A Dictionary of Weights, Measures, and Units (Oxford Paperback Reference)

By Donald Fenna

This entire and authoritative dictionary presents transparent definitions of devices, prefixes, and forms of weights and measures in the Système foreign (SI), in addition to conventional, and industry-specific devices. it is also basic historic and clinical heritage, overlaying the improvement of the sequential definitions and sizing of devices. This new reference paintings will end up beneficial to specialist scientists, engineers, technicians in addition to to scholars and the overall user.

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Baume; France 1728-1804] liquor and nutrition processing. image Be. A scheme, expressed in levels, that measures the fspecific gravity of drinks, essentially in saccherimetry. Many such scales were used. All hire a hydrometer graduated such that, for a few consistent m (the modulus), if d is the studying in an answer of particular gravity s, then (d - dw)s = (s - l)m, the place dw is the studying selected for natural water, frequently 0. What has been labelled the 'old' Baume scale makes use of m = one hundred forty four, it appears in keeping with an interpretation of Baume's unique scale as having sixty six° Be for robust sulphuric acid at 15°C, with s = 1. 8427, therefore m = a hundred and forty four. 32. A later interpretation, with 15° Be for a fifteen% salt answer at 17. 5°C, gave m = 146. seventy eight; this turned the 'new' or Gerlach BA unit 24 scale. '117' the fashionable ordinary for beverages denser than water is m = one hundred forty five with 15° Be for 15% salt through mass in water yet a temperature of 10° Reaumur (12. 5°C, fifty four. 5°F); instance values are: particular gravity "Baume 1 zero. seventy two 1. 01 1. forty four 1. 03 four. 22 1. 1 thirteen. 18 1. five forty eight. three 2. zero seventy two. five A scale with zero° Be for 10% salt and 10° Be for natural water and m = -14 is used for beverages much less dense than water (hence having readings more than 10° Be); instance values are: particular gravity "Baume 1 10 zero. ninety five 17. 37 zero. nine 25. fifty six zero. eight forty five. zero. 7 70. zero. 6 103. three The scheme for fAPI gravity (for petroleum) is established identically with the fewer dense Baume yet has a marginally diverse reference temperature, making its readings commonly approximately 1% larger. BA unit [British organization] electromagnetics See tmetric method. bbl. See barrel. BC [Before Christ] time The label suffixed to the variety of a yr, e. g. 500 BC, counted backwards from the nominal yr for the beginning of Christ yet see BCE. BCE [Before the typical period, i. e. earlier than the Christian period] time An resembling BC, used, with CE rather than advert, to prevent the undesirable non secular connotations of BC and advert whereas utilizing what's successfully the common Calendar. Written after the quantity, e. g. 500BCE or 500 BCE. b. c. f. [billion cubic toes] quantity North the United States For typical gasoline, 106m. c. f. = 109ft3 (28. 317- x 106m3). bd. feet. See board foot. Beaufort scale [F. Beaufort; united kingdom 1774-1857] meteoro/ogryAcode for wind speed/force, initially outlined as twelve steadily rougher sea stipulations, then re-expressed by means of G. C. Simpson as values 1,2,... , 12 (andO for calm), with scale worth B with regards to wind velocity S (in knots) nearly through the formulation S2 = three. five B3. a global variation used to be agreed in 1939, however the older one survives in Britain, the us, and comparable nations, prolonged through the us in 1955 to worth 17 to intricate the cove of hurricanes. (See additionally Saffir-Simpson storm Scale. ) The overseas scale specifies an altitude of 10 m (originally 6 m) for size, the opposite 36 toes (11 m). The feathered arrows of meteorological maps signify the Beaufort scale, with one full-thickness feather being becquerel 25 desk five foreign calm gentle air gentle breeze light breeze reasonable breeze Min velocity knots zero 1 2 three four British and American zero 1 zero 1 four 2 7 three gentle gentle mild light four average five clean 6 robust ('force 6 wind') 7 robust ('force 7 wind') eight gale ('force eight gale') nine gale ('force nine gale') eleven thirteen clean breeze five 17 robust breeze 6 22 close to gale 7 gale eight 34 robust gale nine forty-one serious gale 10 violent typhoon typhoon eleven fifty six 12 19 25 28 32 39 forty seven forty eight 10 complete gale ('force 10 gale') sixty four eleven seventy three 12 eighty three thirteen ninety three 14 104 15 one hundred fifteen sixteen 126 17 complete gale ('force eleven gale') typhoon storm storm typhoon typhoon storm fifty five Beaufort issues.

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