Basic English Grammar with Audio CD, with Answer Key (4th Edition)

By Betty Schrampfer Azar

Basic English Grammar is a vintage developmental talents textual content for starting scholars of English as a moment or international language. It makes use of a grammar-based procedure built-in with communicative methodologies to prmote the improvement of all language skills.


While holding an identical easy procedure and fabrics as in prior edtions, the fourth version keeps to construct at the starting place of realizing shape and that means via attractive scholars in significant conversation approximately genuine activities, actual issues, and their very own lives in school room context.


Several of the recent good points are:

  • Information within the grammar charts highlighting variations among spoken and written English
  • Step-by-step writing actions with versions for college students to persist with
  • Innovative warm-up routines that precede the grammar charts and introduce issues to study
  • Newly created routines to offer scholars extra incremental grammar perform
  • Structure-based listening workouts that introduce scholars to cozy, diminished speech

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Russian is 6. Spanish is . . 14. A cow is 7. Mexico is eight. London is A 15. Aflyis . * , workout 4-ORAL: whole the sentences along with your personal phrases. T h i i of a couple of attainable of entirety. 1. . . . is a language. English is a language. -* Spanish is a language. -* Arabic is a language. + and so on. three. . . . is a urban. four. . . . is a continent. five. . . . is an animal. 6. . . . is an insect. + is a rustic. utilizing B E A N D HAVE W three 1-2 NOUN + ARE + NOUN: PLURAL 1. - + "Plural" skill "two, 3, or extra. " Cats = a plural noun are = a plural verb animals = a plural noun ARE -. .. -LR*I ( a ) Caw a animals. (b) SINGULAR: a cat, an animal. PLURAL: u14animab Plural nouns result in -8. A and an are used basically with singular nouns. '! t n r r a few singular nouns that result in -y have a unique plural shape: They disregard the -y and upload -ies. * ( C ) SINGULAR: a urban, a rustic. NOUN and NOUN + ARE + NOUN (d) Canada and. China are countrks. ( e ) Dops are animals. and cats *See Chan 2-6 for extra informationabout sddinr - nouns attached by means of and are via aro. In (d): Canada is a unique noun. China is a novel noun. they're hooked up through and. jointly they're plural, i. e. , "more than one. " to phrases that lead to -y. 18 workout five: swap the singular sentences to plural sentences. SINGULAR 1. An ant is an insect. 2. a working laptop or computer is a laptop. three. A dictionary is a publication. four. A bird is a fowl. five. A rose is a flower. , . :;j; 6. A carrot is a vegetable. 7. A rabbit is an animal. four bankruptcy 1 Ants are bugs. workout 6: whole the sentences with is or are and one of many nouns within the record. Use the right kind singular kind of the noun (using a or an) or the right kind plural shape. animal urban continent 1. puppy 2. DOES ix kingdom insect laWage computer an m a 1 are animals three. Spanish 7. Thailand and Viet Nam eight. Thailand ,<, nine. Butterflies , , 'A t. , 10. A butterfly . ' eleven. An motor vehicle 12. cars thirteen. London ,. ,. . . , I! . . I . ',I, 14. London and Baghdad f:, .. , , workout 7-ORAL: .. )%. l. Z entire the sentences together with your personal phrases. instance: . . . a rustic. reaction: (Brazil is) a rustic. 1. 2. three. four. * I. . . . a rustic. . . . nations. ... languages. . . . a language. ... a urban. 6. . . . towns. 7. . . . animals. eight. . . . an insect. nine. . . . a peninsula. 10. . . streets during this urban. . , ,. ,, , , . ! . '. . ''.. ", . 1 1. . . . nations in Asia. & , " ' " ' ' ' ... . . . a urban in Europe. thirteen. . . . a plant. 14. . . . a vegetable. 15. . . . a season. 12. utilizing BEAND HAVE H five EXERCISE 8-ORAL (BOOKS CLOSED): What are the next issues? instance: Cows reaction: Cows are animals. 1. English 2. England three. Butterflies four. Chickens five. Europe 6. Roses 7. A carrot eight. nine. 10. 1 1. 12. thirteen. 14. Russian and Arabic Spring Japan andVenezuela a working laptop or computer A undergo Bees An ant + BE + am are wintry weather and summer time September and October A dictionary Typewriters A Honda (names of automobiles, towns, international locations, continents, animals, bugs) PLURAL SINGULAR PRONOUN 15. sixteen. 17. 18. 19. 20. + NOUN PRONOUN a pupil. a pupil a pupil a pupil a counny. ( f ) We ( g ) You ( h ) They BE are are are + she he NOUN scholars.

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