Awsaf al Ashraf: The Attributes of the Noble

By Khwajah Nasir Al Din Al Tusi - XKP

After writing the ebook entitled Nasirian Ethics (akhlaq-e Nasiri), which discusses the noble inclinations and the sound regulations of ethical behavior in response to the way in which of the philosophers (hukama'), the author of this treatise and the writer of this discourse, Muhammad al-Tusi, had it in his brain to write down a concise treatise describing the methods of the awliya' and the tools of the seers in response to the foundations of the wayfarers of the trail (tariqah) and the seekers of the reality (haqiqah) and one according to the rules of cause and culture, containing the delicate theoretical and useful issues that represent the kernel and essence of that self-discipline.

Translated from the Persian through Ali Quli Qara'i -



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23]. Al-Fayd al-Kashani, Mahajjat al-bayda ; vol. 7, p. 106. bankruptcy 6 in regards to the States of these Who reach consciousness This bankruptcy includes six sections: part one: on belief (tawakkul) part : on resignation (rida) part 3: on submission (taslim) part 4: on tawhid part 5: on ittihad part six: on wahdah. part One: On Tawakkul God, the wonderful and the Exalted says: placed you all of your belief in God, when you are believers. (5:23) Tawakkul ability to entrust an individual with anything. right here tawakkul on behalf of a servant capacity his entrusting his affairs to God, the Exalted, with the conviction that He has better knowledge and gear to figure out them based on His windfall, and to feel free and happy with that which He does and determines: And whoever places his belief in God, He shall suffice him. certainly God attains His function. (65:3) delight with that which God does and reasons to take place is attained through reflecting on one's prior situation, while He introduced one into lifestyles whilst one knew not anything. Then He formed quite a few indicators of His knowledge in his construction, quite a bit in order that one wouldn't be ready to understand one out of one thousand of them in an entire life. Then, with none past request, He introduced him up taking good care of every little thing with regards to his inward and outward features, wherewith he can continue to exist and develop from deficiency to perfection. [Were one to mirror upon those facts], he may comprehend that no matter what will take place sooner or later will also now not be with out His windfall and should. Thence he could belief Him, the Exalted, and wouldn't fear concerning the last issues, being yes that that which needs to be entire may be performed by means of God, the Exalted, even if he feels agitated or now not, simply because: whilst a person places all his belief in God, God looks after all his wishes and gives him in a fashion that he doesn't reckon. [24] Tawakkul doesn't mean refraining from making attempt with the excuse that one has left the problem to God. particularly, it implies that one must have the conviction that every little thing except God is from God and that there are numerous issues that ensue on this planet that ensue according to their stipulations and reasons. that's simply because whilst the facility and should of Cod, the Exalted, make something instead of another take place, that's unavoidably according to the stipulations and capability linked to that which occurs. consequently one may still examine oneself, in addition to one's wisdom, energy and will-all of them-to be part of the stipulations and potential linked to the incidence of a few concerns that one attributes to oneself. consequently one may still dedicate larger attempt to concerns in which one's will and energy shape part of the stipulations and explanations in their realization-like one via whom a piece assigned to him by way of his grasp, writer and loved, is complete. this type of view reconciles jabr (predestination) and qadar (total freedom), which arc introduced into concord, for if that paintings be attributed to the author, it will entail jabr and if ascribed [exclusively] to its stipulations and implies that might indicate qadar.

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