortless methods. you will be so fascinated about the realm round you that you just ask hundreds questions when you know the way. The query particle “ma” by means of a ways one of the simplest ways to invite a question is just to finish any given assertion with a ma. That instantly makes it right into a query. for instance, T≈ ch∫fàn (tah chir fahn; He’s eating/he eats. ) turns into T≈ ch∫fàn ma? (tah chir fahn mah; Is he/does he devour? ). Nî shu∂ Zh∂ngwén (nee shwaw joong one; You converse chinese language. ) turns into Nî shu∂ Zh∂ngwén ma? (nee shwaw joong one mah; Do you converse chinese language? ). utilizing bù to invite a question the second one method you could ask a query is simply to copy the verb in its detrimental shape. The English an identical will be to assert anything like “Do you Chapter 2: Grammar on a vitamin: simply the fundamentals 35 devour, no longer devour? ” for instance. you should use this layout just for a sure or absolute confidence, even though. for instance: ߜ Nî shì búshì Zh∂ngguórén? (nee shir boo shir joong gwaw run; Are you chinese language? ) ߜ T≈ yào búyào háizi? (tah yaow boo yaow hello dzuh; Does he wish teenagers? ) ߜ T≈men xîhu≈n bùxîhu≈n ch∫ Zh∂ngguó cài? (tah mun she hwahn boo she hwahn chir joong gwaw tsye; Do they prefer to devour chinese language foodstuff? ) Interrogative pronouns The final method of asking questions in chinese language is to take advantage of interrogative pronouns. the next are pronouns that act as questions in chinese language: ߜ nâ (nah + classifier; which) ߜ nâr (nar; the place) ߜ shéi (shay; who/whom) ߜ shéi de (shay duh; whose) ߜ shénme (shummuh; what) ߜ shénme dìf≈ng (shummuh dee fahng; the place) Don’t confuse nâ with nâr. That one additional letter makes the adaptation among asserting “which” (nâ) and “where” (nâr).

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