A Dictionary of Modern English Usage

Over seventy five years outdated, this vintage textual content has turn into the normal paintings at the right yet typical use of English and has ensured that Fowler is a family identify. Written in Fowler's inimitable sort, it supplies transparent suggestions on utilization, be aware formation, inflexion, spelling, pronunciation, punctuation, and typography. Rewritten, up-to-date, and increased take into consideration the gigantic linguistic alterations of the prior three-quarters of a century, listed below are hundreds of thousands of alphabetically-arranged entries, delivering recommendation and heritage info on all elements of the English language, from grammar to spelling to literary style.
Witty and functional, and popular for its authority, Fowler's sleek English Usage is still a useful consultant to the English language. the 1st position to show for brilliant recommendation at the thorny problems with grammar, which means, and pronunciation, "Fowler" is a kind of infrequent reference books which may even be learn easily for pleasure.
This new version comprises an creation via Simon Winchester, which supplies the ebook a contemporary standpoint and confirms its significance in literature.

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Of servants; little ones within the c. of a nurse. 2 . / don't believe an individual might ever cost me of being a fellow-traveller. To cost a person of whatever is an unidiomatic development at the ANALOGY of accuse. A cost (n) of being yet to cost (vb) with being. charivari. Pronounce shârïvar'ï. The observe seems Italian yet is actually French. chastise isn't spelt with z; see -IZE, -ISE. Pronounce the noun chas'tïzment. See RECESSIVE accessory. cheap(ly). See UNIDIOMATIC and-LY pricey. fee and checker. See CHEQUE and CHEQUER. (check)mate. Mate is the standard shape in chess, and checkmate in figurative use. pleased, cheery. The latter has reference mainly to externals—voice, visual appeal, demeanour, and so forth. Resignation will be pleased with no being cheery; and anyone can have a happy, yet hardly ever a cheery, spirit with out his neighbours' gaining knowledge of it. The pleased feels and maybe indicates contentment, the cheery exhibits and doubtless feels it. cheque, although in basic terms a version of fee, is in British utilization in actual fact and usefully differentiated from it with the experience bank-draft, sign up this feeling being mainly American. chequer chequer, checker. the 1st spelling is especially a lot commoner in Britain for either the noun and the verb. The U. S. video game checkers is the British draughts. cherub, cherubic. Cherub has pi. cherubim mainly while the Cherubim are spoken of as a celestial order; cherubims is inaccurate; in figurative use cherubs is common. Cherubic is mentioned chërôô'bic. chevalier d'industrie. The expression isn't, as one may perhaps imagine, the French for tycoons it capability adventurer. chevaux de frise. See FRENCH phrases. Cheval défrise is now infrequent; chevaux de frise is handled both as sing, or as pi. (a wall with a c. d. f. , or a wall with cd. f. ). So referred to as simply because first hired in Friesland as a tool for preventing cavalry fees. chevy. See CHIVY. chiaroscuro. Pronounce kyar'oskoor'ô. chiasmus. while the phrases within the moment of 2 parallel words opposite the order of these within the first to which they correspond. If the 2 words are written one lower than the opposite, and Unes drawn among the corresponding phrases, these traces make the Greek letter chi, a diagonal go : i can't dig to beg i'm ashamed. chick(en). bird is the unique and nonetheless the normal shape, chick serving as a diminutive used mainly of an unhatched or unfledged chicken, the younger of small birds, or (endearingly, in pi. ) little ones. For pi. ,of chook see COLLECTIVES three. chide stands to scold as continue to head. prior chid, p. p. chid(den). chiefest, previously universal, is now felt to be an unnatural shape, and used in basic terms as a planned ARCHAISM. infantile, childlike. the excellence 86 chiropodist drawn is so typical that infantile is in a few chance of being limited to the depreciatory use that's just one of its capabilities, whereas childlike is utilized outdoors its sphere. The face, for example, that we adore a toddler to have will be known as no longer a childlike, yet a infantile face; the guideline that infantile has a nasty experience is simply too sweeping, and misleads. infantile used of adults or their traits, and childlike (which must always be so used), have the other implications of blame and approval.

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