BRS Cell Biology and Histology (Board Review Series)

BRS mobilephone Biology and Histology is an outline-format overview for USMLE and direction tests, with ample electron micrographs and conceptual line drawings, high-yield scientific issues packing containers, evaluation questions on the finish of every bankruptcy, and a accomplished USMLE-format exam on the finish of the booklet. This 6th version positive aspects 60 new full-color photomicrographs and a brand new full-color layout with colorized line drawings. content material and questions were up to date, new scientific concerns were further, and medical issues were larger built-in into the content.

A better half site will supply the absolutely searchable textual content and an interactive query bank.

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Qxd 05/31/2010 10:29 AM web page ninety Aptara ninety BRS cellphone Biology and Histology nine. Which one of many following statements relating to proteoglycans is correct? 10. Which one of many following statements (A) They encompass a center of fibrous protein (A) it's much less ample than dense covalently certain to glycoproteins. relating unfastened connective tissue is correct? connective tissue. (B) they're hooked up to ribonucleic acid. (C) they're binding websites for deoxyribonu- (B) It has a decrease percentage of cells to cleic acid (DNA). (D) they're composed of a protein center to which glycosaminoglycans are hooked up. (E) they're the unique substance of the extracellular matrix in addition to collagen. (C) It acts as a medium for alternate of fibers than does dense connective tissue. foodstuff and wastes among the blood and tissues. (D) It offers structural help for organs. (E) It contains many fibers within which a variety of varieties of cells are embedded. LWBK615-c06[79-91]. qxd 05/31/2010 10:29 AM web page ninety one Aptara solutions and motives 1. A. Collagen consists of heavily packed tropocollagen molecules. Reticular fibers are composed of variety III collagen, while elastic fibers are composed of elastin microfibrils instead of collagen. Fibrocytes are inactive nonsecreting fibroblasts that synthesize the procollagen molecules (see bankruptcy 6 II B 1). 2. C. Tendons are composed of dense general connective tissue containing collagen fibers prepared in a uniform parallel model (see bankruptcy 6 IV B 2). three. E. Pericytes are pluripotential cells that resemble fibroblasts, even though they're smaller, and are adjoining to capillaries (see bankruptcy 6 III B). four. D. variety II collagen is current purely in hyaline and elastic cartilages; hence, discovering style II collagen within the synovial fluid of a joint exhibits erosion of the articular cartilage (see bankruptcy 6 II B 1). five. D. Monocytes depart the bloodstream and migrate into the connective tissue, the place they mature into practical macrophages (see bankruptcy 6 III E). 6. A. overseas physique monstrous cells outcome whilst macrophages coalesce (see bankruptcy 6 III E 3). 7. B. Eosinophils come up from myeloid stem cells in the course of hemopoiesis and migrate to websites of irritation in the connective tissue. Pericytes, fibroblasts, osteoblasts, and adipocytes come up from undifferentiated mesenchymal cells (see bankruptcy 6 III H 2). eight. D. After first publicity to an allergen, plasma cells make IgE antibodies that bind to FceRI receptors on mast cells (and basophils), sensitizing them. on the moment publicity, the allergen binds to IgE, beginning degranulation of mast cells and liberating a number of mediators that provide upward thrust to style I allergic reaction response (see bankruptcy 6 III D 4). nine. D. Proteoglycans encompass a protein middle to which glycosaminoglycans are connected (see bankruptcy 6 II A). 10. C. either free and dense connective tissues are composed of 3 components: an amorphous floor substance, fibers, and numerous different types of cells. The amorphous floor substance of free connective tissue is the medium of alternate among the connective tissue cells and the bloodstream (see bankruptcy 6 IV B 1).

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