Ascendance (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

By David R. George III

The post-television Deep house Nine saga maintains with this unique novel from New York Times bestselling writer David R. George III!

On the unique Deep area 9, Captain Kira Nerys watches because the close by wormhole opens and discharges a unmarried, bladelike vessel. makes an attempt to touch its group fail, and the send is quickly through one other vessel of comparable layout. whilst an armada hence starts to emerge from the wormhole, it sort of feels transparent that DS9 is less than assault. Kira orders her first officer, Commander Elias Vaughn, to board the U.S.S. Defiant and shield the station, and signals Starfleet to ship extra forces as her staff prepares DS9’s shields and weaponry for the onslaught to come.

Meanwhile, at the lead send, Iliana Ghemor considers launching an assault on DS9 and eventually finishing the lifetime of Kira, the fountainhead of the entire ills in her depressing existence. Her vengeance calls for greater than mere dying, though—it calls for discomfort. Ghemor refocuses, opting for to keep on with her plan to mete out her revenge at the captain by way of first decimating the inhabitants of Bajor…

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The prospect that the weapon may cause mass casualties saddened Vaughn, specifically because the situations denied him and the Defiant group the skill to avoid this sort of calamity. instead of dread, notwithstanding, he felt a feeling of futility. in the course of his lengthy tenure in Starfleet, so much of which he had spent in Intelligence, Vaughn had helped ward off a number of tragedies—events that, had they been allowed to arrive fruition, might have led to untold loss of life and destruction. yet he had now not consistently succeeded in his missions, which regularly left him with the enervating feeling that he may well have—should have—done whatever otherwise. extra even than his disasters, even though, the straightforward want for someone like him—somebody to face opposed to tyranny and terrorism, opposed to avarice and powermongering, opposed to benighted self-interest and crippling ignorance—had spawned an abiding cynicism inside him. Vaughn came across it tricky to reconcile the evils of the universe together with his normal wish in basic terms to stay a cheerful lifestyles. other than on our challenge to the Gamma Quadrant. Vaughn’s command of Defiant on a three-month trip into unexplored area had confirmed the main enjoyable project of his occupation. yet that have been greater than a 12 months earlier, and whereas he’d loved his posting to DS9, he had extra usually been charged with preventing quite a few factions from reaching nefarious ambitions than he have been with gaining knowledge of the marvels of the universe. And the following i'm back, dealing with down a madwoman attacking a planetary inhabitants with a negative weapon. “Put it on-screen,” he acknowledged. “Yes, sir,” stated Ling, and the scene at the major viewer shifted once again. the intense blue-green orb of Bajor seemed. A horde of Ascendant ships hung in area above it. One photograph pointed out Ghemor’s desk bound vessel, whereas one other tracked a form relocating towards the planet. attainable all at once rose in Vaughn’s brain. “Superimpose the subspace waves,” he ordered. Bowers complied instantaneously, and the increasing concentric spheres seemed on the fringe of the reveal, relocating towards Bajor. They traveled speedier than the missile Ghemor had introduced, and the outermost subspace wave fast overtook it. whilst it did, the purpose of intersection exploded in a super flash of white mild. “What occurred? ” Vaughn requested, even though he already knew: Taran’atar had performed whatever in an try to keep the folk of Bajor. “The subspace waves have caused the missile,” Bowers acknowledged. “Scans exhibit that it used to be a subspace weapon, with a yield—” The tactical officer without warning stopped speaking, then appeared up from his console with a grave expression on his face. “It used to be an isolytic subspace weapon. ” Vaughn knew the damaging strength of subspace guns as a rule, yet an isolytic model might actually tear aside large tracts of the space-time continuum. as though to verify his realizing, an outstanding, darkish gash seemed at the major viewscreen, a fissure one way or the other blacker than area itself. It tore like a streak of lightning above Bajor, originating on the element of the missile’s detonation and jagging again towards the closest vessel: Ghemor’s send.

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