Atlas of Acupuncture, 1e

This excellently designed Atlas of Acupuncture is straightforward to entry and offers transparent details at the complete diversity of acupuncture issues and major channels in a scientific and transparent approach. each one of those issues mix anatomical drawings and pictures of floor anatomy. This acupuncture atlas not just presents newbies with an summary of an important acupuncture issues, yet skilled practitioners may also find out about seldom used acupuncture issues and hence expand their knowledge.

  • Clear details at the complete variety of acupuncture issues and major channels in a scientific and transparent way
  • Each element combines anatomical drawings and pictures of floor anatomy
  • Attractive two-colour design
  • Highly illustrated

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1. sixteen Yang–Yang connections of the first channels Yin–Yin connections The Yin–Yin connections among the first channels can be found within the thoracic area (Fig. 1. 17). unlike the extra superficial Yang–Yang connections, they're situated deep contained in the physique (internal pathways of the channels). There are different types of Yin–Yin connection: ● the Yin axes connections or hand–foot pairings (taiyin, jueyin, shaoyin), that are non-circadian (do no longer movement in keeping with the Organ clock) and ● the (deep) Yin–Yin connections, whose Qi stream follows the circadian rhythm of the Organ clock. child (zu shaoyin) Water BL (zu taiyang) P (shou jueyin) fireplace T. B. (shou shaoyang) 3rd circuit LIV (zu jueyin) wooden G. B. (zu shaoyang) Yin axes connections/hand–foot pairings shou = hand Deep Yin–Yin connections zu = foot Fig. 1. 17 assessment of the Yin–Yin connections (primary channels) Connections of the Yin axes (hand–foot pairings) those Yin–Yin connections aid the verbal exchange among the hand Yin and the foot Yin channels, which exhibit Qi of an analogous caliber (taiyin, jueyin, shaoyin) and function a hyperlink among above and less than. Their Qi stream doesn't keep on with the circadian rhythm of the Organ clock (➞ Fig. 1. 17). FIRST CIRCUIT SP channel (zu taiyin) ➡ LU channel (shou taiyin) SP-20 (zhourong) ➡ LU-1 (zhongfu) in accordance with Solinas et al. (1998), a superficial department separates from the first SP channel at ➞ SP-20 and travels to the first LU channel at ➞ LU-1. moment CIRCUIT LIV channel (zu jueyin) ➡ P channel (shou jueyin) LIV ➡ P An inner department ascends from the Liver, passes throughout the diaphragm, connects with the first P channel lower than ➞ P-1 (tianchi). 3rd CIRCUIT child channel (zu shaoyin) ➡ HE channel (shou shaoyin) child ➡ HE An inner department of the first child channel runs to the Liver, penetrates the diaphragm and spreads into the Lungs. From the thirteen Ch01-F10028. qxd 2/22/08 2:30 PM web page 14 1 Jing luo (Channel and community Vessel procedure) Lung a department travels to the center, the place it connects with the first HE channel. Many authors provide HE-1 (jiquan) because the website of connection. middle, the place it meets the first P channel and in addition reaches ➞ Ren-17 (shanzhong/danzhong). notice: in line with Hicks et al. (2004, ➞ entry/exit issues ➞ eight. 1. sixteen) KID-22 is taken into account to be the go out aspect of the child channel and P-1 the access aspect of the P channel. CONNECTION OF THE 3rd and primary CIRCUIT LIV channel (zu jueyin) ➡ LU channel (shou taiyin) LIV ➡ P An inner department of the LIV channel originates within the Liver, passes the diaphragm, spreads within the Lungs and connects with the LU channel via a community of branches. notice: in accordance with Hicks et al. (2004, ➞ entry/exit issues ➞ eight. 1. sixteen) LIV-14 is taken into account to be the go out aspect of the LIV channel and LU-1 the access aspect of the LU channel. Deep Yin–Yin connections those Yin–Yin connections facilitate the circadian cycle based on the Organ clock and mark the transitions of the channel circuits. they're situated deep within the thorax sector at the point of the zang-Organs.

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