Basic Dutch: A Grammar and Workbook (Grammar Workbooks)

By Jenneke Oosterhoff

Basic Dutch: A Grammar and Workbook contains an available reference grammar and comparable routines in one quantity.

This Workbook provides twenty-five person grammar issues in lifelike contexts, offering a grammatical technique as a way to permit scholars now not already accustomed to those buildings to turn into familiar with their use. Grammar issues are by way of examples and workouts permitting scholars to enhance and consolidate their studying.

Suitable for sophistication use or self-study, Basic Dutch introduces Dutch tradition and folks during the medium of the language used this present day, supplying scholars with the fundamental instruments to precise themselves in a large choice of events.

Features include:

  • useful workouts and a whole resolution key
  • grammar tables for simple reference
  • frequent comparative references to English grammar
  • an appendix of abnormal verbs
  • an index of grammatical terms.


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A unmarried vowel in an open syllable (spe-) is mentioned lengthy, a unmarried vowel in a closed syllable (spel-) is mentioned brief. which will maintain the vowel in spelen lengthy inside of a closed syllable (speel), we need to double it. right here, right pronunciation and spelling of a note is essential. If spelled or stated incorrectly, the which means of the observe can switch. If we didn’t double the vowel of spelen in first, moment, and 3rd individual singular, it might be said almost like within the verb spellen. be aware: the verb komen (ik kom) is an exception to this rule. 2 Closed syllables in Dutch (spel-) by no means lead to exact consonants. moreover, exact consonants are by no means via a unmarried consonant (spellt). hence, the double consonant in spellen is lowered to 1 within the first, moment, and 3rd individual singular. within the plural, surrounded by way of vowels, it really is once more double. See extra examples of those uncomplicated spelling ideas within the following desk. every time, a verb with a protracted vowel is contrasted with a verb with a quick vowel. in simple terms the infinitive and first individual singular and plural are given. The verbs are wonen ‘to live’, winnen ‘to win’, spreken ‘to speak’, trekken ‘to pull’, laten ‘to let’, zitten ‘to sit’. wonen winnen spreken trekken laten zitten ik woon ik win ik spreek ik trek ik laat ik zit wij wonen wij winnen wij spreken wij trekken wij laten wij zitten In Dutch, v and z can't be on the finish of a syllable, and are ‘hardened’ (voiceless) in entrance of one other not easy consonant. accordingly, in first, moment, and 3rd individual singular, v becomes f and z becomes s. be aware the variations in spelling in singular and plural within the verbs geven ‘to provide’ and wijzen ‘to point’. geven geef geeft (geef je) geeft wijzen geven geven geven wijs wijst (wijs je) wijst wijzen wijzen wijzen workout 1. 6 eight To perform right spelling, input the first individual singular and the first individual plural within the desk. BD-C01 19/01/2009 10:44 AM web page nine 1 vragen 2 zeggen three nemen four zwemmen five leven ik wij ik wij ik wij ik wij ik wij 6 reizen 7 hebben eight lopen nine zitten 10 laten ik wij ik wij ik wij ik wij ik wij workout 1. 7 workout 1. 7 input the right kind verb kinds into the desk. 1 kopen 2 passen three eten four schrijven five lezen je je je je je ik jij/je, u hij, zij/ze, het wij/we jullie zij/ze workout 1. eight Jij ook? within the following workout, input the right kind verb shape within the moment individual singular. 1 2 three four five Ik ga naar Amsterdam. __________ je mee? Ik koop in Amsterdam een keepsake. __________ je ook een keepsake? Ik drink op een terras een kopje koffie. __________ je ook een kopje? Ik bezoek het Rijksmuseum. __________ je het museum ook? Ik eet ’s avonds op het Leidseplein een pizza. __________ je ook een pizza? workout 1. nine input the proper sorts of hebben and zijn. state of affairs: Peter talks approximately his relations. Hoi, ik __________ (1) Peter, en dit __________ (2) mijn familie. Ik __________ (3) geen broers, maar wel een zus, Karin. Mijn vader nine BD-C01 19/01/2009 10:44 AM web page 10 1 Verbs and pronouns __________ (4) advocaat, mijn moeder __________ (5) lerares.

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